Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


12. Class Disasters


     The yell came from my right. It was Augusta Longbottom. But what was she doing here? This lesson was only for Gryffindors and Slytherins........No matter that. Augusta was in trouble. "Help! Help please!" She called out. I knew why she was scared.

    Augusta was almost fifty feet in the air, out of control, on a broom stick. Not the most fun activity you could accomplish. Madame Creevey's eyes widened. "My goodness! Miss Long-"

    "AHHH!!!" There was no getting her down anytime soon. Most of the students were yelling Augusta commands, trying to help her get down safely. But it was no use. Madame Creevey just sighed and mumbled something about Longbottoms clumsiness. 

    Finally, Augusta started to come down. The only problem was, she was zooming towards us at fast speeds and didn't look like she was going to stop anytime soon. She screamed and I ran out of the way along with the rest of the students. 


    We turned and saw her broom stuck in the ground. Augusta was actually laying a few feet away, groaning. All of us rushed towards her with Madame Creevey in the lead. She knelled down and started to examine Augusta.

    Madame Creevey sighed in relief. "Nothing's broken. You should be ok-.......oh......never mind."

    Augusta threw up all over herself. "Ew....." echoed all the students and we started to back away. "C'mon. Lets get you to Madame Bones." And Madame Creevey began to lead Augusta into the school. Before she left though she turned around and glared at all of us like a hawk. "Nobody leaves the ground. If you do........well let's just say Hogwarts will have one less resident this year. Got it?" Then she left.

     Abelinda began to blab about Augusta. "What an idiot! She didn't even go to the right lesson." She smirked in my direction and I felt anger boiling inside of me. "Shut up." She just rolled her eyes and laughed. "Why should I Dumbledore? Hm?" 

    Riddle came from behind her holding a small glass ball. Albus looked at it for a few seconds then mumbled, "Rememberall." Whatever that meant....... "Oh look. Her Daddy gave a birthday present."

    "Give it back. Give it to her Riddle." He smirked and said. "You have to get it first." And he took off on his broom. "Come and get it!" he yelled as he soared upwards. That was it. I climbed onto my broom and got ready to dash after him. 

    But Scorpius came up to me looking extremely worried. "Ariana. No. Your going to get in tr-" Too late. I kicked off and flew towards where Corvus was. It was a slightly shaky process, but it was my first time on a broomstick. "Give it back Riddle." I demanded as he tossed the glass ball in his hands. "Here, catch!" he said with a smirk and the ball flew past me.

    I darted after it as fast as I could go. Which wasn't very fast on an old school broom. I was almost there. I held my hand out, just enough, until. "Yes!" I caught it.

    I landed back with the rest of the students, but kept the rememberall in my pocket. I would give it to Augusta later. 

    Albus dashed over to me in excitement and asked, "Did you get it?" I laughed at his excitement but nodded and held a finger up to my mouth. I didn't want everyone to be talking about this all day.

    "Miss Dumbledore! Miss Dumbledore!"

    I froze. It was the woman from the other night. The Headmistress I believe. Her face showed neither anger or happiness. It just made me more nervous of the fact that I could get expelled. She caught my eyes and said, "Follow me." My eyes showed full nervousness as I followed her slowly back to the castle. 

    We walked in silence. It didn't make the experience any better though. I only thing I knew, was that I was going to be expelled on the first day of school. I thought surely the professor would bring me to her office. But she instead brought me to Professor Burtin's Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. She poked her head inside the doorway and said "Annette, can I borrow Wood for a moment?"

    I heard a voice that I guessed was the Professor's say, "What? Oh, yes Minerva!" And Olivia Wood came out. 

    "Yes Professor?" she asked.

    "Well Olivia, I was thinking that you might want to be the first to hear about the new rule change in Hogwarts quidditch. I believe it's time first years are aloud to play.


    "You mean, first years can try out?!" Albus half-asked half-yelled into my ear.

    "Yes Albus." I said with a laugh. He ran his hands through his hair and looked at Scorpius as if waiting for him to be just as excited. "I need to practice! I need to get my Firebolt 3. I.......I'll be right back." And he dashed away towards the Owlery--most likely to get his broom from home.

    "Is he going to be like that every time he gets excited?" Scorpius asked me with a bewildered look on his face. "Because I think I need Jessica to take a picture with her camera. That was hilarious." We both laughed and talked about other things. Such as how the color pink looked strange on Professor Zabini, or the fact that Hogwarts was so big, it would take years to explore every hallway.

    Problem was, the fun wouldn't last long. I had potions next.

    The four of us, Scorpius, Jessica, Albus, and I, all had potions at the same time. So, we all grabbed our potions textbooks and made our way to the dungeons.

    "Your dad's teaching potions, right Scorpius?" Jessica asked. He nodded but didn't say anything. I don't think he was very happy about his dad's new job.

    We walked into the putrid smelling classroom and I looked around. It was dark and gloomy looking with the polished black stone and and the only light coming from a few small light bulbs on the ceiling. All the students faces were plain and Professor Malfoy was at the front of the classroom with a stern and cold look wearing long black robes.

    "You're late." the professor snapped, looking like he had a sour taste in his mouth.

    "Sorry." the four of us echoed and we sat down. 

    Jessica went and sat down with Scorpius meaning that I was stuck with the old sourpuss. He looked about as happy about it as I did.

    "My name is Draco Malfoy," The professor introduced as he magically wrote it on a chalk board in the front of the room. "But you will all call me Professor Malfoy."

    His eyes flitted over to Scorpius, looking furious as ever. Especially at the fact he was sitting next to Jessica. What does he have against her? 

    Professor Malfoy began to teach a bunch of things about how the art of potions is not what you think, but most of us weren't listening. Albus was pretending to draw a picture with his finger. Scorpius was in a daze, looking at his desk. Jessica looked like the only one who was paying close attention.

    Albus tapped my shoulder and whispered, "Look at the board...."

    I looked at the big chalkboard at the front of the room. The words, Draco Malfoy, began to spin around until they formed three words. Lama Cry Food.

    I tried not to crack up as Albus slipped his wand into his  pocket. The Professor didn't seem to think it was very funny when he turned around to write something on the board. In fact, he looked like he was steaming with anger as he turned and laid his eyes on Albus. 

    "Mr. Potter. I don't believe I told anyone to get their wands out. Detention this Friday."

    Scorpius stood up and began to protest. "But dad-"

    "And you will join him!" 

    Scorpius sat down looking angrier than his father as the lesson went on. But none of us, not even Jessica was paying attention. 






    The rest of the day was better than the beginning, but nobody was in a good mood. Scorpius looked like he was about to burst out yelling something, so no one bothered him. Albus looked upset about the detention on Friday, but he also looked a bit frightened as he was mumbling, "Mum's going to kill me......". Jessica had tried to comfort Scorpius moments before, but it had not been succeeded since she was in tears. 

    Overall, the first day had been a catastrophe. 

    Jessica headed to the Great Hall to study, and Scorpius headed to the grounds to calm himself down. That just left Albus and I to go to the common room.

    As we got to the Fat Lady's portrait, Albus mumbled, "Acid Pops......" And the door swung open, revealing a completely empty common room. The fire was out and no students were sitting on the couches. 

    I sighed and sat down on the couch next to the fireplace and Albus sat down next to me.

    As I sat there, one question burned in my mind. Why does he hate me so much, even though we're friends? It just didn't make any sense......Well, now or never.

    "Um.....Albus......Can I ask you something?"

    He nodded as he looked at the embers from the last fire as if he were in a trance. "Sure. What is it?"

    I sighed and pushed my hair out of my face as I said, "Whyareyousomadwhenpeoplesayimyourgirlfriend?" maybe I said it a little too fast because Albus turned and looked at me like I spoke pig latin. "What?"

    "I said, why are you so mad when people say I'm your girlfriend?" There we go. Much slower........I think........

    Apparently so because Albus looked a bit paler than before. "Well, um.....Oh fine. You know my brother James, right?"

    "Who doesn't?"

    "True. Anyways, he's a huge flirt. He basically dated half the girls in his year by the end of his first year. He's also my older brother and a New Marauder making him the most arrogant and teasing brother in wizard kind."

    "I was really good friends with a squib named Jeanine Nott. James would always tease me and say that she was my girlfriend. One day, when we were in her backyard, I was thinking  about all the things that James had taunted me about. It got me angrier and angrier. The next thing I remember is blacking out. When I woke up an hour later, Jeanine was gone. The grass was brown and steaming, and there was a giant hole in the house. I ran back to my house and told my parents what had happened. At first, I had no idea what was going on. But then I put everything together."

    "I had exploded. I had gotten so mad, that I caused an explosion, killing Jeanine and her mum in the process." I looked at the fireplace again as we sat there in silence. "Albus, I'm so sor-"

    "Please, don't say that. You have no idea how many times I have to hear that." 

    I nodded a bit drowsily and stifled a yawn. I felt bad for Albus, but was a bit glad at the fact that he wasn't angry at the fact that people call me his girlfriend. I felt the couch get comfier and comfier as my eyelids started to droop. Then the same thing started to happen to my body."Um......Ariana...". Then everything went black.


    Authors Note: Good news! I got my wifi back! But, here's the bad news........I'm not going to give a time release for my chapters meaning they could come out anytime depending on how buy I am. If you're stuck waiting for the next chapter, than try reading my other Harry Potter fanfiction called The Secret of the Founders.

    Finally, do you like the new cover for Ariana? Thanks for all the support!




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