The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


2. Chapter 1

"Well, I guess this is your plane," my dad said, offering a sad smile as he pulled me into a hug. As we held each other, I couldn’t help but grumble about the importance of this academy. One day I was attending normal high school, next I was shipped off to some stupid academy. Literally.
My parents didn’t seem fond of the idea, but they didn’t outright protest it either. They more or less pack my bags for me. Personally, I didn’t like it either, but the idea seemed to grow on them.
Yesterday after everyone left they quickly filled a small suitcase and I made them promise not to turn my room into an office or a personal gym. That sounded just like them. My parents laughed it off as a joke but it didn’t feel like a joke to me.
"I guess this will be good for your education, going to this academy and all,” my mom said, trying to make light of the situation as we stood amidst the airport chaos.  Her eyes were glazed over with the hint of tears but she held them well. To her, I was always going to be her ‘baby girl’ and being sent away to some far off academy wouldn’t change that.
I had already told Yasmin I was going. Of course she’d cried – when wouldn’t she? – And after she’d gotten over it, she tried to cheer me up by talking about all the new things. She also pointed out how absurd and abrupt it all was. I had to agree – it was something my parents were failing to see.
Something must have called over the PA system that caused my mom to usher me to the gate. Everything seemed to pass so quickly. It was all too fast to handle. I wanted to beg them to let me stay, not to force me onto that plane and off into possibly another country – because amongst all this suspicion, my parents didn’t seem in the least bothers that nowhere on the letter did they specify what city – what country – my new school would be in. 
"I guess we won’t see each other for the next few months, I hope you have a good time,” mom said, patting my shoulder and signalling me towards the woman by the gate who stared at us expectantly. Her bottom lip jutted out like she was going to cry. She suddenly turned away and raised her arm to her face. "I’m sorry, I just-," she stopped herself and flicked a look at both of us over her shoulder. Mom then rushed off in the opposite direction, back from where we’d came. Home.
Dad sighed. "Your mom will be fine,” he reassured. He smiled lightly and patted my back like my mom had and pushed me in the direction of the gate. “Now off you go. Have a good time, and be polite.”
This would be my first time on a plane. My family and I liked staying close to home. I’d always had a passport just in case, luckily. I heard, as I moved, the crinkle of paper in my pocket – the one that told us where to go in the airport, and the one we had to hand over before we boarded. It was all written in gibberish – at least, that’s what it might as well have been written in for all it meant to me.
I remembered reading the instructions yesterday. A small section had the word ‘location:’ like it were going to tell us where the mysterious academy actually was. Beside it, it read ‘unspecified’. My parents must be mad if they were actually going to let me leave.
 “Are you boarding the T.P.P plane?” The woman at the desk asked, a smile on her small face.
I nodded sharply and tossed a look over my shoulder at my father who stood watching. 
She opened her mouth to speak and asked, “Do you have the letter?” I tried to hand it over, but it looked more like I was throwing it as it floated a little before she finally got a hold of it. She coughed to herself and looked it over. She narrowed her eyes and typed whatever it was from the paper into a computer in front and nodded back at me.  “That’s it, then. Have a nice flight,” she said, smiling sickeningly as she signalled towards what looked like a jetway – one of those tunnels to board a plane.
Each step I took, the further my father got. Soon enough he was out of sight and the penny seemed to drop. I wouldn’t be seeing my parents for a good while and I was already beginning to miss them.
My first step into the plane had me welcomed by a stewardess who ushered me down a small aisle. The plane was smaller than I’d have thought. The plane was whiter than I’d have thought.
It resembled a flying hospital – pure dazzling white walls and cream leather seats with similar fabric curtains. My gaze flickered everywhere until I finally decided to take my seat – half way up the aisle – suitcase still by my side.
I wasn’t sure how planes worked, but wasn’t luggage weighed and taken from you when you boarded? All I needed to do was hand over a piece of paper.
At that thought I remembered my passport. I patted my leg gently and found it still there. They hadn’t asked for my passport either.
Mid thought, I tucked my legs under me and frowned. I didn’t even bring my phone with me – the letter specified no electronics allowed, period.
 Suddenly, a voice came at me from across the small plane. "You know... if you do that, the academy isn’t going to be impressed.” My head snapped around searching for the source of the voice. My eyes met the sight of a strawberry blonde girl, skinny and small. She reminded me of Yasmin.
"The academy?" I echoed, realising she had that New York accent.
She nodded. "Yeah, I think they own the jet.” That didn’t surprise me. “Wouldn’t want to ruin it, it looks pretty smart,” she said, grinning so large I didn’t think her face could contain it.
"It sure is,” I agreed. "Are you going to the academy too?" She had to be.
"I guess so. I’m Emily,” she greeted. "I’ve been on this plane for a few days. It’s been horrible. They let us off in Georgia about twelve hours ago, though.”
I imagined she was one of many attending this academy, but looking around I didn’t see many other people.
"Well it’s nice to meet you, Nadia!” She chirped warmly. “I think you’re the twelfth and last to get on, so I guess the next stop is the academy. Isn’t that fun?” Emily muttered sarcastically, rolling her eyes.
I was so full of questions. Ridiculous questions aimed at my parents, aimed at this ‘academy’, aimed at myself. Emily was just as clueless as I was, right? “Shouldn’t there be more people here?”
Her hand gestures were all over the place. "At first I was thinking the same but now I don’t see the point in stressing over it. I’m just going to wait for answers, instead of asking too many questions.” At least Emily seemed like she had common sense. “You want to sit over here with me?” she asked, patting the seat beside her just a few meters to my left.
"Sure,” I agreed, lifting up my small single suitcase. I sat myself on her row, right beside her. Noise began to travel down the aisle and I was suddenly aware of the others on the plan. All twelve of us.
A quiet buzz enveloped us as we sat in silence.
"How’s Nevada?" Emily questioned, breaking the silence.  "I’ve never travelled far in my life and suddenly in the past few days I’ve travelled so far. It’s so weird. And such great timing too, I had to be away for my birthday." she huffed drastically.
"It's alright. Not much to do that interests me, but isn’t it like that everywhere?" I lightly laughed. “It was my birthday yesterday, actually. Ours must be quite close.”
"New York’s the same, it’s over rated... all these tourists come and go to see the museums and statues, but I’ve seen it all before and it gets a little boring," she told me with a sigh. “And same here, 5th of November. I got my gifts early.” Her smile faltered a little and feel quiet. It was obviously something she didn’t want to talk about.
I smiled at the coincidence and could tell we’d be good friends. "I guess you’re happy you’re escaping?" I asked Emily, deciding not to mention her birthday which she obviously felt upset about.
"Sure am!" and as fast as that, she was smiling again.
I tried to continue the conversation which had begun to fade. "Although Nevada’s a bore at times, I still love it," I explained, "I’m going to miss home."
The silence couldn’t be helped, but unexpectedly it wasn’t as bad as I thought.
A voice erupted over the over-head speakers and interrupted that. "We will take off in five minutes time, please put on your seat belt."
Excited chatter played around us and the clicking of seat-belts being connected reached my ears. Doing as asked, butterflies tingled in my stomach. It was an opportunity to experience something new. At least I was thankful for that.
The plane raised slowly, my shock too apparent to let me speak. Emily beside me yawned, obviously not fazed, and plugged in her ear phones.
I could only slightly hear Emily’s music. She began to sing quietly to herself, her voice was light and sweet. It was unique but good.
"You’re really good at singing." Emily was lacking one headphone, she heard me just fine.
She smiled gently to herself and looked embarrassed as she looked down at her lap. "Thanks, four years of stage school does that to you.” Her smile began to waver, not knowing where to look. She played with her hands nervously and put away her headphones.
"You didn’t want to be on Broadway?" I asked, surprised by her sudden change in attitude.
Immediately she began to explain herself. "Oh, no… I really wanted to be on stage, singing musicals and dancing and getting accepted into Julliard… But this academy is my future now. Unless this school has a performance program, I can’t see myself being accepted into Julliard. I can’t attend dance classes while here, I can’t do anything like I once wanted to do,” she explained, suddenly appearing quite upset about it all. Suddenly, she gained a smile. “I have you now, though!”
I stared speechless, trying to think of a way to reply but couldn’t find the words. This was probably the first time I’d made a friend so quick.
"We are friends aren’t we?" Emily asked, obviously taking my silence the wrong way.
I coughed in surprise. "What? Yeah, of course!" I reassured her. "I know how you feel… Although I haven’t really had to give up anything… I have you now too.” She grinned back excitedly like a cute little bunny and clapped her hands a few times.
A static buzz came from the over-head speakers again. "All passengers can now take off their seat-belts,” someone announced.
Emily already had hers off and unplugged mines, pulling me up to my feet. I felt like I had whiplash as she put her arm through mines and pulled me along down the aisle quickly, just in front of what sounded like an elephant heard behind us. This girl certainly wasted no time.
"Where are we going?" I giggled at her as her cheeks became flushed and she started to become out of breath.
“Well,” she began to explain, “An expensive plane like this has some benefits,” she said as she slid a door to the side revealing a similar looking room to the others on this plane… minus the seats.
She let my hand go and did a run jump and landed on the cream coloured couch which appeared to be the rooms centre point, surrounded by various colours that attacked my senses. The floor was carpeted a royal blue, the walls were white, though. The couch being cream had a mahogany coffee table opposite just before a white framed TV mounted on the wall with a wall bracket.
"Pinch me. We’re still on the plane, right?” I asked in wonder as I studied the multiple modern gadgets around the room that must pose some sort of hazardous threat.
The TV switched on and Emily held the remote in her hand, smirking in my direction. "Now I get to watch what I want!" Emily declared, as if she’d never got that chance before.
I took this time to have a better look at my surroundings as I sat beside Emily. The curtains were silky, embroidered with a cursive script reading ‘TPP’- their logo? Maybe. The corner of the couch had a similar marking reminding me this academy probably had money to burn. Whose money, though?
I turned back to the TV and saw a documentary channel. I wouldn’t have pinned Emily as someone who watched them, but maybe she had the looks and mental ability. She certainly was unique.
"Damn it!" A voice came from behind. There stood two taller guys, similar in age to us.
"Oh! Hey Blake, hey Layton." Emily to each, telling me who was who.
I looked at them for a fraction of a second to take in their looks; Blake had a strong jaw line, a widow’s peak hairline barely visible through his thick tuffs of black hair. Layton was blonde and reminded me of a stereotypical Californian surfer. They both wore boyish styled clothes that suited their builds.
"You must be the last one," Layton said, welcoming me as he approached my side of the couch.
Blake strolled over behind him and glanced at the TV. "What is it with you and discovery channel?" He asked, complaint clear over his face.
She shrugged, too busy absorbing facts that she couldn’t talk. The discovery channel was not my thing. I laughed at the antics and tried to be sociable.
"So Layton and Blake, where are you guys from?" I questioned, realising they at least weren’t from around here.
"California," Layton replied, solidifying the surfer dude stereotype.
“Georgia," Blake answered once Layton finished. "And you are from Nevada," he said, stating the obvious.
"Nevada," I confirmed with a nod, settling into Emily’s side. I poked her in the arm to get her attention. "Emily," I called. I repeated this a few times, and eventually she turned to me, annoyed. Layton and Blake had become distracted, absorbed in a conversation about soccer.
 “Are we going to be sitting her all day, Emmy?” I asked restlessly, not sure what to do.
"Emmy…” She mumbled. She repeated it a few times, testing it on her tongue before I got her approval. “I like that,” she replied with a smile, ignoring my question. She reached for the remote and threw it to the boys, who had pretty good reflexes and appeared to catch it without looking. My mouth probably fell open.
I raised an eyebrow at them as they began fighting for the remote. I ignored their bickering and turned to Emily who seemed amused by their argument.
Shaking her head, Emily decided to intervene. “Guys, if you are just going to fight, give it to Nadia or something!"
That stopped them. Layton’s head turned in her direction with a confused expression etched on his face. "Who’s Nadia?" Layton asked.
Emily became agitated. "Her!” she screamed, pointed her index finger inches close to my face.
Layton and Blake burst into laughter, soon followed by Emily. Even I couldn’t help the laughter as we laughed together about what appeared to be nothing. Maybe this academy wouldn’t be that bad… Especially if these people would be around.
The door to the entertainment room slammed against the wall, sending vibrations through the small room. "What the hell is with all this noise?" shouted a new voice. I was surprised the door didn’t break.
"Hey, Candy," Blake groaned. He obviously didn’t like the petite girl wearing the red and black plaid shirt.
"Don’t groan at me!" she whispered violently, "and shut the heck up!" she yelled as she stormed away again, her furiously ginger hair swishing with her, refusing to close the door.
For such a small person, she had such a loud voice.
"That’s Candy," Emily explained in a monotone. Well she didn’t like her either.
"She’s from Texas, doesn’t like anyone of us here, had to be dragged to the plain by security," Layton elaborated. Candy sounded like fun.
"Security?" I repeated.
Blake nodded. "Apparently it’s compulsory if you got an invite." Blake shrugged, his eyes crinkling at the corners as his lips lifted.
“They can’t make you do that, they’re not the government!” I reasoned, finding it beyond stupid.
I remembered how intimidating it was when I got my invite - I was scared, no, terrified. I didn’t want to go, but after an hour or so I came to my senses. My parents wanted me to go, so I couldn’t argue with that, could I? I had to do what they thought best. I could get good qualifications, go to good college. My future could be changed forever. "Well I guess it sucks if you don’t want to go then, huh?" I said.
Blake replied soon after, "I didn’t want to go but I thought about it and maybe it would do my grades some good.” He smiled to himself as memories and thought began to turn in his brain. "I want to go to this university back in Georgia but I need to get better grades. This school could be my turning point.”
I nodded, understanding exactly where he was coming from. We had to prepare for our futures.
The static buzz from twice before began. "Please will all passengers return to their seats.”
I didn’t want to, but it wasn’t like I had much input in that.
Around me, Layton, Blake, and Emily got up and tidied a few things away. As they made it for the door, Emily turned back and signalled me to follow. “Come on!” I didn't need to be told twice.


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