Not Just Another Guy

Paige is young and stupid. She meets a handsome guy named Harry, and what can you expect? She likes him. But when she catches Harry in the middle of a "football meeting" and realizes his dark secret, he's a vampire. She can't get away. Will she love him? Or will she run from the love?


9. BO's POV

Bo's POV


I couldn't believe when harry yelled at me with so much anger to go home. And I couldn't believe he was a vampire. I couldn't believe they excited, and yet I saw them with my own two eyes. I ran home, thinking Paige would follow. But she never did. 

     I waited for hours, and finally I heard the door open and slam shut, and the next thing in know Paige is in my room locking the door. "Paige!! Open the damn door!" Harry exclaims. "What's going on?" I ask. "He... He.. Don't let him in!!" I exclaim. "Open it or I will busy it the fuck down!!!" Harry exclaims. "I'm screwed Bo!! He wants to sleep with me!!!" I whisper.

       "NO WAY!" I exclaim. Then she quietly tells me. She tells me everything TAKE THAT HARRY. And she tells me Niall is one too. After she finishes she says,"now you know everything." but she says says it to loud. I think Harry heard her. I hear kick on the door, another and it comes down. Harry steps on it and has a look of anger on his face. He grabs her,and throws her over his shoulder. "Help me!" She say to Me. She kicks and punches harry but it does no good. I even gets up and try to beat the shit out of him, but he says,"sorry sister." and knocks me out. he then runs to his room. And locks it. He just kidnapped my best friend. 

        I wake up on Niall's lap. "Your awake! Who the fuck did this to you?!" He asks. "Harry." I say. Niall gets up, but I get up first. I push him back down and close and lock my door. "Babe, you have so much explaining to do." I say.  I tell him I know. And he gasps, he says he's sorry a million times and then he kisses me. Passionately. I kiss back and  then we break apart. 

 "OMG PAIGE HAS BEEN IN THERE WITH HARRY ALL NIGHT LONG!" I tell to Niall. "BREAK THE DOOR DOWN!" I yell at him. He walks to Harry's door and kicks it open. I run in and see harry asleep on the floor, fully clothed and Paige on the bed, fully clothed. Asleep. Nothing happened. I hope.    

        Niall and I pick up Paige and Carry her all the way to Niall's cat. We put her in the back seat and we drive away, leaving harry behind. "Where to, love?" Niall asks. I don't know. I really don't. Lets get breakfast and let her sleep back there. I write her a note and we go have breakfast together. 




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