The Gifted

Kassy is nothing special. She has no talent of any kind. She can't do anything. That's what she thinks until she accidently kills her mum's boy friend. She runs away and meets a boy called Jemie. Jemie tells her she's one of the gifted. A small group of children with incredible powers. Not long after they meet they are kidnaped by a gang who dedicate themselves to kidnaping The Gifted children and using them. Kassy has a plan to escape but will it work?


2. Jemie

“What’s your name?” I jumped. “What?”

“What’s your name?”

“Kassy.” He nodded. “Mine’s Jemie. Spelt like Jamie with an E instead of an A. I sniggered. “What’s so funny?”

“It’s a weird name.” Jemie glared at me. “You know I could off just left you back there.”

“I could of fought those boys.”

“Really and how?” I went to say something then stopped. “I don’t know.” Jemie sighed. “Never fight unless you have a plan of attack. Fight or Flight.” We sat in silence for a little longer before he drove to a stop outside an old Youth Hostel. “You can stay here tonight. Or you sleep in the truck I’m really not bothered.” I climbed out and followed him inside. He booked our rooms and paid. “Y’ didn’t have to do that.”

“I didn’t have to help you.” He replied coolly.


I was woken up at 3am by someone shaking me. “What!” I hissed when I saw it was Jemie. “Look I’m leaving. You can either stay or come with me.”

“What. It’s 3am.”

“I know.” I thought for a second. I barely knew this kid. But he had helped me and I couldn’t go home. “Ok wait a minute while I get dressed.”

“I don’t have a minute.” He muttered before leaving to stand outside. As quickly and quietly as I could I got dressed and brushed my hair. I found Jemie just outside the door taping his foot looking agitated. “C’mon.” he practically dragged me to the truck. “Excuse me but what is going on?” He sighed. “I’ll tell you when we stop.” After what felt like forever we came to a stop in a forest clearing. “Ok I guess it’s time I explained. Don’t be scared but I know what you did.”


“I know you killed your mum’s boyfriend. You shouldn’t blame yourself though.”

“How do you?”

“I’m like you. I’m one of the gifted.” I shook my head. “One of the what?”

“The Gifted. That’s what we call ourselves. I have the gift of mind reading. You have the gift of…”

“Burning people’s faces off.” He laughed. “Yeh something like that. Thing is there are men. Bad men. Who hunt the Gifted to use their powers for their own gain. That’s why I helped you. I could sense you were Gifted.” I kept shaking my head. “I’m not gifted. I can’t be. I’m no one.”

“You don’t have to be anyone special to be gifted. It just happens.” We sat in silence for a minute while I got my head around things. “Can you control your powers?”

“Yeh. It’s easier once you’re aware of it. Took me a while. At first I thought I was Schizophrenic.”

“How do I…” I was interrupted by a crack. “It’s not safe here.” Jemie turned the key only for the engine to make an odd noise. “No petrol.” He hissed. He gestured for me to wait. Pulled a bat out of his bag and climbed out.  I watched as he went to check the engine. It was just as he was bending down I saw them. “Jemie behind you!” I screamed.  Jemie spun round. He clutched his bat tighter. “Hello Jemie. Like to introduce your little friend.” One of the men jeered. He had a skinheads cut and a snake bight piercing. I could tell he was the leader of the 5 men by the way he stepped forward.  “You leave Kassy alone!” Jemie yelled. “Kassy eh? You know you’re a wanted girl Kassy. Police are looking for ya. Of cours I only know this because a ickle birdie told me.”

“What have you done with Birdie!” Jemie yelled. The men laughed. “Don’t worry. He’s safe. And he’ll stay that way if you come with us.” Slowly I climbed out. Fight or Flight like Jemie had said. Well Flight wasn’t an option. Not if it put someone in danger. “What are you doing?” Jemie hissed. “Fight or Flight.” I whispered in his ear. “Flight isn’t an option.”

“So we fight.”

“Yes but not right now. You saved me I want to return the favour.”

“And this is how you do it?” I ignored that last comment. The man was looking very smug. “Well that was easier than I thought. Cuff them.” Two of the men put cuffs on us before dragging us to a nearby clearing where a large black van and three motorbikes were parked. “C’mon. Let’s put these two with the rest.”

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