The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


11. Chapter 10

I sat with a sulk at our dining table. Today was Friday, our day to rest, or like some other people were doing; to have fun. I’d felt drained after coming back from our ‘mission’ in which our team most likely failed. I’d saw the damage on my team members, and it was nothing to be proud off, we’d lost and we knew it. We would get the results back later on in the day. As for Justin he came in early in the morning, he’d most likely gotten lost and a team was sent out to retrieve him. Serves him right, I thought smugly.

I stirred my spoon in repetitive circles in my dull bowl of cereal that now resembled mush of sorts, and I knew I wouldn’t be eating it any time soon. Layton and Blake had left over an hour ago at about quarter past 11 to play some football, and Justin had left early to do whatever he wanted to do, I didn’t stop to ask.

“No Russell, I’ll see you later tonight ok? I’m hanging about with Nadia today! Ok, I’ll see you soon. Bye.” Emily finished her phone call with Russell. Emily felt the need to keep me company, despite my failed attempts at convincing her I wanted to be alone and that she should go have fun. I wanted to stay in my room today; I didn’t even feel the need to practise for the upcoming trials/tests everyone had seemed to forget about. Maybe they were over confident, maybe they had just simply forgotten, but I definitely hadn’t. I was still questioning whether to try, to have some confidence in beating Justin, or to purposely fail, to take my chance in gong home, if that’s what the consequences were. I loved home and all, but I did I really want to risk it? Home might not even be the end result; it might be something completely worse... but let’s be realistic! What really could happen? Being home seems like the only realistic result, but since when, coming to this school has life been realistic? It narrows down the answer none at all.

With that in thought my frown deepened. “Nadia, what’s on your mind? You seem a little out of it.” Emily asked softly, walking over to me, laying her pink phone down on the table, as she dragged a seat out and sat down.

“it’s just, since that gathering outside the other day, you know, when they told us about when we are going to get tested on our skills and how we are getting on and all, and also about the fact that the weakest won’t be coming back to TPP. Think about it for a second! Half of us will be gone by Monday!” I began out quiet then became louder as my emotions began to show.

Emily seemed to think about this for a second, and then it also hit her like a hammer to a coconut. “That means it’s either me or Russell...” she trailed off thinking more and more into it.

I looked at her furrowed brows and knew she was growing increasingly upset. “Emily! Try not to think about it too much! I know you’re hurting... but there’s bound to be a way around it...” I tried to convince her, but it was more like convincing myself.

“One of us is getting sent away either way Nadia, there is no way around it...” she spoke while becoming increasingly interested in the little speck of dirt on the table. “He’s better than me in all of this stuff, I’m getting sent away and we know it.” She told me, her voice eerily calm. She didn’t look at all bothered, she only wore her ‘I’m not at all bothered’ face, which for sure made me a little weary.

“Emily, please, don’t think like that... maybe you should go see Russell and talk it out with him. If he has figured it out, I’m sure he’s in a worse state than you. Go talk to him.” I pushed her to leave and see him. Talking it out with him might make her feel a little better with herself.

She looked up at me, her eyes shone with an emotion I had yet to see on her face. Even through the mission, even through arriving here, I hadn’t seen this on her face; she was scared.

“I’ll feel guilty if I see him.” She mumbled as she stood from her chair forcefully sending it backwards onto the tile flooring with a smash, as she walked quickly from the kitchen most likely to go to our room, or somewhere private. I was going to leave her to her thoughts.

I sighed and stood from the chair I sat on, as I bent over to pick up the tipped over chair Emily had shoved out the way in her hasty exit and placed it up right. Everything was so messed up... I was still coming to terms with having powers of sorts. It’s not every day you wake up and you can shoot fire from your palms, control wind, water, and earth also like it’s a second language. Over practise comes skill and over skill comes everything else you could imagine. If I mastered all my powers, I could do anything I wanted, I’d be unstoppable.

I had managed to control fire, it was easy enough, I had realised that fire was easier to control with anger, although too much could make it unpredictable. Once you ignite the fire, as I was taught, you put all your feelings into it. I’d been practising for the other elements, and yet I’d only mastered one more; wind. It was easily enough controlled, it being one of the easiest elements. No emotion needed to be used for this and only ones concentration could come I handy. I remembered just yesterday during our elemental control class, I and Ray had both finished up early, and we’d decided to do something useful, and that led to both of us being able to control wind. I think it drained us both and from then in our classes we’d had together after, we both looked drained, and not at all happy like we both usually looked like.

The genius/savant power was something that came without realising it. It was more of a natural power than anything. The ability to remember much more than normal humans was very useful, and the amount of information you can remember varies between people, and I guess practise will make your ability longer and better. I can remember up to 30 numbers at the most. Words I’m not too sure off, their longer than numbers most of the time I suppose so for that it will be less, maybe 20 or so. Moving onto mind control, I was having none of that, my ability to control another’s mind was better than my chances of escaping this school. It was a flat out zero all around. As for athletics it also came naturally, but can be built up over time to reach further than natural limits. I was faster than Blake in running, but that was because of wind resistance and my smaller frame, where as he was stronger than me by unbelievable amounts, we evened out fairly by succeeding in each other’s failures. Shape shifting was as bad as my mind control, maybe not as bad, but it was bad. So far I could change my index finger, but only half of it. What my finger changed into? It didn’t. So far the colour had changed to purple, and back again, but progress any further has been a fail.

My days as an ultimatum at this school were numbered.


Justin had barged into the dorm room sometime after 1:00 and demanded I come with him. His usual emotionless exterior was replaced with a variety emotions and just the few I had picked out shown me it must off been something important, Nervousness and fear.

“They’ve requested both me and you come down to the basement room 10.” He told me without meeting my eye.

I raised an eyebrow. “I suppose this is it...” I sighed. Emily had came from our room and sat with me in the living room until now. Emily sad expressions came upon her face once more; she’d only just forget the fact that anyone of us could be gone by Monday. Emily gave me a long lasting frown, her eyes signalling her sorrow, and displeasure of the thought of me leaving instead of Justin.

“Yeah, this is it, time for me to get you kicked out of here...” Justin grumbled under his breath, but unlucky for him I overheard. My nose twitched in anger, but I thought better of hurting him like I wanted to do much.

I stood from my seat and walked fast to the door, shoving shoulders with Justin as hard as I could. “Just take me to this basement room Justin...” I growled with frustration. I wanted to be around Justin the least amount of time possible.

I opened the unlocked door and pushed myself out into the hall way. Many other people were coming from their dorms, or already had left and were meters from reaching the stair well doors; Ray was half way down this part of the hall with another person who I recognised as Cindy, the second UK ultimatum.

“Seems all the ultimatums are being called down at once...” Justin said out loud, I knew he hadn’t intended too or at least to me anyway. He walked faster than me and took the lead, following everyone else to the basement rooms.

To get to the basement rooms, just as I’d been taken by Emily before, was down the stairwell. Once you reach the bottom floor, the level with all the classes on it, there’s a door, which leads to one more set of stairs, which then goes to the basement rooms.

I moved fast to keep up Justin’s quick strides as he followed everyone else down the stairwell, down the average sized steps, and down onto the bottom floor. Everyone who came down this way passed through the door towards the basement rooms. It all seemed everyone was headed in the same direction. All towards room 10, I hadn’t ever been in room ten, but I probably have passed it before, seeing as I had been all the way down and back up this corridor that day with my dorm and the UK dorm.

People ahead were pushing to get into this one room, that room I imagined to be room 10. Justin passed through the door and I followed curiously. Not that I had any choice in following or not. I wondered exactly what would happen after this, after all that might happen in here, what’s in it for those who don’t ‘pass’ their standards?

The door slammed behind me, and I knew all the ultimatums, all 20 of us were now here. Now looking over everyone, 40 didn’t seem like much right now.

“Sit!” shouted a loud voice, the voice so strong, I wanted to do as he said to avoid punishment, which his voice indicated, he wouldn't hesitate to use. Immediately everyone around us sat down in an instant and I followed suit a little after. “You probably have all probably figured out by now why you are here, but for those of you who are a little slower...” he trailed off. “This is your testing round, the one that will determine if you are able to keep up at this school. Your results will be compared with the other person of the same power in your group, one will stay, one won’t... and trust us when we say, you don’t want to be sent away, so try you will, the best we hope.” The man was Mr. Davidson the head master; he was surrounded by teachers who specialised in various subjects, some of them the teachers who taught me, some looked foreign; perhaps these were the teachers that taught pupils of other languages.

Just on that thought, one by one, people who looked foreign from the staff team began to speak in their language to those who needed translation. I had grown accustomed to the different languages I hear now, at first it was confusing, and strange, but now I was ok with it, no perfect, but ok. It taken a good few minutes for the message to get to everyone, there being a good few different languages around the school, like Chinese, Spanish, German, and a few more.

“We have five stations, one for each power, and once you get there, you state your name to one of the staff members, and then you proceed to show them what you can do with that certain power.” He shouted “everyone from the Chinese, Japanese, Iran, Russia, and Egyptian group, go to station B” he announced loudly as about 10 people got up from the floor and went to station B which looked like the elements station.

“Everyone from the UK, the USA, Sweden, Canada, and Ireland group go to station A!” he shouted over the chatter that broke between one another, as people grew anxious, excited, and perhaps fearful. My emotions were a mix of them all. I looked ahead to were station ‘A’ lay, the bold letter on a piece of paper propped up facing in my direction. On the very long table, lay paper, pens, a monitor of sorts and a few clip boards. Teachers began to walk from where the cluster of staff stood and go to their assigned stations. I noticed my military tactics teacher was here – Mr. Brent. He made his way to station A, the one I was assigned to along with a few other teachers I hadn’t seen before.

The table had ten chairs on ones side and five on the other, just enough for all of us. I sat down on my chair and placed my hands on the cool metal of the table.

“You may have figured it out by now that this is the genius trait table. Some of you may know me and the staff behind me, but for those who don’t, I’m Mr. Brent and teach military tactics, that’s miss Gordon, and teaches computing, to my left is Mr. French who teaches mind control and to my right is Mr. Kirk, who works as an assistant on days he’s needed in the fire rooms. And finally this is Miss Wright who teaches computing also.” He finished introducing everyone, and his face visibly hardened. “Now down to the actual business. Today we will take you around the stations, as you are all English speak as are we. Today we are to test you in the five different powers as you all well know, at this station, we test you in your memory, we test your knowledge... there will be one teacher per two of you, that will test you both at the same time, now you may begin” he told us, in a sort of mini speech He tend to do a lot.

We were already seated, and the teachers eventually took their seats too. Miss Wright sat in front of me and Justin, and the others I didn’t pay enough attention to care. 

“the rules are simple, pick up your sheet in front of you and pick up a pencil, I will call out 40 numbers and you write as many as you remember all in order. Basically the first person to get one wrong looses, presuming one of you will get one wrong, but we hope not,  but of course you won’t know if you’re wrong until I check it which won’t be until tomorrow. Don’t think of cheating, I will know.” She warned us as I picked the paper from in front of me and wrote my name at the top.

“Let’s begin...” she sighed as she began writing numbers down as she called them out.


“Your defence is weak! Is that all you can do!? Is that all you’ve got!?” shouted Miss Wright. We were in the last section for us, which happened to be elemental control. I’d explained I couldn’t do earth nor water, she shrugged and said ‘that’s not my problem’ and continued to shout at us to fight each other.

At this section two teachers sat at the table, which the rest pared up with the other from the same group and fought it out with each other until one landed on the ground using only our elemental power. 

“That Jason kid over there’s lacking strength on his lower calf. Its shaking, weak spot, am I right?” asked what sounded like the whispering voice of Mr. Brent, who was sitting at the table grading us all, with another teacher, while three others stood around the pairs of us fighting to make sure no one was cheating and to push us to our furthest. 

“Yes Paul, but I also believe his names Justin...” Mr. French replied, as he scribbled something onto his clipboard. No one else seemed to of heard them... and like a light bulb went off in my head I realised it was my individual power... my enhanced hearing. I forgot they didn’t know about that...

I looked at Justin who had developed a pretty intimidating fire ball in his left hand and in his lowered left he was brewing up quiet a storm with water coming from all direction from wherever Justin was taking it from and wind was also mixed into it making it look lethal if it were to hit you. Justin’s sadistic grin told me he was enjoying the fact he had power over me, and the fact I could only use two elements seeing as I didn’t know how to use the rest.

I looked to his lower calf and right enough he was shaking ever so slightly, a definite weak spot. I did an internal happy dance before thinking through a plan. I placed a hand behind my back, and concentrated on making a fire ball of sorts, thinking of how much I wanted to hurt Justin. My leg had several scorch marks and I had a burn on my lower arm, and this was time for payback.

I felt my finger set alight with fire, only on the tip of my finger. It still confused me how I didn’t get burned from the flame that was on my finger, but I would save that question for later. I grinned as I slowly pulled my finger from behind my back.

You know when you get a very small cut, like a paper cut, and it stings so much more than a bigger one? Well I was hoping that would apply to this, I thought as I swiftly pulled my hand from behind my bag and purposely loosing my concentration sending the flame from my finger and in the direction I had pointed – directly at Justin’s calf; his weak spot.

He screamed in pain. He was yet to get a direct mark on me, so far he’s only succeeded in scuffing off the sides. I’d hit him first, directly where he was shaking, probably from nerves, or from tiredness.

He fell to the ground his good knee first as he held his hands over the small burnt mark on his leg. It shouldn’t be anything serious.

“Out!” shouted Miss Wright, looking at Justin and me. Our round was finished; I’d made him fall to the floor.

“I wasn’t expecting that at all...” Mr. French told Mr. Brent, my ears picking up on their conversation. “She spotted his weak spot and she aimed with perfect line up.” He whispered to Mr. Brent, loud enough for Mr. Brent to hear them over all the noise, but almost guaranteed no normal person, or as normal as you’d get at this school, to hear them.

“Yes, she did...” Mr. Brent spoke, but sounding ... out of it.

I looked around at the other pairs still fighting. The Canadian, Irish, and Swedish people I didn’t know, and how the Swedish speak English is beyond me... all I can guess is that it’s a second language... the UK group on the other hand...

I looked about the pairs and saw Cindy and Ray fighting it out, Ray was using fire as his main tactic and I could see and Cindy was using water. Ray should know better... I was betting on Cindy to win, in my mind water would always beat fire, no matter how hypocritical that may sound seeing as I did the exact same thing.

“You guys can go.” Miss Wright snapped me from whatever else I was doing. I spun on my heal to face her. She looked just as tired as I felt; although she’s technically not done even half of we’d done, seeing as she hadn’t used her powers, if she had powers.

“When do we get the results?” asked Justin, hanging behind, most likely desperate to rub his triumph in my face as soon as he could. Maybe my little stunt at the end could have pulled me through... maybe. At all the other stations it was looking like Justin was beating me by miles. In shape shifting, I’d transformed half my finger blue, it came to a shock seeing as id only ever managed purple before, but just as predicted, Justin turned his whole arm rainbow in swirls of colour’s was jealous to say the least. When we reached mind control I’d told them I couldn’t do anything at all, and that it was a lost cause, but Miss Wright persisted, and I tried to do something. I’d projected emotions into her brain without knowing it and for that she gave me a glance which I hopefully read right as ‘well done’, and as far as beating Justin goes, that’s as far as it went when Justin failed to do anything in that station. 

Miss Wright looked up from her clip board and for a second paused from her job of giving her opinions about the other people to answer Justin’s questions. “You’ll get them by tomorrow if everything goes to plan and everything is on time. Everyone who has failed against the other will be gone by Monday, so it will be before then.” She nodded her head at the two off us and began scribbling on her clipboard again as she jotted down notes, looking up frequently to study the pupils.

Justin nodded his head and faced me. He smirked for a second. Not a smirk as in a playful smirk, no, this one was almost sadistic, the only sort of expression I see on his face nowadays. “Hear that Nadia? You’ll be gone by Monday, along with that chic Emily... you can go home and be normal again like none of this ever happened.” He sneered. “You’ll be normal and unimportant Nadia, sitting at home or once you’re old enough going for a job, but over all, you know none of that will ever be as superior to this. You’ll regret ever crossing me, and you know it.” He laughed at the end, but winced also, the burnt patch on his leg being shaken. There was a hole on his jeans, and blood was slowly starting to seep through them.

He looks down the up in almost an instant and glared. “You know I will get revenge...” he growled from the distance he was at, his eyes holding such hatred I was almost scared of him.

“You know I could have done a lot worse Justin, I held back. Knowing you’ll fall from such a weak blow only boosts my confidence... you’re pathetic!” I sneered, taunting him with my laughter. 

My voice seemed to draw attention, and as soon as my laugh passed my lips Miss Wright, some other teachers and a few pupils whipped their head in almost sync with each other to look at the fuss in our direction. Just then Justin began to advance on me his shoulder shaking with anger.

“Hey! Lay off Justin! You really want to go around hitting a girl?” shouted a voice that was getting closer; it was male and rather deep. I was for sure it was Ray.

Justin stopped immediately, his fingers were prickling with red and orange flames as his anger seeped into his head. “Stay out of this Ray...” he growled, his eyes blazing.

Ray took several long strides in his direction his expression looking deadly and serious. I sighed at their behaviour, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with any trouble, my tiredness from this morning was catching up to me, the litres of coffee I drank was wearing down, the caffeine buzz I’d given myself was slowly fading.  Ray stood dangerously close, almost chest to chest.

“You hurt her and I’ll break you!” Ray told him in almost a whisper, and I was thankful for his protectiveness.

Jason looked Ray up and down, visibly, his confidence shrunk as he realised in any physical fight, he’d stand no chance. Against Ray’s natural tall build, his strength shined and proven by the muscles he had to show for it, Jason knew he wouldn’t stand a chance with his average height and poor excuses for muscles.

Jason leaned back and peered up higher to stare a very tall Ray in the eyes. “I know your sort. Back home we’d call you a lolly pop boy, too damn groomed for their own good, and a sad excuse for a man!” he shouted at him, his finger this time lighting with stronger and more furious flames.

Ray narrowed both eyes in a glare. “And you think your any better?!” he shouted furiously, he quickly glanced in my direction, his eyes meeting mine for a second, his eyes soften, but he was still furious.

I glanced towards the teachers table and the other pupils. Everything was as if it had been put on pause. Everyone in this station was still and watching, the teachers making no move to break it up, or at least, till this second they hadn’t made a move.

Miss Wright seemed to realise this was probably leading to a fight, she took a step forward and glanced at the two, frowning disapprovingly. “Boys, I’d rather you sort this out in your own time, otherwise I will have to fail you both...” she spoke up, as she switched gaze between me, Jason, and Ray giving us all disapproving looks.

Jason breathed out slowly, backing away tiny steps at a time and the fire that was blazing from his finger tips slowed to nothing. “This isn’t over...” Jason growled before he turned hastily and shoved shoulders with me on his exit. He seemed to be doing this often.

As soon as Jason left the room, Ray visibly relaxed. He taken the few steps needed to meet me, as he raised his arms and circled them around my waist. “Don’t let him hurt you, you’re stronger than him and you know it.” He mumbled into my hair, pulling back taking his arms from around my waist, and the warmth that was once there disappeared as Ray disappeared also, back to his testing that he had stepped out of risking everything to protect me. I could never repay him.

Miss Wright gave me a look that told me to scram before she really does make me regret being born. She gave me a vibe that she was that type of person, and would not hesitate.

I took her unspoken advice and left as quickly as I could.



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