The Gate

Camilla thought everything was normal, nothing more than a struggling writer who had long since given up her career as a detective. Then her brother is brutally murdered and suddenly 30 year old Camilla is pulled back into a world she thought she had escaped two years ago. Little does she know that HE wants her and that HE will do nothing to get his prize.


2. Chapter One: Brian

I walked out of the editors office trying to hold back my rage. The editior had been far more rude than any editor I had come in contact with. He had not only insulted my writing, but the fact that  I was a woman and young. I slammed the car door with a jerk and jammed my keys into the engine. Suddenly there was a knock on my window and I looked up to see a fairly young man with coal black hair and a suit. I noticed the badge peeking out of his pocket and rolled down the window. 

"What do you want sir?" I asked trying not to sound to hostile, although sometimes my temper got the better of me. "Hi, I'm Brian Craft. I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute. I have a few questions" I nodded "Shoot away" 

"Well I need to ask you in a more private place. Maybe my office? its just up the street." I sighed and got out of my car, closing the door behind me. 

I followed him to a large office building, all the people inside were wearing business suits and a could hear phones ringing in every inch of my head. How could anyone stand to work in this racket. 

His office was much quieter and I breathed a sigh of relief as he closed the door. I took a seat in front of his prestigous oak desk and glanced about as he rifled through a file cabinet. 

" This, Miss Jones is a picture of Henry Jones" he said slapping a picture down on the desk in front of me. "He was murdered two days ago in his apartment on East Ridge Road. Being his sister I figured  you would like to know" I opened my mouth in shock as I saw the mutilated pictures of my brother that lay before me. I had never liked him much, but family was family.

Brian watched me closely, his blue eyes seemed to see right into my soul. "How did it happen?" I managed to choke out. "He was duct tapped to a chair and held still while a man carved a few words into his skull. Then he was decapitated by what we can figure is a simple ax for cutting trees." I looked at the pictures and as I read the words on his head I almost fainted. For carved in my brothers skull were six words,smeared with blood and hair "I will find you, Camilla Jones" 

Brian looked at me and I was sure he could smell the waves or fear that were flowing off of me."Do you know who did this?" I asked trying to keep my lunch from revisiting. " No, but we were hoping you could help us". 

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