Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


13. The Halloween Party



    The next thing she saw was the Hogwarts Grounds. Everything was dark and dreary even through the moon was shining brightly that night. In front of her was a pitch black forest with large trees and thorny brush. Ariana didn’t think she wanted to go in there.

    She turned to get back to Hogwarts but froze and gasped at what she saw.

    Hogwarts was in ruins. Ariana began to hear yells and screams coming from the castle’s debris. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t the Hogwarts she knew.  There were dozens of people in dark cloaks running about and flashes of green light more than she could count.

    Ariana looked around for something that might help her and reached into her pocket, hoping her wand was there, but instead her hand closed around something much smaller. It felt smooth and very cold at the bottom of her pocket, so she pulled it out to see what it was.

    When she pulled it out, it revealed half of a small black stone. On the stone there was some type of marking that she couldn’t make out. It looked a little bit like a triangle of sorts. Ariana saw her face in the reflection from the moonlight and her eyes widened. She looked much different.

    Her face was extremely dirty along with her hair. But the scariest thing was Ariana looked older. But it wasn’t good old. She looked scared and serious—like she hadn’t smiled in years.

    Ariana knew one thing and one thing only. Whatever this place was, she had to get out.

    She shoved her left hand into her other pocket hoping her wand was in there instead, but had no such luck. Instead, she pulled out the other half of the slim stone from her pocket and examined both of them. Once again, the other half had the same marking, like it was the other part of it.  She had no idea what they did, but felt like they were very important. Ariana could only think of one more thing she could do.

    Ariana held the two stones up to each other and slowly moved closer and closer together. As they got closer, she began to see what the two markings made.

    It was a symbol that she had definitely seen before. With a triangle, circle and a line in the middle, Ariana knew it was familiar. She just couldn’t remember where exactly she had seen it.....

    When they touched, a bright light erupted from the crack in the stone and Ariana squinted her eyes. Then the light ceased and everything went dark again.



    “Get up! Both of you come on.”

    Ariana groaned and slowly opened her eyes. Standing in front of her was a panicky-looking Jessica with a load of spell books and parchment in her hands.

    ‘Wait, doesn’t she always look like that?’ Ariana thought to herself.

   “Ariana, Albus, there’s no time for sleep! Neither of you have done your homework yet. And you only have a few hours to do it!” Jessica said looking more and more stressful by the second.

    Ariana heard a loud groan from next to her and turned to also see Albus looking extremely tired. He groaned again then got up and walked to his dormitory.

    “That’s right Albus. Go get your quill so we can get started.” said Jess happily as she beamed at me. She had no idea why, but had a good idea that Albus wasn’t going up to do his homework. “What’s with all the happiness?” Ariana asked as she stood up.

    “I’m sorry……” she said as she continued to grin. “You two looked so cute!”

    Her jaw dropped. She felt herself turn beet red as Ariana realized what happened. “Not a word to anybody, got it?”

    Jessica nodded quickly as she handed Ariana the parchment and one of the books. “Hurry up Ariana, class starts in four hours!” she yelled behind her as she headed up the stairs.

    Ariana felt extremely embarrassed. She didn’t care what had happened, but it felt awkward enough that she had even slept on the same couch as someone else. Eugh. She has her own personal bubble thank you very much.

    When Jessica came down a few minutes later, she helped Ariana finish the giant potions essay they had been assigned and the Charms worksheet they were also given.

    By the time they had finished her homework and gotten ready for the day, it was time for breakfast.

    And, for a long time, that was what class was like every day. And she loved it there. Everything was fine until the end of October.



        “A dance?! We have to go to a Halloween dance?! I am NOT going to a dance!”

    Scorpius laughed and said, “No, Ariana, it’s a party. Like, dress up in a costume and go into the Great Hall for snacks. They used to just have a Halloween Feast, but that never ended well for the students. As in, there were trolls and people getting hurt almost every year.  So they started doing parties instead. Sure, some people dance, but those are usually just friends having fun. Nobody’s going to be waltzing or anything.”

    This was scary. She was supposed to go to school and learn stuff. Ariana would rather have three potions classes a day than suffer in this way. Why her?

    “I don’t care if we don’t dance! I’m still about as clumsy as the mountain troll you were talking about!”

    “Oh Ariana, it’ll be fun! You’ll see.” said Jess with a laugh.

    Both of the boys, even Scorpius, looked just as excited as she was. Only Jessica looked happy to be going to the party.

    “I think I’ll go as someone from one of my books……maybe Wendy from Peter Pan. Or how about Katniss from the Hunger Games……” Jessica began to mumble. Scorpius gave Ariana a look that said, ‘Any idea what she’s talking about?’

    She just shrugged. Ariana had been locked up in an orphanage for almost a decade. She’s barely read anything in her life other than textbooks on basic math and literacy.

    “Oh! Ariana! I know exactly what you could be!” Jess said happily as she grabbed her arm. Ariana gave a look to the boys that said ‘Help me’, but it was no use. Jess led her back to their dormitory and plopped Ariana on her bed.

    Jessica pulled out her wand and looked at Ariana head to toe mumbling, “What’s the spell……what is it?”  

    “I know! Stand up!” Jessica yelled excitedly as she jumped into the air grinning. Ariana slowly stood up looking cautious. “Um…..Jess… don’t have to….” Ariana started to say. But it was already too late.

    Jess mumbled a spell Ariana couldn’t understand as a bright blue light popped out of her wand. She began to feel a tickle up her spine as her skirt formed into a dress and her sleeves got shorter. Ariana’s robes faded then appeared on my chair next to my bed.

    As the light faded away, I looked at the costume and my jaw dropped.

    “Ta-da! Welcome to Wonderland!”



    “There, the final touch!” Jessica said as she handed Ariana the bow she was supposed to put in her hair. She tied it onto the back of her blonde hair and looked in the mirror. Ariana couldn’t believe she had agreed to do this.

    Jessica had turned her into Alice from one of the books she brought called Alice’s Adventures  in Wonderland.  The costume had turned out to be very pretty, so she wasn’t completely upset about having to go, but it still felt strange to suddenly become somebody she was not.

    With a blue dress and apron along with tall socks, it almost made her forget about how her hair was curled for the first time in her life. Overall, it just felt different in a way she didn’t like.

    Ariana stood up and turned around to see Jessica finishing her braids for her costume. She had finally chosen to be Dorothy (whoever that was) from the Wizard of Oz.

    “Done. Let’s make our way to the Great Hall. I don’t want to be late!” Jess said.

    They walked down the stairs to the common room on their way to the Great Hall and Ariana smiled at what she saw.

    The room was full of first years to seventh years in costume. Everyone was dressed in anything from aliens to princesses, fairies to animals. I saw the New Marauders on one side of the room all wearing crowns and royal looking clothing as if they were kings.

    On the other side, I saw Alice and a few of her other friends in the same type of costumes only with dresses as if they were princesses. I kept on seeing Alice’s friends giggling as one of them did a thumbs-up to Fred. Was this outfit similarity planned she wondered?

    “Where are Scorpius and Albus?” Ariana asked Jessica. She shrugged and began to make her way through the crowd to the other side.

    After many long oofs and thuds, they made it out of the portrait hole and began to walk to the great hall.

    As the two got closer, Ariana heard the sound of some type of wizarding rock band and lots of people talking, laughing, and some other sounds that she had no idea how to describe. Overall, she was extremely nervous.

    “Well, here we are!” Jess said as they got ready to enter the hallway where the door to the Great Hall was. “You ready?”

    “Sure. I’m…….ready.” Ariana said as she tried to reassure herself and they turned into that hallway.

    They weren’t even in the Great Hall, but everything was already decorated Halloween style. “Here we go….” Ariana mumbled as they slowly walked into the Hall.

    All the corners were covered in cobwebs and ghosts were floating around and accidently going through students and teachers. They had done it multiple times before when they went to class. She had accidently walked right through a grey lady near the Ravenclaw tower on her way to Transfiguration. The ghost had yelled at Ariana then floated away. She never will offend a ghost again.

    There was some type of rock band singing stuff about a Phoenix on fire. It sounded a bit familiar to her……..

    “Look! There they are.” Jessica said with a smile.

    Sure enough. Albus and Scorpius were drinking some punch by the food and were laughing about something. Wait…..wasn’t Scorpius supposed to be taller than Albus? They weren’t wearing any costumes either…..

    Ariana and Jessica began to walk over to the boys as they spotted the other two.

    Scorpius began to laugh as he said, “Well, don’t you look precious!” Ariana felt herself turn red as Jess frowned. This wasn’t like Scorpius at all. “Why aren’t you guys wearing costumes?” Ariana asked as she tried to change the subject.

    Albus started to smile as he said in a mysterious tone, “Oh, but we are. Can’t you tell?” Scorpius smiled along with him as Jessica looked at them as if she was trying to figure out a riddle. “Wait a second……”

    She started to laugh as the boys’ smiles turned into grins.

    “What’s so fun-…..Oh. I get it.”

    “I told you we were wearing costumes! We couldn’t think of anything better than to pretend to be each other.” said Albus……or Scorpius. “We found this spell that would change our hair and eye color, so we were all set!”

    Ariana rolled her eyes and began to laugh too.

    The real Albus started to look at the girls’ costumes a bit more closely. “Hmmmm…….I know that you’re Alice from that muggles tale that Lily loves to tell me all about, but what are you supposed to be Jessica?”

     Ariana almost laughed at Jessica’s face. She looked extremely offended. “You don’t know who I’m dressed up as?” Albus shook his head and looked to Scorpius for a little help.

    Jess sighed and said, “I’m Dorothy. You know, from the Wizard of Oz? Get it? Wizard……magic……oh forget it.”

    “The wizard….of Oz? Who is he? I’ve never heard about him. Tell me more!” said Scorpius and the two walked away.

    Ariana turned to Albus and tried not to laugh as his hair started to slowly turn back to its normal black. She pointed at it and said, “Albus, your hair.” He rolled his eyes anyway and said, “Just another reason to prove my point. I have a plan for us to be able to go back to the common room and away from this ‘dance’!”



    “I can’t believe you guys are going to leave! This is so much fun!” Jess said looking extremely angry.

    “Shhhh…..Quiet! We can’t let anyone know. I’m sorry Jessica. We aren’t having as much fun as you are. But seriously, SHHHHHH!” Albus said as he looked around on the watch for any of the numerous professors.

    “Well, fine!” And she stomped away.

    “So, what’s the plan?” Scorpius said. His blonde hair was starting to show along with his icy blue eyes. It looked like both of the boys’ spells were starting to finally fade away.

    Albus pointed over to the punch bowl and smiled. “That’s our plan.”



    A bunch of fourth year girls began to scream as the red gooey mess splashed onto the floor. It covered their fairy costumes in what looked like blood and gummy bones. It would distract the professors for long enough.

    “C’mon,” Albus whispered as he looked to make sure that the coast was clear for the trio. “Let’s go before we lose our chance.”

    They walked as casually as possible out of the Great Hall and began to make their way to the staircases. “Yes! It worked!” Albus said with a grin. “Let’s get back to the common room.”

    Ariana noticed that Scorpius wasn’t saying anything and looked very queasy as Albus said this. “You okay?” she asked him as they walked up the first staircase.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just……I’ve never broken a rule like this before.” He said looking embarrassed. Ariana just smiled encouragingly and said, “Well, if you’re going to be friends with Albus, you’re going to be in for a bumpy ride.”

    They both started to laugh until the staircase they were now on started to move. Ariana froze and asked, “What’s going on?”

    “The staircases change, remember?” Scorpius answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Gosh Scorp, you sound like my Aunt Hermione.” Albus said with a laugh as the staircase stopped.

    “Where are we now?” Ariana said as they all stepped off of the staircase and looked at the large wooden door in front of them.

    “Don’t you see? We’re at the-“Scorpius started, but went silent as the door began to creak open. “Hide!” Albus whispered and they all hid behind the drapery on the wall near the window.

    As the door swung open, she couldn’t help herself but to look and see who had come out of the room.

    A cloaked figure stepped away from the wooden door in a dramatic looking way. The shadow from their hood, hid their face, but Ariana could hear the person wincing in pain. And for a good reason. Their leg was covered in blood and she could see the figure limping from their injury. What were they keeping in this school?!

    The figure looked around as if he was making sure the coast was clear, and then slowly began to limp down the staircase, out of her eyesight. Just in case it came back, the three of them stood hidden in silence for several moments.

    After a minute or two, Ariana stepped out from behind the drapery and rushed over to the door, full of curiosity. “C’mon! Let’s go!” she said as she opened the door.  

    “Ariana! Don’t go in there. Didn’t you see that person’s leg? There’s something in there that could kill someone.” Scorpius said with a ‘don’t you dare’ look.

    “Oh come on. Follow me.” Ariana said. The boys looked at each other as if they were having some type of mental conversation. It took a while, but Scorpius finally agreed to go.

    Ariana slowly walked into the torch-lit room and looked around. Everything was dusty and old with cobwebs and stone everywhere she looked. “See? There’s nothing to be frightened of guys.” she said.

    “Look,” Albus said as he pointed to something behind Ariana. “There’s door over there. Let’s go check it out.” And she turned to see a shabby-looking door standing on the wall. She slowly began to approach the door as the boys slowly followed her.

    “What do you think is in there?” Scorpius asked looking nervous.

    “No idea. Let’s open it!” Albus replied with a grin.

    “Well, here goes nothing,” Ariana said as she put her hand on the doorknob. She turned it slowly as if she was waiting for something to lash out at her at any second, and pulled the door open.

    There was………..nothing. The room was completely empty except for torches on the wall and drops of blood on the ground. “What? This doesn’t make any-“

    “AHHH!!!!!” Albus yelled and ran out the door as fast as he could.

    “Wait, Albus! Come back. What’s wrong?” Scorpius said looking confused as he ran after him.

    Ariana looked around the room again, but didn’t see anything worth being scared for. Sure, the blood was a little strange, but not ‘run out of the room screaming your head off’ strange. So what was Albus so afraid of?

    She took a few more steps into the room and didn’t see anything different. She took one more step before she felt it.

    Hot air breathed all around her making Ariana feel feverish. She turned around slowly to see what it was, but yet again, nothing was there. She slowly backed away towards the door hoping whatever was there would not go after her. As soon as the hot air faded away, she bolted out the door and slammed it shut as fast as she could.

    Ariana went back to the common room as her heart throbbed in her chest. She kept on having the same questions in her head over and over again.

    Who was that person in the cloak?

    Why were they hurt?

    What was in that room?

    Why is that room even in a school?

    By the time she laid down on her bed, Ariana had a major headache and was feeling extremely queasy. She kept tossing and turning in bed for hours, wondering what had just happened to her. There was even a time when Jessica asked her why she was moaning, but Ariana didn’t answer.

    Finally, a little while past midnight, she fell asleep.

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