The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


16. Chapter 15

Pulling on a set of dark brown cargo pants and a muddy green vest top I tried to convince myself what I was doing was the right thing. Of course there was the risk of everything going wrong, but life without risks wasn’t life at all. I had to do this.

Then again, my shoulders wanted to give in, my shoulders were loaded with the lives of 29 others. I could only imagine what the others felt. Sitting up from my bed I gathered a small backpack and stuffed everything that I thought was worth taking with me, inside. Mr. Brent told us we should only take all the money we had and a spare set of clothes, everything else would hold us back. I stuffed a pair of track-suit pants, matching t-shirt and some underwear inside and then put a ten dollar bill in the front pocket – all I had money wise.

“Nadia! We need to get going!” Emily called out to me from the other side of the door.

Turning quickly, I swung the bag over my back and replied. “I’m coming!” Emily had tried to be funny, she tried to be humorous and basically what she was before everything went upside down. She couldn’t do it and now what was left was either a rather moody girl or a very emotionless one.

Sighing I looked around my room for what would most likely be the last time. The posters Emily had stuck up were still stuck up and her jewellery box she kept on a shelf sat untouched. She didn’t want them. All she’d taken was her purse and some clothing she might need later. She’d regret it, I knew she would. About to open the door, I looked back over at the room and just as I was about to leave I snatched up the necklace Emily had wore often when we first came to the academy. Putting it in my pocket I finally brought myself to exit the room.

Emily stood leaning on Layton’s door across from me. “Everyone’s already left,” she mumbled before pushing herself up and began walking towards the front door, her bag – pretty obvious there wasn’t very much in it, due to its flatness – hung from her back.

“I’m a little nervous,” I admitted following slowly. “I’ve grown attached to a place I should be feared of.”

“You stay, you die. You go, you could die as well – probably twice as painfully – but there’s a small chance you live.”

Thanks for the confidence booster, now feeling twice as nervous as before, I walked through the door that Emily held open for me. It was 7:00 PM and by now everyone was out of the main part of the school and was either training or in their dorms.

Mr. Brent had gotten permission for us to do the ‘mission’ from Mr. Davidson, just as he said he would. We wouldn’t get any trouble getting out of school; the only trouble was getting past the guards. He’d given us a quick look over the security. There was a main gate which was a good amount of meters into the forest and then after that there was a more heavily guarded one which was the main protection for the school’s privacy.

When we’d done our first mission in military tactics, we’d only come across the first gate but the only way we managed to get through that one was with some convincing. According to Mr. Brent no classes that chosen to do missions were allowed to venture past the second gate. We could get through the first one easy enough, but to get through the second – highly guarded – we’d have to sneak.

“Come on Nadia,” Emily snapped in a whispering voice. I was still standing in the same position staring at the door, while Emily was already hurrying down the hall, nearly at the stairwell.

“I’m coming!” I responded as I quickly made my way towards her as silently as I could possibly manage.

Pushing me down the stairwell she hurried me along and out the right door. Moving in a sprint, she pulled me along around to the outside meeting grounds where we were told to meet everyone else. Coming into view, you could see a few of the others around the area, but not everyone.

“We’re here!” Emily felt the need to shout, grabbing everyone’s attention. All the ultimatums were here I noticed, seeing Harry, Aisha, Stacey and Ray.

Lagging behind, Emily unattached herself from my arm and went on her way to talk amongst the people. Another thing I noticed was the clear split; people were standing with their group and their group only – an exception for Emily.

It seemed from there that more and more people began arriving in small groups until finally everyone was there. Trying to greet them all while standing virtually on my own, Mr. Brent finally arrived soon after everyone got here and got down to the point.

Walking in, he silently signalled for everyone to come a little closer. My nerves were on a low – which even surprised me. I suppose over the last month my tolerance level had been changed so much that its permantly set on ‘can endure about anything’.

“You know why your here. You know what you’ve to do,” was all he said. I did know what I was to do, but the real question is do I know how to do it? I liked to think I knew perfectly well how I was to carry out this plan and help rescue 29 people from a most likely painful death, I liked to think I was going to be a successful. I liked to think a lot of things.

I tried to focus again but all Mr. Brent was doing, was going over some not so much needed tactics that I already knew cover to cover. This plan was all I’d been able to focus on since we’d been informed. I’d drank dry all the information I could get my hands on in a vital attempt to have a chance. “-And most of all; don’t get killed”

Don’t get killed. Easier said than done. I’m sure they’d not hesitate for even a second upon finding a bunch of escapee’s from the school – even more so if the guards knew what the school really was and what threat we could possibly be. Actually, thinking about it now, is T.P.P academy even a school? They brought us here – no one allowed to leave – they then develop our powers only to be forced into a war without consent. T.P.P academy was more like a camp – to train and to fight.

Everyone around us began to move out of the small crowd that had gathered and Mr. Brent didn’t seem to mind. About to leave also, Mr. Brent called some of us back.

“Stacey, Aisha, Nadia, Ray and Harry, stay here.”

Already half turned to leave; I paused and waited for further commandments. As Ray came to stand with the rest of the group, he tugged me over making me fall into place beside him. Looking up at him, I noticed the blank expression, no longer smiling, no longer recognisable as the guy I met in the halls on my first day at T.P.P.

Mr. Brent shifted stance before talking. “Seeing as you are the ultimatums, it’s up to you to get them out of T.P.P safely. That means even giving your life. You – as I’ve said before – are five of the most powerful people to ever walk this earth; you control all five powers, and have unique enhancements on top of those. If there’s anybody who can help them, it’s you guys.” My thoughts throughout went haywire. The hair on my arms stood on its ends and I felt on fire. Slowly I was being closed in on and I had no means to escape. My limits were getting smaller and smaller until I was stuck on a one route direction to uncertainty.

 “You should have at least one of the old maps between you all. Keep a hold of those. Once I let you all go, you cannot come back. Once I let you go, who knows what’ll happen to me -.”

“You can come with us!” Aisha more so demanded rather than suggested, but Mr. Brent held his point strong.

“I can’t.”

Harry began to air his view, “But sir-“

“I said I can’t, and that will be all of the matter. You will all leave and you will hopefully escape T.P.P no man down. Ever since the beginning of the project all your years ago I’ve been wary of the idea. Not once had I said anything. Its only right I fix what I‘ve contributed so largely to.” His face was as solid as stone. He made no attempt to take back what he said and from there all was silent.

Only vaguely I could hear the light chatter in the distance and it was that moment in time, my unique powers chose to kick in and I was in on someone’s conversation.  It was always a strange experience; like I was in two places at once. Blocking out the deafening silence on one end I pushed myself further to hear what was happening in the distance.

“I wonder what’s happening back home...” A light voice sighed. No recognition registered in my brain, even with my genius power which remembered everything and everyone.

“I wonder what’s happening to everyone at T.P.P.” a lower female voice replied and this time I knew it was Emily.


I sat in a empty row and tucked my feet up, not caring anymore 

"You know... if you do that, the academy isn’t going to be impressed" someone said from my left 
I turned and saw a small girl, about my age - 16, and had cool looking glasses, a plain grey t-shirt and fit, skinny jeans. 

"The academy?" I echoed.

"Yeah, they own this jet, I don’t think they would be pleased if anyone ruined it... its pretty fancy in here isn’t it?" she asked 

"Yeah ... it is...” I sighed "Are you going to the academy too?" I asked "T.P.P?" I finished.

"Yup, the names Emily, I’m from New York" she smiled "been on this plane for the past few days, stopping and picking up people to get to this school, you’re the last in fact, so you shouldn’t be waiting long." 


Remembering how things used to be no more than a month ago made me shiver. The bubbly and overly active girl had left her and in came a cold draft and a brick wall.

The girl Emily was talking to pay no attention to what she’d said and continued on her topic instead. “I wonder how my family are doing? Do they miss me? Do they even know what’s happening to us? I wonder if everything is fine outside T.P.P, I mean, is the world still spinning like normal?” She continued her babble and I could guess accurately at the frustration Emily must of felt. Back a few weeks ago, she might have politely listened, she might have excused herself before she done something wrong. Now she’d let her anger boil over and sweep every one of their feet. 

“Our families mean nothing anymore!” She yelled. I could visualise the stance, her face, the fear everyone would feel from the sudden change in attitude.

I felt my chest tighten and tears threaten to leak onto my sunken cheeks. Why did everything here come to a bad end? Emily changing so much that I didn’t recognise her... Me feeling alone and such a freak... And a set future that would end in tragedy.

“If our families cared, they wouldn’t of let us become the freaks we are, they wouldn’t of let us take part in T.P.P and they would of done everything in their power to prevent us from coming to T.P.P... They’ve already forgotten and moved on because they know we won’t be coming back. If they did, something would have happened by now, something that would have saved us! But guess what? Its hasn’t happened yet, and it won’t... That’s why we have to take it into our own hands to leave!” I could hear her heavy panting as she finished up, followed shortly after by her footsteps that gradually grew quieter.

Not focusing, my hearing returned to normal but I was too distracted to care. They didn’t care, do they? They knew as soon as that letter came that I was in trouble, and they knew that they’d had some input into that. How was my brother doing? How was Yasmin doing? How were my mother and father doing? Yasmin is probably clueless to the situation as will be my brother, while my parents sit on a pile of guilt and unspoken theories as to what exactly T.P.P was. They didn’t know the truth, but they knew enough.

“Now if I could have a few second to talk to Ray, you can all be on your way and prepare yourselves. You have ten minutes at the most.” I’d zoned out for most of the conversation, but that didn’t mean much at the moment. I’m sure it was only repeats of previous talks. I wasn’t even the tiniest bit curious about what Mr Brent and Ray were going to discuss, because I was already on my way to find Emily who I was sure to be hiding in the shadows along the academy fence. Mr. Brent could get us past the first fence on word that we were all on a practise mission, but the second was highly off limits and that was going to be up to us.

Dodging people as I went, I ignored most of their calls if they asked for me, and avoided their questions. None of them were important at this moment in time.

Ahead I could faintly make out Emily’s clothing especially for the occasion and matched to everyone else’s who wore greens, browns and blacks. Within meters of her, I stopped. Her back was to me, but going by the slight flinch, she knew I was here.

“Nadia, Leave. Now,” Emily growled. Her voice was wavering as if she was going to cry, but her words dug deeper. She didn’t want me to see her weak. Before I wouldn’t have thought she’d mind, but now it was a different case.

I decided to reply defiantly. “No.”

“Nadia, if you don’t leave, I certainly will!” She threatened me, slowly advancing towards me with a glare.  In the minimum light I could see a tear roll down her cheek.

“We need to talk, Emily,” I tried my hardest to be the strong one. I missed Emily so much; I wanted her to be back to normal. It was an impossible dream, but I wanted to at least fix our friendship before we were pushed into a war unwillingly. “I know this probably won’t end well and if so, I want us to be the friends. Better than before.”

“Forget about before, Nadia. Even now, when all I believed was impossible had become my reality, I still don’t believe what’s happened before will change.”

I was growing frustrated. The negativity coming from her was beyond what was healthy. “Don’t be so negative, Emily! I know you’re upset, but do you and everyone around you deserve this? I don’t, they don’t and you don’t, so don’t act like we all should. I came here to make amends properly before we are leave. Do you forgive me, Emily?” That’s all I wanted. I wanted her to forgive me. Even I wasn’t sure entirely what for. Maybe the fact I’ve avoided her, and the time I hurt her with my force field contributes to my desire to be forgiven. I waited.

Emily stood stock still in front of me now. The night had gone under cover of full darkness now and Emily’s tear stained face was only barely prominent in the picture. “Why should I forgive you?”

Her words stung and punched me in the gut. She didn’t want us to be on better terms.

“It’s me who should be asking for forgiveness!”

Feeling foolish for a few seconds, I regained control on my emotions and tumbled into Emily, wrapping my arms around her tightly. “I forgive you,” I cried into her shoulder. She returned the embrace slowly.

Silently hugging each other, the silence was screaming at me. I don’t know if coincidentally, but at that moment in time, I felt as if I was in two places at once again and I was able to hear both with Emily and somewhere else I didn’t know.

“I’ll let you go now, but remember to take care of Nadia. She’s the one I know will crack. The rest of them are strong, but Nadia is stronger and that’s not the best for a small girl like her. Promise me you’ll be there for her?” It was Mr. Brent quite obviously, and the only person I could come up with as to being with him would be Ray.

“I’ll keep an eye out.” My suspicions were confirmed.

“You’ll do more than keep an eye out, now get on your way and remember what I told you. Don’t tell the rest of the team, it’s for the best if only you know for now...” Don’t tell us what? I curse this hearing as it made me more curious and hearing things I probably shouldn’t be hearing.

I’ll ask him about it later, I tell myself and on purpose this time, deactivate my enhanced hearing and focus on my reality.

Emily unattached herself, wet patches on each other’s shoulders.

Mr. Brent began a slow walk towards us, as if trying to prolong the situation. “I’ll leave now. Listen to the Ray, Stacey, Harry, Nadia, and Aisha. They’ll guide you. I wish you all the best of luck.” He needn’t say any more as he turned and began on his way back to the school.

Emily walked back into the crowd with a depressed look and the rest of the ultimatums joined me in front of the rest of the groups.

“What’s the plan?” was the first thing Stacey asked me as she and the rest of the ultimatums neared me at super speed.

I thought it over for a few seconds. “At the moment we focus on getting close to the second gate. From there we’ll have to figure everything out...”

“I think that’s an alright idea...” Aisha sighed in agreement.

Harry appeared to be nodding and Ray was emotionless.

Stacey grinned, which was odd seeing the situation. “Let do this!”


We’d gotten past the first gate with no problems what so ever. We needn’t even speak to the guards; they saw us coming and opened the gates. Now the trouble was, was getting everyone past gate two.

Approaching closer I could see it ever so slightly. Then came the light chatter that was gradually getting louder.

Aisha halted a good space from the large gate. Barbed wire was clearly wrapped around the top of the fence, and there were about 10 guards surrounding the area on both sides. All 30 of us where silent, but that was always a problem. 30 footsteps aren’t usually quiet. Getting them all snuck through a gate heavily guarded? Just another hole in this plan.

All of us squished under a tree, I listened quietly while keeping my thoughts on hold.

“Scream,” Stacey nudged Aisha with great strength into her ribs. Aisha squeaked loudly, it was enough to draw large attention to our area.

A few faces turned our way, but they probably couldn’t see us.

“Scream,” Stacey was at it again. This time with full force, too fast before I could make a difference, Aisha screamed with all her lungs. Over reaction? Perhaps, but it was definitely heard by all the guards this time.

They seemed to get the idea as they all jumped in our direction at once. Scanning the area, their eyes narrows. At the other side of the fence there seemed to be a control box. Hanging half out of it, the guy who sat there shouted, “Go see what that was, five of you? Take the jeep. Make sure it’s not those kids from that school task causing trouble.” I presumed he meant us.

The five on the other side sprang into action and hastily piled into a black jeep that was parked on the side of the road. Looking closer at the guards face, I realised the person heading towards the driver’s side was actually the same guard I had a stare down with on my first day here.

I didn’t know if Aisha screaming was a bit of genius or perhaps stupidity.

The gate was slowly opened and behind me I could hear a little commotion. To concentrate on other things, I didn’t notice the breezes that blew past me, but in actual fact, they were two of the athletics.

So fast that I didn’t catch a thing until I noticed a blackish blur rushing past the oncoming vehicle and under the risen gate. It all happened so fast I almost missed it, but soon enough whoever the blur was had smashed the guy in the control tower down into the actual controls, knocking him out. The other blur has tripped over most of the guards on foot enabling most of them useless. The people in the car either didn’t notice or were escaping because they didn’t stop nor turn around.

The blurs paused in place. I noticed once was Harry – the ultimatum, and the other was an ultimatum I recognised but couldn’t put a name to.

It took no time for everyone to reach the other side of the fence and from there we ran. Behind us we could only just hear a few people begin to shout at each other, perhaps into walkie-talkies or to other guards, but I didn’t care.

The trees gradually began to thin out and the people ahead I could hear to be making what sounded to be noises of shock. I wondered. Slowing down so I could give the people who weren’t gifted in athletics a chance; I tried to keep my calm.

I could see people now, those who rushed ahead. They seemed to be standing on a beach. I could hear the water.

“Guys, you got to come see this!” I heard ahead.

Finally breaking through the trees we arrived on what was in fact a beach. Then looking out onto the sea, just in the distance there was lights – mainland, I presume.

Everyone was beginning to catch up to us now.

Stacey came up behind me with Ray not far behind.

She took in the sight and her face fell. “What do you suggest we do now?”








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