The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


13. Chapter 12

The day had dragged by. I had sat on the couches while the world passed by around me. People from the other dorms had begun moving in bringing with them their bags and other various items. 6 people had left T.P.P from our group all together and although the difference wasn’t that much obvious in our dorm, I couldn’t help but think about them. I wanted to know what they were doing with them, where they would end up.

Despite Emily’s obvious downward spiral she had went out her way to bring me some food every so often and then go and get me water. No matter how bad she felt she always had the need to help me. I felt thankful for it yet bad at the same time.

Jared had moved into our dorm almost immediately. He looked similar to Blake in his build but he was rather contrasting in everything else. When Blake was normally reserved, Jared was outgoing and rather loud and obnoxious. Then we have Emily who’s stayed to herself for most of the time, the only time she spoke or made contact with anyone was to get me and her some food then she’d retreat to her bedroom which I currently wasn’t staying in – I had decided to sleep on the couch for a while for reasons beyond me. Then we have Alyssa – the Shape shifter. She was a nice enough girl, nicer than Drew but somehow I seemed to miss his arrogant face when he’d insult us no matter how weird and strange that sounded. There’s Faye the mind controller who seemed nice at first but when I’d witnessed her ordering Jared with her mind control abilities to take her bags and basically be her ‘slave’ I’d been wary, and the girl was also very sly and small – very scary at times. Finally there’s Layton who’s basically continuing the same. I actually think he’s getting on better. He enjoys Jared Company more by the looks of it and had chosen him to stay in his room while the other two bunked in Justin’s old room. All was going well apart from the mood.

It was 6:00 in the morning and I had yet to fall asleep. Today was Monday. That would mean school was only a blink away. I looked around checking for company but I realised everyone else was asleep and Blake wasn’t here to keep me company anymore. That just depressed me more. I know I’d get over it eventually, but for now I’ll make the most of it. I got up with a grunt as my knees clicked from my lack of movement. I really should go to the training room after classes. Staying in the dorm all day wouldn’t be good for me. I walked towards the wooden kitchen door and cooked up some pieces of toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast – for everyone. As I finished cooking everything I realised we were running low of supplies and I wondered how we’d get more. Then I realised several times before that new stuff had magically appeared.

Better not think too hard, Nadia, I thought. Thinking over the past few days hasn’t done me much good considering that’s what got me in a state and refusing to leave the couch I’d sat on for ages. I shook my head and dished up three plates of food; Layton’s, mine and Emily’s. I left out a bowl of scrambled eggs and a plate filled with several untouched pieces of toast for the rest – I didn’t know how they liked their breakfast so I’d leave it up to them.

Holding the two plates and pRaying my fingers wouldn’t snap – which they felt like they would any second – I pushed open Emily’s thankfully slightly ajar door and noticed she was still asleep. Looking to her wooden bedside tables I noticed the red alarm clock read slightly behind 7:00 – Emily should be up any time now. Placing the plate on the unusually clean dresser free of any clothing and jewellery Emily had scattered there at the beginning of the year I exited the room quickly and made my way to Layton’s.

Using my free hand to open the door I noticed the shadow in the corner crouched over a bright glowing screen that illumintated the room. It wasn’t Layton – which much I could tell from the non-blonde hair. With a cough the person turned quickly and seeing it was jarred I gave a weak smile and placed the plate down on the clean bedroom floor seeing as everywhere else seemed crowded.

“Make sure he gets that,” I whispered to Jared who still openly stared.

He looked down at the plate then back up at me as he closed the laptop’s screen and got up to his feet and took a few steps closer. “You ever think about where they’ve gone?” he asked almost silently as Layton let out a rather loud snore as he rolled over onto his belly.

I wanted to laugh, but Jared's question had brought back what I had been thinking about just an hour ago and when I had sat for days on the couch. I’d thought a lot. “I think a lot Jared. I don’t know where they’ve gone and that’s what worries me...” I sighed in a whisper. It felt good to talk.

“I’m sure they’re fine... but...” He seemed to pause to think about his answer, looking down. For once I didn’t see the normally obnoxious guy I normally saw... I saw a weak boy who was scared to enter the unknown. “Never mind...It was stupid,” He whispered.

“No! Tell me... I’d like to know,” I told his honestly. Everyone needed someone to talk to.

He looked up and met my eyes and through the dim light I could see the vulnerability, the upset, the fury. I saw him like an open book. “It’s crazy Nadia... I-I-I don’t know if it’s right but I don’t think they’re being sent home... I don’t think they’re going to another school either,” He paused to look down at his hands which h proceeded to raise and wipe down his face rubbing his tired eyes which dropped slightly. “I mean... I was looking up T.P.P academy on my computer and I found some things,” He seemed worried now, his eyes crinkled at the corners and he sniffed a little.

I was confused. As far as I was concerned there wasn’t any internet for pupils out of classes, I also didn’t know you could bring a laptop or a phone but that would be no use seeing as my old phone was rubbish due to the lack of choice in my price range and the only laptop I ever did use was our family one. “You got internet in our dorm?” I asked curiously.

“Russell got it set up... Don’t ask me how,” He mumbled. “Want to see the article?” he asked hesitantly referring back to the article he’d found on the internet. I nodded without second thoughts as he took the needed few steps back and sat on the bed and lifted up his computer once more and opened it finding it to already be on the internet page and on a certain article. “It’s this one,” He handed the computer to me and I sat it on my lap and began to read.

Nov 6th 2012

What is the secret TPP?

                For a while now people have wondered what in the world TPP is. One thing is for sure, nobody who isn’t at the top of the top actually knows. For one its top secret, for two it probably won’t affect us and three it’s a government project. There’s been various idea’s as to what it stands for yet no one has ever defined that exactly. In total there are 20 countries taking part in TPP, the main being America, UK, and Germany.

                At the earlier press conference one reporter had questions for the details of the project but was answered with the hasty exit of the prime minister which had worried many people. He later responded that it had no such relation to the question and that the project was nothing more than tests being carried out in dozens of countries around the globe. No one knows exactly yet, how TPP got out to the public.

                For now it seems the mystery of TPP has died down and for the time being TPP has passed over like any other scandal. Until next week readers

-Celeste Gertrude, Essex.

It was one of those written columns that some people would write each week for the papers. This week it happened to be on TPP. “You think it’s related to the school?” I asked him looking up with a raised eyebrow. I wanted to deny it, but the similarities were uncanny.

“It’s all rather... fast isn’t it?” He asked with a blank expression. “Back home I would take things as they come and here I probably still act all like that but now... It’s different... I don’t feel as confident on the inside, I feel like something bad is coming Nadia... Really bad,” he mumbled as he took the computer off me and shut the lid before putting it on the floor and getting up with a deafening silence before leaving the room making sure to step around Layton’s now cold breakfast.

I heard the shower on from next door and realised that was probably Emily. I spotted Layton’s blue clock that matched the bed sheets in the room. 7:30 it read and I knew I’d spent too long talking and being a snoop with Jared. I rushed to my feet then to Layton’s still sleeping figure and pushed his roughly on the shoulder sending him tumbling to the carpet floor.

He groaned as he sat up, awake now. “Get up! Its 7:30!” I almost shouted. Although guys didn’t have to do much when waking up I wanted to make sure he wasn’t late.

He groaned and mumbled something incoherently and a whole load of jumbled up sleepy words. He cleared his throat. “You’re feeling better,” He mused sleepily.

“Yeah, well, you better hurry up ‘cus you’ll be late,” I told him as fast as I could without sounding stupid. “And your breakfast is on the floor. Don’t stand on it,” I rushed as I spun to the door and turned to shut it in time to see him strip his top off and flop back down onto the bed. I let out a giggle and shut the door again ready to see if the others – Alyssa and Faye – were up.


Sighing dramatically, I sat down into my chair in military tactics, second lesson. I found out this timetable was the same for every day of the week – which sort of put me into a worse off mood even with before.

Pulling the pieces of paper I would need for this lesson, I notice my notes, a few hand drawn maps/grids, and a pencil. The chair beside me scraped across the floor as its pulled out, and in sits who I presume to be Ray, setting himself down for the start of today. In elemental control lesson I refused to speak with him really, more so out of embarrassment than anything else – nothing’s worse that seeing me cry. With him sitting beside me, I’m guessing that to be a hard task.

By the time I overcome my doubts and read myself a little pep talk, Mr. Brent had already placed him on his desks edge and is staring intently at the class with emotion read none other than boredom.  He’s waiting for us to shut up, or at least, those who were actually talking.

People seemed to notice, and they all became silent one by one twisting around in their seat and preparing for the lesson. With a push of his hands, he slid of the desk and landed with a loud thud all while holding a death grip of control over the class, despite doing nothing more than a simple look and what amazed me, the look wasn’t even threatening.

A small smile began to curl on the side of his lips. “We totalled up the mark for your latest task. It was a close call but... The USA group won by 2 paint balls despite losing a team mate,” He broke the news and as soon as the second letter in USA was out of his mouth, various members of my group congratulated each other loudly while boasting to the losers. 

“Hey! You can boast later, but for now, we have a task to get on with!” Mr. Brent settled the class with his deep voice that rattled the windows and almost hurt when listening to. I was yet to move or say anything. “For today, imagine your latest task was a real mission. USA team being the heroes, the UK team being the enemies. USA has managed to escape the UK by millimetres, but now they are in enemy territory, and have to make it out alive. How do you do it?” He questioned.

“There are only six of us now though!”

“Imagine the others have been taken as hostages, or weren’t there in the first place. Because of the loss of half our teams in the recent days, we will have to deal. There are six of you in danger, in enemy territory, and you have to get out alive! I want the USA group to write a report of the escape route, and I want the UK group to write a report of the attacks in which you are going to stop them escaping... Sounds simple?”

People continued to ask questions, which took the class right up to the bell and the task was now set as homework. I escaped the room first and began to walk hastily down the hall. The unfortunate thing was that it was break time, and the point of break, was to have a break and what was tending to happen when I stopped being busy and thinking about school related things I began thinking about certain issues I probably shouldn’t for my own sake.

Spotting a bench inside the building, I sat myself down as the people in the halls thinned out. Placing my bag on the floor not before taking an apple out, I tried to fix my mind else were and on a lighter topic. Nowadays it seemed everything was off topic. Before, I could think freely, I could think without a certain consequence. It seems the more I think, the more I understand, and the more I understand the more trouble I might get myself in. Taking a large bite out my apple my mind wandered. Back home was when I had a care free life that revolved around my friends and my family, today I had a troubled life, one that wasn’t all the best that revolved around figuring out things that should probably be left in the dark. But what was there to figure out?

I keep going on about figuring things out, but the thing is... There isn’t much... They have already admitted we are somewhat government projects that our parents unknowing of the consequences agreed to. I know I’m not normal any longer if the fire balls that unpredictably rupture from my palms give any hints, and my happy-go-lucky demeanour is breaking into a take-life-as-it-comes type. Thinking about it, there isn’t actually that many answers, but there aren’t many things to question either. In frustration I taken another chunk out the apple and chewed angrily.

Mind wandering once more I thought about Blake, Russell, and Drew... Hell, I even thought about Candy. I miss that bubble gum munching cowgirl. Convincing myself they were at home, safe and sound with their families, I couldn’t help but hope that Blake was going to get into that university back home he wanted so badly to go to. The one that made him convinced coming here was a good thing.

The bell signalling the end of break vibrated through the air, looking down at my apple, only half eaten, I shrugged and placed it in the trash can that so conveniently was placed right beside the Bench and began on my way to computing – the class for ultimatums and geniuses/savants. Savants... Russell made up that term... Wondering how he’s doing...

Scolding myself internally for thinking about him I sighed audibly and picked up my black bag as many people poured through the doors that led to outside. I realised that no one from my group or anyone I knew came and kept me company at break. I didn’t want anyone to disturb me, and I probably would have told them to leave me alone, but I actually felt a little upset no one came. Was that selfish of me?

No of course not, I tried to tell myself. Turning down a random corridor hoping it was the right one, or at least close to it, I scanned the door numbers but hopelessly failing with people blocking my vision. Spotting Emily further out in the crowd with a few other people, I decided to follow them knowing them to be in my next class. How can’t I remember my class? I wondered. I’m an Ultimatum, Ultimatums remember everything.

Going on my tiptoes trying to move through the crowd which was becoming even more packed as second became minutes. Almost losing Emily I passed several different people speaking in several different languages. German, French, what I presumed to be Chinese and other various ones, was there multi-lingual teachers here? I’d make it my task to ask a nice teacher as soon as I get the chance. Another thing to my never ending to-do list that will almost certainly never be fulfilled.

Finally escaping the large cluster of students I arrived outside a door Emily and her new found friends had disappeared into – my class. Inside everyone already sat, Emily being one of the last to sit down other than myself. Next time I need to hurry up, I thought, having all eyes on me making me feel slightly uncomfortable.

Taking my seat I did the same as I had for most of the morning – not very much at all. Staring at the bored as the teacher droned on, she finally came round handing out worksheets of sorts. Taking a pen from my pocket as she dropped pieces of paper on my desk, I lifted them up looking left and right, at Emily and Ray and also where some of the others should have been. Turning attention to the sheets I read the first one over. Basic questions I knew the answer to. Funny thing was, I knew the answer, but I didn’t really understand it what I was answering. That was the downside to the genius trait.

Looking over the second sheet there was more questions. I looked over at Emily who was now far into the first and I also saw she only had two sheets. As did the rest of the class. With confusion I looked over my third sheet which wasn’t at all like the previous. The haunting T.P.P logo was in the top right corner and it looks similar to the letters I’d gotten over the past week with being at the academy. I was a nosey person, so I couldn’t help but read.

                Mrs Anna Normandy,

Mr. Davidson requires the learning information and full review of the following pupils:

Russell Yvonne

Hanna Kirk

Julian Junior Finnegan

We require this information as soon as possible due to certain issues at the North Border Government Training Facility of France (NBTF).We need such information regarding what they know as of to date, and their levels assessed in classes. Your cooperation is appreciated; send all gathered information to Miss Haring at the main reception desk.


My first thought was what the hell was the North border Government training facility of France? Then next was, why? Out of all students, why these ones, and also why only the ones that have recently left?

With a frustrated sigh, I gave up once again with my unanswerable questions and turned over to the fourth piece of paper which I so happened to have stapled to the back of the other piece and decided to chase of my questions with most probably more.

Reading it over and realised it was what the other piece of paper asked for – reports on everything they have done in this certain class. Skipping over the rest of the people who I barely knew, I stopped on Russell. Reading it over I regretted even reading in the first place.

Report on Russell Yvonne –

Studies as to date in computing studies –

-Binary A to Z and 1 to 5000


-General hacking

Additional comments –

Russell is more of an advanced pupil as seen in his work and ability, achieving virtually perfect scores in everything. If taught correctly, could have massive potential.

Ratings -




Regular -

Under-achieving -


WMD, I thought. What in the world is that? I’d have to do some research later I think, and perhaps a lie down by the end of it all... Quickly looking side to side and noticing no one looking, I folded the paper and tucked it safely into my pocket and tucked my head down to look at my sheet. No answers down, although by the looks of things, and the lack of the sound of pen on paper, everyone else had been finished for a while. 

The first question was easy – if you had paid attention in class. Write the word ‘computing’ in binary below. I really didn’t know, so I moved to the next. Explain in five brief steps, how to program a virus. Sorry, that one as well, I didn’t know.

Giving up completely, I’d make sure to ask Emily later, in hope that the sheets didn’t get collected today. Folding it and putting it in a free pocket, I rested my head onto my folded arms on the table and paid attention to the continuous tick of the frustratingly slow clock.

The day was only going to get worse from here, I knew it.


I stand corrected. It got better. I wouldn’t of thought so, but it did. On my way back to my dorm after school I got stopped by Layton, Emily, and Ray. They invited me down to the basement training rooms – Ray’s groups’ room. They confronted me about how we have to stick together and all that friendship stuff. It was cheesy, I admit, but I felt better after.

Once we had arrived happily at the basement training room, I took in everything and found it to be virtually the exact same as our one. Instead of hanging around, I found myself speeding away into small control room that had all the computers inside. Placing myself in a seat and spinning around in it, I ignored everyone else around me and stopped myself while facing the bookshelf in the far corner. Same sort of books back in the other training room, I thought as I noticed the several hard backed older looking spines, most likely the same books as from the other room. Resting my head back I remembered my potential second power; a force field of sorts, I suppose.

“Hey Nadia,” Ray interrupted. Looking up I saw the grin that had sat on his face since we sorted everything out earlier. He’d asked why I’d avoided them all day – which I had – and I told them I hadn’t felt like talking much, and after a much needed talk, they convinced me they weren’t in any trouble and everything was alright. I tried to believe it.

Looking him over I grinned back. Today he wore nothing more than the usual t-shirt that today was coloured red and jeans coloured a faded blue finishing it off, his hair resting in the messy style, the one that required virtually no grooming. I was jealous of guys for that. “Guess what I just found out?” He laughed a little, like a little kid playing ball.

“What?” I smiled. I couldn’t resist, it was contagious.

Taking a few steps back he looked around seeing only a few people inside, all too intently staring at computer screens. “I think I’ve found my second unique talent,” His smile changed into a smirk as his happy, calm eyes turned tense as he concentrated. I didn’t have the heart to interrupt.

Nothing began to glow, he didn’t float a foot into the air and he just looked like a kid trying performing a magic act which he’s trying to convince people of. As I was about to interrupt, A few meters from where Ray stood, the air became shaky almost, like a heat wave. It became distorted, and took a strange form; Like a human shadow almost. It hardened, and was now completely still; darkening as well as if a black transparent stain was working its way up the hardened wave. The blackness changed to other colours and was slowly becoming less see through. It... It looked like an identical copy of Ray. As the thing took form, it became three dimensional, I wanted to touch it to see if it was real, but I already knew it was.

Finishing up, it was as if Ray had a twin. Mystified, I opened my mouth to talk but before anything could leave my mouth Ray was already speaking a mile a minute.

“I can clone things!” He boasted, one of the only sentences I managed to understand the whole while he had been talking.

Confused I squinted my eyebrows at the clone which mimicked everything Ray was doing minus the sound. “When did you find this out?” I asked staring the clone in the eye.

Smiling he replied “Just outside! I was messing around with some of the guys, he was about to throw a fire ball at me, and I just stood there thinking hard about how to dodge it and within seconds, BAM! A clone of me comes out of nowhere and stands in front of it... Took the fire ball and all for me, and it was as if I could smell the singed clothing and flesh... Wasn’t pretty, but really... That could have been me!” He carried on with excitement, his hands waving in wild gestures.

“Oh yeah, Emily told me something about you having a second power and after well... You know...” He mumbled, trying his best not to remind me of the whole reason I was avoiding everyone in the first place. Or at least, part of the reason. “Well anyway... She thinks it’s a force field and after sort of witnessing it, well... I think so too,” He confirmed what I’d been suspecting. I had a force field as a second power.

I felt jealous. Ray had teleportation and cloning. I had over sensitive hearing that never worked when I wanted it to and a force field. Nothing cool about that at all.

How do I trigger it though? I thought. Airing my question, Ray gave me a blank sort of stare. “I... Really have no idea...” he trailed off, going into deep thoughts. “My talent was triggered by being in danger and... I suppose your was triggered by strong will, you know, not wanting anyone close to you at that moment in time and ... heightened emotion...” He reasoned.

Thinking it over I decided to bring up another question. “Before this goes out of mind, any idea what WMD stands for?” I asked, remembering the comment about Russell being a WMD.

“Weapon of Mass Destruction,”

Turning towards the door that now happened to be open, stood Emily with Layton hovering behind her.

Weapon of mass destruction? Why in the world would Russell be called that? He is one of the most powerful genius’ in the class, and probably one of the best with leadership skills.  No superpowers, no fire power... 

Taking the piece of paper from the pocket, I shuffled about the different pieces and handed them the right one. As they read it over one at a time their face’s distorted in confusion.

“What does it mean?” Layton spoke up as the paper came back around to me, stuffing it into my pocket.

Emily seemed to follow me hand as I tucked it away, and I knew she was battling her feelings again. She missed Russell and that paper was the last thing she needed. “You know Nadia, how some time ago I told you I could feel something very bad coming on?” She questioned referring back to the day when we first met up with the other half of our group.

“Yeah...” I waved my hand in a rolling action to signal to continue, not that she would have seen it anyway, and her eyes blank while staring at my pocket.

Silence greeted my ears, almost deafening in a way. I didn’t want to break it, but I begged for someone else too. Emily looked so down and Layton didn’t look so good either. Ray on the other hand was strong and held a confused expression.

“I don’t think it’s even started yet.”




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