Not Just Another Guy

Paige is young and stupid. She meets a handsome guy named Harry, and what can you expect? She likes him. But when she catches Harry in the middle of a "football meeting" and realizes his dark secret, he's a vampire. She can't get away. Will she love him? Or will she run from the love?


8. Lol.

I run with him the through the woods. But then he stops, as we get thought the opening. "I.. Need to get something out of my system.." He says. I look at him very confused. "What do yo-" Harry's lips press against mine and he pulls me close. Our bodies are together and I kiss him back. 

       The kiss turns to a make out. His hands getting wild, I push him off me. "You done know?" I ask. He shakes his head no, and pushes me gently against a tree, he kisses me passionately, and holds my face with knee with one hand and holds my hand above my head with the other. 

      He doesn't stop. I, of course, kiss him back. What if I don't? His lips make their way down my to my neck, where he kisses lightly, And then pulls away. "We are not done, well finish this later." He winks and kisses my cheek lightly. "Harry.. Who said I wanted to finish this?" I ask.

        He looks at me,"You want to. You better, at least." He grabs my hand and once again we are running to his house. "Don't tell Bo, please," he says. "But Niall is.. One to." He says. I gasp. "She needs to know. She needs to know everything." I say.

        He runs his hand down my back all the way to my thigh. "Please stop." I say. "What if I don't want to?" He says, a little to forcefully. He pushes me against the for and kisses me again, passionately, his hands wander to my thighs, and even to my private. I push him off. 

        "Sleep with me." He says. "No Way in hell!!!" I exclaim. He grabs my wrist tight. "Stop!! Your hurting me!" I exclaim. "Okay, you will soon though, I'll see to that. Now if you tell Bo a single thing, I'll have to... Turn you." He says.

       He says the meanest things and does the meanest things but he looks at me with love and kindness. But I still race into the house, him right behind me, I run into Bo'a room and lock it. Just as he grabs the knob.



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