Living For Now

Bailey's dad is getting married to Jay Tomlinson, you guessed it, Louis Tomlinson's mom. It's a week before the wedding and Bailey has yet to meet the Tomlinson's. she's so frustrated with her dad. Then, days before the wedding, she gets kidnapped, but by who? Her step brother. She meets the guys, will she love? Will she cause a fight between the best of mates?


2. Meeting the Boys and Dress Shopping

"Your kidding right?"

"Nope," she says popping the 'p'. I just stand there for a moment, a blank look on my face. 

Then I put on the hoodie and ask, "where are the guys?"

"At their house," she says, "c'mon, you need to formally meet your stepbrother."

"Which one did I kick in the face?"


"Of course I kick my favourite one in the face," I say and she laughs. We walk to her car and she drives us to the guys house. We walk in and they are all asleep. I get a evil smirk on my face and look at Eleanor.  She smiles, walks to the kitchen, and comes back with five glasses of water. 

"I got Louis and Niall," I say walking upstairs. I peek in every room until I find Louis. I smirk as I walk up to him. I dump one of the glasses of water on  him and run to Niall's room quietly shutting the door. I put my back against the door and slide down. I look up and Niall is eating crisps, staring at me. 

"Um, hi," I say, laughing nervously. 

"Quick question, why are you in my room?" He asked taking a bite of crisps. 

"Well me and Eleanor came over and saw y'all were still asleep so we got water and when I dumped it on Louis I ran in here so he didn't find me," I say in one deep breath. He chuckles and looks into my eyes. 

"Well seems like your in quite a pickle," he says throwing away his crisps, "Louis always gets his revenge, he will find out it was you." I giggle and get up. 

"I'm Bailey by the way," I say. He smiles and wraps an arm around me. 

"Well Bailey, would you like some food?" He asks and I nod my head. 

"Yes! I'm sooooo hungry!" I yell. He chuckles and hands me a bag of crisps. 

"Nummy!" I shriek. He chuckles again and we sit on the bed and he turns on the telly to some football. I watch the game intensely while eating my crisps. I glance over and Niall is staring at me. I start blushing madly. 

"What?" I ask. 

"Nothing, it's, your just, really pretty," he says, blushing. I start blushing as Niall starts playing with my loose curls. I scoot closer to him and cuddle into his chest. Then it hits me. 

"Shit," I mumble into his chest. 

"What's wrong babe?" He asks.

"I'm supposed to go stupid dress shopping today so I can pick out a bridesmaid dress," I groan and bury my face deeper into his chest. 

"It's alright, me, Elle, and the guys can take you," he says. 

Niall's POV

"It's alright, me, Elle, and the guys can take you," I said. She looked up at me. 


I nodded my head, "yup, why don't we go right now?" I ask and she nods. We get up and I yell in the halls. 

"Get your arses up! We are taking Bailey dress shopping!" She giggles and we walk downstairs to see Elle and Lou making out. 

"Ew!" Bailey yelled, "Lou! Get a room!" I chuckle as they pull apart. 

Louis glares at Bailey then asks, "so we're taking my sister dress shopping are we?" She nods and after all the boys are up we head out. Elle takes us to this very fancy dress shop in London. Bailey moans as we get out causing everybody to laugh. We walk inside. 

"Alright, so my dress has to be black," Bailey says. Elle goes and picks out four dresses for Bailey, and drags her into the dressing room. She comes out in a skin tight, strapless, mid thigh, black dress. 

"I don't like it," Bailey, Liam, Zayn, and Louis say at the same time. We all laugh and she goes to change. Then she comes out in a corset top with a short poofy skirt. 

"Hate it," Louis says pushing her back in. I laugh at him. 

"What? She's still my sister and I need to protect her," he says. 

Bailey walks out, "Louis I'm fifteen, I don't need anybody to protect me, I can take care of myself." He sighs and walks off. This time she is in a skin tight, ankle length, long sleeved dress. 

We all shake our head and she goes back into the dressing room. This time she comes out in a black lace, sleeveless, dress with a poofy skirt with the lace that comes to her mid thigh. 

"I love it," I say and all the boys agree. 

"Alright, that only took an hour, thank god," Bailey says after we get out of the dress shop. We all laugh and we get into the car. 

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