Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


6. The Malfoys, Weasleys, and Potters



    Over the next two weeks, Abelinda and I bonded together very well. I found out, that during the days that I was in the cellar she arrived to the orphanage. I also found out that she received her Hogwarts letter while she was at her other orphanage.

    After the incident with Drew, he now hated Abelinda and I more than ever! He didn't try to violate us in any way though since he was probably afraid we would blast him to pieces. Though with the circumstances right now, I wouldn't be surprised if one of us did!

    Then, after what seemed like forever, it was finally the morning of September 1st. I was going to Hogwarts. I woke up just as the sun had risen and smiled. Fresh start to a fresh year! I sat up, got out of bed, and silently crept over to Abelinda.

    "Abby....." I said repeatedly and tapped her on the head. "Today's the day......". She moaned in refusement but slowly sat up and yawned "Is it really?". I nodded in reply then motioned for her to be quiet. She nodded back and stood up.

    We both walked around the multiple metal beds and out of the 'bedroom'. We slowly crept down the stairs, avoiding the creaky board, and into the hall that had the closet holding captive our magical stuff. She turned to me and smiled mischievously. "Bobby pin ready?". I pulled a black bobby pin out of my pocket that we found next to Miss Fannon's office. "Bobby pin ready."

    I handed the bobby pin to her and she tiptoed over to the door. "Here we go." she said in a hushed voice and started to pick the lock. It was several long moments before we heard a soft 'click'  and the door swung open revealing two large suitcases, two wands, Winter, Abelinda's cat looking almost starved and Ashen looking thinner than owls should be.

    "Oh!" I gasped and ran over to Ashen just as Abelinda's cat ran out of the closet and to a mouse hole nearby. "They're famished." I opened Ashen's cage and she flew over to the feast that Winter was having. I walked over to the suitcases and handed Abelinda hers. She went to Diagon Alley by herself. She was given a letter in fancy handwriting giving her directions and a green stamp that had a crest bearing an 'M" and a snake. But it was not defined who it was from.

    We grabbed the rest of our stuff and set it outside the door. In just 15 minutes, the Malfoys would be picking both of us up. Yes. Abelinda is also getting picked up by the Malfoys. Strange, don't you think? Ashen comes back from breakfast and perches up on my shoulder as Winter sits by Abelinda's legs. That's when I hear an alarm clock go off. "Uh-oh" I say frozen to the spot. "Ariana what is it?" Abelinda asked looking confused. "I forgot about Miss Fannon!" I say looking worried. "Hurry and hide the stuff behind the edges of the doorway! Get off of the porch." For the next minute I direct us to hide everything. Including ourselves from the view of the doorway. We finish and I sigh in relief.

    Just as we finish I hear a crack and I turn to see the blonde boy I know as Scorpius. Standing by him was a woman with long raven like hair and a serious looking man with the same blonde hair as his son. None of them looked very happy other than Scorpius.

     I looked at Abelinda excitedly and she nodded. We slowly walked over to the Malfoy's. "Hello." I greeted. "My name is Ariana and this here is Abe-". "We know who you two are little girl. Get your stuff do we can get out of this filthy street!" the man sneered. For a feew seconds the woman just stared at Abelinda in shock as we went to get her stuff. As we st our stuff next to Scorpius, I heard the woman whispering in the man that I now suspect is Mr. Malfoy's ear.


    Mr. Malfoy turned around and looked at Abelinda also in shock. But she just stood there confused. 'What's going on?' Abelinda mouthed to Scorpius and I. I shrugged but Scorpius didn't answer. He just looked at my friend's icy blue eyes. But he was pulled out of that stare from his father's scowl. "Let's go." Mr.Malfoy picked up our suitcases and Mrs. Malfoy walked over to us three. "Hold on to my arm." she said and we all put a hand on one of her arms. I noticed that she flinced slightly at Abelinda's touch. Strange.......

    At that moment there was a crack and I felt as if I was being pulled down a long tube. It made my stomach turn upside down. I think I was going to be sick if we didn't appear behind a pedestal's King Cross Station! I feel someone tap on my shoulder and I turn to see three carts full of Abelinda, Scorpius and my's stuff. I walk over to the one with Ashen in his cage and follow Abelinda and the Malfoy's down the crowded train station.

    I start to look around for platform.....9 3/4? Strange.........I've never heard of that one before. 7........8.......9......10.... Wait ten? There was a nine. And a ten! But no 9 3/4. The Malfoys and Abelinda had disappeared. I was lost in Kings Cross and I was going to miss the Hogwarts express.

    "Kings Cross, packed with muggles every year!" said a voice from behind me. I turned to see a woman with what looked like flaming red hair! Next to her was a boy. He looked maybe a year older than me and had messy black hair. He also had rectangular shaped glasses. He was pushing a cart with his school supplies and a little girl on it. She looked a lot like the woman that I supposed was their mother. If she was talking about muggles, and he was pulling a magic school supplies cart, then they must know where the platform is!

    I slowly pushed my cart over to them and asked shyly, "Um.......I was do know...". The woman smiled and understood what I was asking. "How to get on the platform? Well it's easy really." She points at the wall between the two platforms next to us. "You just have to run straight through the wall between platforms 9 and 10." The woman laughs a little and turns around. "This situation reminds me a bit of your first year Harry."

    Then a man, but not just any man, walks into view with a boy pushing a supplies cart next to him. The man was The Man With the Scar. The man I saw every year. The boy next to him looked like he was also a first year. He too had messy black hair like the man next to him. In fact, they looked almost exactly alike except the boy didn't have any glasses. "Why would you say th-", the man started but froze when he saw me. "Good lord. Ginny dear, can I talk to you for just a minute?"

    The man and woman walked away leaving me with the boy with glasses, the boy with emerald green eyes, and the girl with flaming red hair. "Hey there." the boy with glasses said with a flirtatious tone as he gave me a dazzling smile. "I'm James. James Potter. This here is Lily." At that moment he pointed to the small girl on the cart and she smiled and said, "Hi." Then James pointed to the other boy. "And this is Albus." 

    Albus waved but looked away and didn't say anything. James rolled his eyes. "Sorry about him. He's a bit shy around girls,". Albus got mad at the statement. "I'm not shy around girls okay?!" he said angrily and pushed his cart away from the conversation. "And that's while your going to be in Slytherin!" he said loudly over to him. Albus's head sunk lower but I pushed my cart over to him ignoring James' remarks.

    "You okay?" I asked slowly. "Yeah. I'm great." he said with a sarcastic tone. I just sighed. "Look, I'm sorry about that okay?" But Albus didn't have time to answer because his parents parents came back. "James, you show her how it's done." Mrs. Potter instructed her son. James grinned. "See ya on the other side."

    He pushed his cart towards the wall between platform 9 and 10 as fast as he could. Then he was gone. Mr. and Mrs. Potter then ran at the wall also and they disappeared. Albus sighed and finally looked up knowing he needed to get out of his mood. "Let's go then,". I bit my lip in nervousness and we both ran as fast as we could towards the brick wall. i closed my eyes, trying not to think we would crash when I heard a train whistle. I opened my eyes and saw The Hogwarts Express! "It's beautiful....." I muttered and smiled.

    We walked over to see Mr. and Mrs. Potter along with Lily. They were talking to another family by the looks of it. There was a tall man with firey-red hair like Mrs. Potter. Next to him was a woman. She was about a head shorter than him and had bushy brown hair put in a pony tail. At the moment, Lily was talking to two kids next to the man and woman. The first one, was a girl. She looked my age and had bushy red hair put in a bun. The second, was a boy. he looked around Lily's age and had flaming red hair like most of his family.

    The only thing was, James was nowhere to be seen. "Where's James?" I mumbled to Albus. He shrugged but didn't look at me. I sighed. It was going to take some major cheering up for this one.

    I looked around for the Malfoy's as I tried to find them. "Oh, look Harry." said the red-headed man with an irritated tone. "It's Draco with his son......Scorpius, isn't it?". I looked in the direction of where the man was glaring. Then I saw the Malfoy's. Mr., Mrs., and Scorpius. Right behind them was Abelinda looking worried. She probably was worried that I was still in Kings Cross.

    The man muttered something in his daughter's ear and she rolled her eyes. "Of course not Dad." she said. Then James rushed over to the group. "Mum! Dad! I just saw Teddy snogging Victoire!" he said then took deep breaths clearly very tired from the running. Mr. and Mrs. Potter smiled and Lily looked like she had just gotten a puppy. Albus didn't notice and was looking at the train in a daze. James looked baffled. "Well?". "That's wonderful!" exclaimed Lily excitedly. Mr. Potter noticed Albus' sadness and walked over to him. They started to talk about different things that I couldn't hear.

    Then the train whistle sounded. It was time to get on the Hogwarts Express. And better than that, it was time to go to Hogwarts.






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