The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


4. Chapter 3

A/N: ok, all chapter before this point have been edited, from this point on these will be the first draft chapters, they will have tons of errors. 




I woke up groaning, my arm ached like a thousand stinging bees. The sun streamed into the room through a slit in the curtain and I let out a groan of annoyance. 

The yellow coloured walls were pretty, but it’s not what I want to see when I wake up in the morning, nope, not what I want to see at all. 

I sat up and put my legs softly onto the ground. The poster on Emily’s side of the room glaring at me, and I glared back, just for the fun of annoying a non-existing person.

"Nadia?" Emily groaned, her voice slightly cracked, as she rolled over to face me. "What are you doing? Are you glaring at the poster?" she giggled tiredly. 

"It’s giving me the evil eye," I glared "it deserves all I’m giving"                                                                          

"You’re glaring at Albert Einstein... the inventor of the freezer..." Emily explained 

My expression changed dramatically, and I looked up to the poster "oh how much I thank you all-" I cut myself short "wait. Why do you have an Albert Einstein poster on or wall?" I asked confused, my morning mood still on a high 

"You know your chirpy voice in the morning is lethal for headaches..." Emily said as she placed a pillow on top of her head rolling over 

"I know” I smiled as I hopped off the bed and jumped on the floor, it creaked a little. 

"Bad flooring in here... better is careful" I said bouncing up and down on it a little more, making it groan as it resisted my weight. 

"Stop jumping on the floor! If it is unstable we will fall right through" she yelled in a tired voice as she pushed the covers of her, revealing the bug’s bunny pyjamas. 

"Bugs bunny?" I asked laughing as I looked her up and down; they really brought out her eyes, I thought jokingly, but wouldn’t dare say it. 

I looked to the alarm clock and realised it was 8:00am. Emily looked too and groaned. "I don’t usually get up till ten ... why you have to be such a morning person! Go live in Blake’s room! he's a morning person too and I’m sure he would love to have you!" she whined as she walked, well more dragged herself out the bedroom door, just as the door in front of ours opened and Layton stood there. 

"Another?" Layton asked Emily 

"Unfortunately so" Emily replied, and then they both turned to look at me accusingly 

"Well sorry I have weird morning habits..." I told them as I pushed past them into kitchen with the joined living room. I didn’t know how I didn’t notice before, but there was a strong smell on bacon, I turned to the source, and saw Blake standing filling his plate with bacon and eggs 

"What time were you up at?" I asked laughing at him. 

"He got up at five, claiming he couldn’t sleep" Layton groaned as both him and Emily did the zombie walk before dropping to the couch, unlike me who was already awake. 

I don’t know what it was, but mornings are always going to be my thing 

"Insomnia" I nodded looking at Blake "cool" I finished, not really knowing what to say 

"Na, I just don’t sleep in, what’s the point? Is what I’ve always thought" he shrugged "bacon and eggs?" he offered me 

"Na, I’m good" I told him "I don’t eat till 10:00 am at the earliest" I told him 

"ah” he said showing he understood, but I knew he probably didn’t, because neither did I. 

I sat down on one of the couches, and that’s when I noticed about all furniture here had the TPP logo somewhere, the couch had it embroidered in each arm rest, the cushions, had it in the corner, and curtains, even the coffee table... 

Yeah, like that’s not weird... 

"we got a letter guys ..." Blake told us , throwing a envelope our way "although I usually wake up around 5, it was the person delivering that woke me.. " he explained "I was going to wait till you guys were here until I opened it" he told us. 

“aw, thanks Blake" Emily said sarcastically, with a grim expression, she was obviously tired, and just wanted to sleep. But I wasn’t going to offer anytime soon. 

I laughed and noticed the same official looking logo on the front; it was obviously one from the academy. What’s with this academy and letters, surely it’s cheaper to send phone calls, or just tell us once we are in class? 

"Open it up already?" Layton demanded, but not rudely. 

"A little pushy aren’t we?" I asked as began to tear the envelope apart

The seal came apart and I pulled the letter out of the envelope, I was going to have a read over it before anyone else could. 

             Dear Students of Room 22,

          There will be a gathering held today in the main hall, at 9:00 AM sharp, anyone who fails to come will be punished severely. All students must come and if there’s a problem please contact the main reception before failing to turn up. 

Yours sincerely, 

Brett T Davidson 

TPP Academy Headmaster


I read over the letter twice, again shocked by the nature of the letter. This school is a little demanding isn’t it.... 

Punishment, for not showing.... at my old school you could get away with skipping with just a warning and them informing your parents ... AFTER the 3rd time.... 

"Well...? What does it say?" Emily asked impatiently 

"We are required down in the hall at 9:00AM for some sort of gathering" I told them "or else" I finished after the few second pauses 

 "isn’t that lovely... so much for going back to sleep" Emily groaned as she flopped herself back "well if they expect me to be properly dressed, well they have another thing coming, I’m not going in the shower until at least after 11:00AM" Emily said as she stood and began to walk away 

"Na, it just says you have to show up, that’s all" I told her honestly, Emily really did look drained 

"Good good" she sighed as she walked into the bedroom and shut the door. 

"We got an hour before we have to leave... gives us plenty time I suppose...” I told them 

"Not if you’re Layton, that’s only enough time to super hold his hair" Blake told me in a monotone as he walked by with plates

"I think I prefer you with the hair style that you had on the plane" I told him as I studied Layton’s hair, flopping a few pieces about 

"Yeah well, your one in a million, the ladies prefer it spiked" he smiled 

"Like a Mohawk?" I asked laughing at the thought 

"Em, you could say that ...” he trailed off as he stood to go t the bathroom where his styling gels would most likely be. 

"What a waste of gel...” Blake said sarcastically 

I laughed and stood up just as Blake was sitting down, and made my way into mine and Emily’s dorm room to get ready also. 





"Get your ass out that bathroom Layton!" Emily banged on the bathroom door, no longer sleepy; in fact, she was as lively as she was yesterday now. 

she wore what looked what once were jeans, that had been shredded, they now reached her knees and had numerous holes in them , and had a button up plain black shirt, it suited her, made her look smart. Not that she wasn’t already. 

"I’m coming! I’m coming!" he shouted as he pushed open the bathroom door, he stood with green cargo trousers, with a white wife beater, a leather jacket on top. “Who woke the beast?" Layton asked sarcastically pointing his thumb in Emily’s direction 

"Idiot” Emily groaned 

I laughed and so did Blake, I looked at Blake and he had on plain blue jeans, with a tight fitted black t-shirt, no jacket on top. 

His eyes stood out the most, the deep brown was shocking I suppose, but it was nice. 

"Right, move it guys, we have like 10 minutes left and we still have to find this place, remember we still don’t know out way around!" I shouted as I opened the door with my key, and pulled a map of the school that was given to me by the nurse, I wasn’t very good at map reading, but I think I might be able to figure this one out 

"Upside down!" Emily sang in my ears as she walked past me 

"Here!" I told her catching up to her, shoving it at her "you read it then" she laughed 

"Seriously, this is simple, here...” she said immediately after I gave it to her, she ran her finger along the page directing my eyes "lets teach little Nadia, how to map read... “She laughed again and so did the guys "we are here" she pointed "and we have to get to here" she pointed again. 

"Ohh" I made a sound of understanding 

"or guys, we could just follow the crowd" Layton pointed behind us as we saw maybe about twelve laughing people walk to a door and disappear through it 

"Yeah, or we could just do that" Emily said to herself more than anything. 

I laughed along with Blake and began to follow the crowd 

I saw some other people at the other end of the corridor; I watched them, nothing more to do as I was walking anyway 

One of them held a bottle of water, the other holding his hands out to it. 

Maybe it was a trick of the light, or I am going slightly crazy, but his hands glowed blue, and water began to rise from the bottle, it was as if he was controlling it, but I knew that was impossible 

I looked over to Blake; he was the only person walking beside me right now 

I nudged him a little trying to get his attention 

"Blake" I said in a hushed voice "Blake!" I said a little older 

I pushed my elbow into his side just as we pushed open a door that led to the stair well out of the sight of the strange people back there 

I nudged my elbow again 

He nudged back, but harder than I think he intended and I went flying into the wall by my side 

"Nadia!" he shouted as I fell to the floor, bouncing off the wall 

"I’m fine!" I told him honestly "god you’re strong if you can knock my off my feet with an elbow...” I trailed off picking myself off the ground without as much as a bruise. 

"Yeah, and you can sure take them” he said examining my arms and stuff for damage 

"I’m fine really” I told him, Emily and Layton not anywhere in sight 

"They walked ahead, you were walking too slowly according to Emily so she dragged Layton away while you were staring at someone" he shrugged 

"Oh yeah, about that, there’s something really we-" I began 

"not now Nadia, we have to get going , we have like two minutes, I know where I’m going but we are going to have to walk quick" he said as he taken a hold of my hand and dragged us both fast down the stairs. 

We reached the bottom, after knocking a few people over at our pace

"It around here somewhere” Blake said more to himself. 

We walked through another set of doors and saw the hall right in front of us. 

Two men in suits stood by the door, ticking a list as people walked by, we were now in front of them and they both ticked twice as we walked through and I figured it was a head check thing. 

"are we all here now?" asked the person who lead us inside the school on the first day, he looked the same, wore a suit, this time, with no glasses," and stood on a stage at the front, a microphone in front of him. 

There were rows and rows of chairs in front of him, everyone filling up the chairs, only a few left at the back 

"Over here" Blake said as he walked to the back with me in hand 

I followed and after a few seconds we were both seated. 

The guys in suits nodded up to the stage, where the man stood and he nodded back, I looked at them all intently, but they gave away nothing of interest or use. 

"Everyone who should be coming is here, so we will now begin" he started, and the doors suddenly shut with a bang 

"I am Brett Davidson, your academy headmaster; all of you must call my Mr Davidson, no exceptions. All of you guys are probably wondering why you are here..." he trailed off dragging the word 'here' out a little, and people began to talk in hushed voices 

I still watched Mr Davidson as he grew frustrated 

"attention!" he shouted "anyone who disobeys will be punished!" he shouted again, the microphones making a high pitched noise, a few people cringed at the noise, but too scared to say anything. 

"Everyone at this school is part of the TPP, a project begun 16 years ago by 20 different governments. All of you are gifted, all of you are the future" he began, I looked around and saw people looking at him strangely, but I have to admit, I didn’t believe him either. 

"There are six different powers" he began looking around narrowing his eyes at a few people, "there’s the athletic ability, which consists of extreme strength, speed, and healing" 

"There’s shape shifting, which means being able to transform into any desired form, no matter what it is" he said, he must have noticed the look of disbelief "anything" he concluded

"There’s mind control, being able to get anyone to do whatever that person wishes, by using their mind" he told us, this was the third power. 

"There’s the genius traits, being able to remember everything you’re told, being able to solve any puzzle without seeing it before"

"Then there elemental, which is the ability to control fire, water and earth, a powerful power if in the right hands" he smiled evilly, enjoying the deathly silence.

"And then there the ultimatum, a mutant so strong, they can control all the five powers and also have a few unique powers to themselves" he pointed his chin out 

"you, all of you, have one of these powers, you are part of TPP now, you are the prodigy’s, super humans if you may, and you all specialise in your certain topics" he smiled "everyone in this room was born on November the 5th "he smiled, I was born on November the 5th, so at least he was getting something right "and all your parents agreed for you to take part, of course they didn’t really know the truth about the project, well.... not yet anyway .. " he grinned "and you all received a injection much like the one you all received when you arrived, that one injections, injected  chemicals and a new form of radiation, which would mutate the cells and until you received the second injection your powers would lay dormant, but still there, deep down in the back of your head" he explained 

Chatter broke out and once again, Mr Davidson shouted for attention 

"within the next few days your powers will begin to develop, and they will soon become obvious, we of course, know what you are, but you won’t until it appears, that’s all I have to say for today, but just a reminder" he smiled "you can’t escape this school, and you can’t escape us" he smiled as he walked off the stage, behind a curtain, and this time, no chatter broke out. 

No one said a word. 






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