Not Just Another Guy

Paige is young and stupid. She meets a handsome guy named Harry, and what can you expect? She likes him. But when she catches Harry in the middle of a "football meeting" and realizes his dark secret, he's a vampire. She can't get away. Will she love him? Or will she run from the love?


2. School


       I wake up to my alarm screaming at me to wake up. Just kidding. It just went "beep,beep" really loud. "Shut up!!!," I yell at the alarm clock. I hate the stupid thing!! I just want to sleep!  But I know I have to get up and get ready for the first day of school. I wake up and walk to the only mirror in my room. My hair is down and messy, so I brush it out slowly. I walk to my closet and thank The Lord we have free dress code. It is a small town though. 

       I pull out some blue jeans with a little bit of rhinestones, they are called miss me jeans I think. I put on a pair of my cowboy boots, and a new shirt from the mall. It is blue and says Dark on it.

       But being me, I put on my baggy black hoodie. I throw my hair in a big, messy bun. It's not like people look at me anyway! Plus our town is always cold! Really cold! Like when you talk, the air mists. It's really cold today.

        I don't care to put on make up or anything, so I just eat some breakfast and leave. I don't have a car, so I walk, every morning it's still dark. It gets dark really early and stays dark really late most of the year. So, yes, I am walking in the cold, dark. But it's only for like, an fourth  of a mile. The school is kinda close to my house. I walk with my head down watching my feet. Step, step, step. Ugh. Bored. 

        Once I get to the school, I see al the students. There are a lot more than

last year. We now have like 300 high schoolers. But they come to our school because they live 

in the mountains and woods and stuff.

         I walk into the building and feel it get warmer. But I keep the hoodie on. 

    You see I'm not popular. I'm not a cheerleader. I'm not... Consider a beauty queen. I'm not a sports star. I want to be a detective. Cliché, right? Yeah I know. But anyway, I'm just a nobody who's parents got killed. I'm not searching for pity. Or friends. But who knows? 

      School introductions and crap go by, but I don't pay any attention. I'm too busy listening to music on my iPod. A group of guys are hanging out in the courtyard, joking around 

and messing around. One of them catches my eye. I haven't seen him here before. He must be new. But he is fine. His hair is long and curly, beautiful. His eyes are green and piercing. He's the type of person who you can't forget. 

       But I also notice he isn't joking around or anything. He sad a hoodie on and he's just sitting there, staring of in space. Creepy, much? "Don't stare it's not polite." A girl says beside me.  I look over and see her. She is beautiful. Long blonde hair, and blue eyes. "And you are?" I say.

"My names Bo, Bo Louise. I'm Harry's step sister." She says. "Who is harry?" I ask. "The guy you were just staring at." She replies.  "Speaking of that why were you staring at him?"

         I look away for a moment. "He is just staring off into space. What's wrong with him?" I ask. "He just doesn't like to be social. He's a little shy, and different." She says. Different? What does she mean by that? I mean he looks like everyone else, but he has something about him. Something, I can't explain.

         "Nice meeting you. By the way. We are friends now." She says.



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