A girl that has a dark secret, can no longer keep it when her older brother comes back into town.. as things progress, and get worse and worse, he must face a decision that will not only affect her life but the one she loves..


1. Day 1

Author note: Hey guys, sorry it wont let me add my cover right now, but when it does ill do it asap! I am also going to apologize for any grammatical errors in this, and I am not the worlds best speller!!




Still.. and Silent, that is how the room was, there was nothing to be hear except for the breathing of a girl, Paige. Then all of a sudden the silence was replaced with screaming, and thrashing out I the open. She woke up, her eyes wide, breathing as if she had just got the wind knocked out of her.


 When she finally caught her breath, she started to get out of bed, and headed to her bathroom. She looked in the mirror, she was a little more paler then she was normally. She was a pretty girl, but there wasn't really anything special about her. She had long blonde, straight hair, that reached just under he breasts. Her eyes were  nice blue, that could be playful, and loving, but cold as ice within seconds. She had been told countless times how her eyes were so beautiful, but she never really did see it. She was short around 5'3. In a word she was cute, but not hot, guys wouldn't be tripping over eachother to get with her or anything.


Boom' A noise came from down the hallway. "Dad?" she said in a questioning voice, and waited for ten second, and didn't get a reply. She went back into her room, and grabbed her tennis racket. Her heart felt like it stopped beating as she got closer, and closer to the kitchen. Just before she was about to turn the corner a tall dark figure had turned the corner. As soon as he came around the corner she knew who it was, and within second had her arms wrapped around him. "Jason, I missed you so, so sooo, much" She pulled back from the hug only to see a smile spread widely across his face. She had forgotten how attractive he was, she only had to listen about him all day long.

He graduated two years ago, and was pretty much captain of every sports team, and prom king. Yeah he was one of those guys, the guy that every guy wished he was, ad the guy that every girl drooled over. He was a good looking guy, tall, dark skinned, and handsome, and all of the girls never shut up about it.  He was her big brother, the one that stood up for her, and he never let anything happen to her.

"Hey Paige" Another familiar voice said, as she heard footsteps walking up behind her. It was Niall Horan. A smile immediately came spreading across her face, and she couldn't help it. She hadn't seen either of them in two years, and she had always had somewhat of a crush on Niall.

He walked over to her, and hugged her, but just gently, not at hard as Jason's hug was.

"Hey I missed you guys!" She said looking at both of them.

"what happened to your arm?" Jason asked sounding really concerned.

"Oh I got hit with a baseball" She said lying right threw her teeth. Her lie wasn't believable, but they both went with it anyways.

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