The Gifted

Kassy is nothing special. She has no talent of any kind. She can't do anything. That's what she thinks until she accidently kills her mum's boy friend. She runs away and meets a boy called Jemie. Jemie tells her she's one of the gifted. A small group of children with incredible powers. Not long after they meet they are kidnaped by a gang who dedicate themselves to kidnaping The Gifted children and using them. Kassy has a plan to escape but will it work?


1. New Powers

I’m just a normal girl I’m nothing special. I have no special talents. I can’t sing, dance, acts, play sports, draw. I can’t do anything. That’s how I felt. That was before I found out I had The Gift. I guess you could say it started that rainy summer day. I was sat in the rain on the bench in the park with a plaque reading: In memory of Daniel Heeler. March 3rd 1977-June 5th 1991. I felt a bit of an idiot for not picking up my coat when I left. But I couldn’t stand spending one more minute with my mum’s boyfriend. I could see in the distance a group of boys from my school. They were the sort everyone is scarred of. They smoke, swear, do drugs, shop lift and one of them claims to have a girlfriend in college.  I don’t know if it’s true and I don’t care. I keep my head down so they don’t really notice me. But for some reason today they came right up to me. There were three of them. The biggest sat down next to me. “Hey there sexy. What you doin’?”

“Nothin’.” I mumbled scooting away. “Well why don’t ya do it with us eh.”

“No thanks.” I tried to get up but he grabbed my arm. “Come on we could have some fun. Just you and me.” His hands were reaching for my knee. I felt a familiar wave of fear rush through me.  It made my head spin and my heart pound. Through the haze I could see myself grabbing his face. My hands burned hot. All I could hear through the fear and rage was his bellows of pain. When my head cleared and I let him go I was faced by a horrible sight. His face was burnt where my hands had touched him. His friends were staring at me with a mixture of fear and anger on their faces. “What did you do you freak!” One of them yelled. “You’re gunna suffer for this.” The other one added. I just ran for it. I didn’t stop until I got home. “Where have you been?” Mum snapped. “Out.” I replied. “Out where?”

“To the park.”

“In the rain!”

“It was dry when I left.” She seemed to be looking me up and down. She’s always doing that. Judging me, criticising me. At least I don’t pick rubbish boyfriends like she does. Eventually she just turned and walked away. That’s the problem with my mum. One minute she’s yelling at me. The next she’s pretending I don’t exist. I ran up the stairs to my room. It’s a pathetic little cupboard room but mum won’t give me anything bigger. She let her boyfriend put his gadgets in the second bedroom even though it could all fit in here. Exhausted and confused I lay on my bed.  What had just happened? I stared at my hands trying to figure it out.  Did I really just do that? Did I really burn his face? After some time I heard mums boyfriend coming up the stairs. I waited for him to pass my door. Only for him to stop just outside.  I held my breath as he turned the handle. A tall figure stood in the doorway. “Hellooo Kassy.” He stumbled forward. I stayed sat on my bed glaring. The smell of booze was strong on him. And it’s not even nine o’clock yet. I thought. Pathetic. “Are you gonna great moui?”

“No!” he laughed. “C’mon don’t be shy.” All of a sudden he grabbed me. For the second time that day that feeling of fear rushed through me and my hands started to burn. But this wasn’t some random guy. He’d hurt me before and I wasn’t about to let it happen again. Struggling I grabbed hold of his throat. A deafening yell of pain erupted from him. I kept my hand there until the screaming stopped, and I felt something warm and wet on my hands. Slowly my heart racing I pulled my hand away. Gazing down I saw he was very still and his eyes wide open. Trembling I looked down at my hands. Blood! They were covered in blood. I clasped my hands over my mouth before the scream came out. I have to get away. Quietly I slipped past him and out into the hall. I peered into mum’s room and saw her fast asleep with her head phones on. Walking on tiptoe I snuck into the bathroom. Still shaking I washed and dried my hands. Then I snuck back into my room and packed a bag of things I’d need, before sneaking out the front door. I hadn’t been walking long when I ran into those boys. “There you are!” The one who had threatened me yelled. “Get her!” I ran as fast as I could. Just keep running they’ll tire eventually. I thought. “Yes but so will you.” I muttered. “And where will you go then? You can’t go home.” At that point a blue truck pulled up. I could see the driver, a boy not much older than me. His black hair was cut so his jagged fringe covered one eye. “C’mon get in.” not even thinking twice I threw the door open and leapt in. The boy drove away quickly.

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