Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


10. First Year Begins


    I woke up to the sunlight in my eyes and the sound of people getting up. I yawned and thought sadly, 'Oh. I must still be in the orphanage. The last days must of been a dream......'. I opened my eyes and smiled. I hadn't been dreaming. I saw Jessica on the other side of the room, brushing her hair. None of the other four poster beds were occupied. I guess no other girls were sorted into Gryffindor this year. It was quite strange. I yawned again and got off my bed.

    "Finally! You're up." Jess said as she looked at me in the mirror. I smiled. "I might be up physically, but my brain just wants some rest!"

    "Well then," she said as she took out her wand. "Wakimendis." My body vibrated with energy and my nerves felt like they had just woken up from a deep sleep. "Thanks." I said. "No problem."

    I walked over to my robes and looked at the Gryffindor crest on my uniform. It made me think about what the hat had said last night. Was I really perfect for Slytherin like the hat had said? Why would I be in Gryffindor then? I shook the thought away and changed into the robes. I had other things to think about.

    Once me and Jess were completely ready we left the tower and headed down to corriders, making our way to the Great Hall for breakfast. We were about halfway there when I heard shouting from a nearby hallway. "Stop! Stop it please! Alex no!" yelled out a voice that sounded as if the person was crying. "Why should I?! Your a filthy housetraitor! A Hufflepuff!" said a deeper voice that sounded like a boy.

    I peeked around the corner and saw Alexis Zabini crouching against a wall, crying. In front of her was Alex, her twin brother, holding a sketchpad full of drawings. A few were laying on the ground, torn to shreds. I understood what was happening.

    I began to step out to defend Alexis but was pulled right back by Jessica. I looked at her confusedly. Why wouldn't she let me help her? "I think he has it under control." she said and pointed forward.

    She was pointing at Frank Longbottom who had just entered the room. He looked cautious at first but then he yelled, "Hey! Leave her alone!" Alex just laughed at the sight of him. "Why should I Longbottom!"

    "ZABINI!" yelled a grouchy sounding voice from down the corridor. I could tell that it was Riddle from the arrogant sound in his tone.

    Zabini rolled his eyes but growled at Frank. "This isn't finished Longbottom." Then he rushed towards the yelling voice.

    We both stayed in the shadows and watched as Frank's scared look started to grow calmer. He slowly walked over to Alexis and nervously said, "Are you okay?" She nodded slowly as Frank helped her stand up. They picked up the spare drawings and Alexis put them all in a stack in her arms. "Th-thanks."                                                                              

    Frank's face turned a light pink. "N-no problem."

    They started talking about Frank's dad and they walked towards the Great Hall. After they left Jess and I finally came out of the shadows and made our way to the wizarding cafeteria. We entered the giant room and walked over to the Gryffindor table. I saw them both on the edge of the table and sighed, "Here, lets find somewhere el-" "Oh c'mon! We can squeeze through!" Jess finished and took my arm, leading me to where they were sitting. The only thing that was really weird was Jessica was acting very un-Jessica like. She seemed a little too eager to sit by the boys.

     They both looked up from their lunch as we got to the table. Albus just looked at the edge of the table where there was about enough room for a large hedgehog. Definitely not enough for two eleven year old girls.

    "Sorry. No ro-"

   "Of course there's room! Here Albus, move your owl. There we go." Scorpius finished.

    I was going through a lot of de ja' vu today.

    The boys scooted over and I sat down. I still only had an inch of room. But Scorpius and Jessica didn't seem to care. They just kept talking about the spells in our first year spell book. Albus and I just ate our food in silence. At least until.......


    I fell to the ground in a heap and moaned in pain. I felt my cheeks turn hot as everyone laughed. Everyone except Scorpius, Jess, and Albus. Jess helped me up as Scorpius helped her. Albus just sat there smirking. I could tell exactly what happened. I was going to let it go this time but if that boy messed with me one more time.........

    I ate the rest of breakfast in silence before we were dismissed to go to our first class. I stood up and looked at my schedule. I had Flying Lessons with Slytherin. Well this was going to be interesting.

    Only a quarter of the Gryffindor first years were having flying lessons first, so Jess was going to Muggle Studies instead. Albus, Scorpius, and I walked to the school grounds in mild conversation. The boys were talking about Quidditch, whatever that is, and were talking about what positions they wanted on the team. "I wish first years were allowed to try out." Albus said. "It means I would get to tryout for chaser!" Scorpius shrugged. "I don't know. I've never been that good on a broom."

    "What's quidditch?" I asked

    The boys gaped at me. "You don't know what Quidditch is?!"

    I turned a light pink thinking that I should know what it was but sighed. ""

    "Well then," Scorpius started and began to explain. Apparently quidditch is a wizarding sport with seven positions and four balls. On each side of the quidditch pitch there's three hoops. The three chasers on either team try to get the biggest ball, the quaffle, past the keeper on the opposing team and into one of the hoops. The two beaters have clubs that they hit one of the two bludgers at the opposing team with. Then the seeker tries to catch the golden snitch. Sounds easy enough. The fact is, to play, you have to ride a broom.  Maybe not as easy as I thought.

    I heard a bunch of snickers aside from me and turned to see Abelinda and Riddle talking about my event at breakfast. They notied me watching and Abelinda said with a mocking tone, "Be careful Dumb. You don't want to fall off any more chairs in the meantime. Your already 'Dumb' enough." My cheeks flushed red as Scorpius rolled his eyes. "Oh leave her alone."

    For a few moments the siblings glared at each other before Riddle pulled her away. "Better not fall off your broom!"

    I looked down the whole way until we finally reached our lesson. 

    We walked on to the Hogwarts grounds where about thirty brooms were sitting. The flying director, a young woman with long brown hair and an adventurous look in her eyes. No wonder Madame Creevey was the flying director. 

    "Welcome class to your first flying lesson." she turned and said to us with a smile. "Please everyone find a broom and stand to the left of it." The three of us found brooms next to each other and waited. 

    "Now, everyone hold out your right hand and say 'Up'" I held out my hand and said "Up." The broom shifted just a little, but didn't rise. Scorpius wasn't having as much luck either. "Up. Up! Get up." The broom whacked him, making him trip and fall onto the ground. I stifled a laugh as I helped him up. On the other hand, Albus was doing just fine. "Up." And the broom flew up to his hand. He had a prideful grin on his face as he challenged, "Beat that Ariana." 

    I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Up. Up. Up." Then finally, the broom raised into my hand with a smile.

    Once everyone had their brooms up and ready, Madam Creevey instructed, "Now mount your brooms." We all mounted. "On the count of three, and no earlier, kick off your broom and-" 


    That's when the chaos began.




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