Was it real or was it all in my head?

You have found the dream boy of your life and he is the reason of your smile on your face. You have such a good time together, you can't imagine your life without him. But one day he does very strange, he doesn't want to do fun things with you and also you can not look on his mobile anymore? What is going on here .. and was it real or.. was it al in my head?


2. What if..

- Justin


It's Jill's birthday and you wanna do something special. You have make breakfast for her, but she was not hungry. She wanna cuddle with you and watch movies. Well, that's ok? You loved that. 

''So.. wich movie you wanna see? A horror movie, or.. a romantic one? Maybe a comedy?'' You asked. ''Eh.. no horror please, I hate that!'' She answered. ''But babe, I'm here? I'm your superman you know? When you're scared, I'm here to save you! Yeahhhhh.. Superman Justin Bieber is taking over the world and he's gonna save her princess of the monsters and ghosts!'' You attacked her, and start to give her kisses on her belly, you know she loved that. ''Justin.. Stop, please!'' She was begging, but you keep going. ''Wait, im Justin who? Justin super....'' ''Man! Superman!! Now, stop please, I, I, this feeling.. It's so good.. but I just wanna watch a movie'' You stopped, but your going higher with your kisses and ended by her neck. ''Neckkisses? Is that okay? I just wanna give you kisses, I'm sorry..'' You said with a playfull tone. ''Hmmm.. Why not.. But after this we are gonna watch a movie okay? It's my birthday you know? We're gonna do what I wanna do ;)!'' 


You're smiling. She is the best thing that ever happened to you. I mean, look at her smile.. her eyes, her curves and lips.. She is perfect for me. Even more beautiful than Selena.. Hmm, Selena.. Wow. Justin stop. You're with Jill now, and you know, Selena don't want you anymore. Jill is more than perfect! But what if.. What if.. there's a collom about you with ''Justin spotted with Selena Gomez, again, are they a couple?'' Jill is gonna be flipped out And yeah, I think that I lose her then. But, I don't wanna lose her? Never. I wanna be with her, my whole life. I never thought that I can love a girl so much. My love for her is.. Endless. 


''Okay babe, now it's enough with the kisses I wanna watch a movie!'' Jill said. ''Yeah, of course, ehm I've got.. Let me see.. The hangover part III..'' ''Yeah, that's a good one!'' ''Haha, wait babe, and I've got.. Scary movie 5! Wooooow, that's a funny one. It's not that scary? But I know you don't wanna see it.. so, oh! And this one is nice too, The Notebook. It's so.. romantic! I think you love this one'' You said. ''Hmm.. Okay, let's watch it'' 







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