No Ordinary Life


1. Chapter 1

I walk into the room. My dress shimmering in the light. It suddenly goes dead silent. Everybody is looking at me. I slowly walk down the stairs. I hear soft whispers. Nobody thought I would be here. Not tonight.

My name is Lovella Mitchell. I am 17 years old. I was born on June 27th in Miami, Florida. I live with my mom and six-year-old sister, Clarissa. I know you are most likely thinking that my parents got divorced. This however is not the case.

2 weeks earlier

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* I roll over and hit my snooze button. I can't believe I forgot to turn off my alarm clock. I pull my pillow over my head and fall back asleep. Not even five minutes later my little sister runs and jumps on my bed. "Wake up! Wake up!" she screams while jumping up and down on my bed.

I take the pillow of my head and give her a death glare. "Claire... why in the world did you wake me up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning?!?"

"Mommy said to come and wake you up. I am sorry." Tears then start to run down her cheek.

"No, no don't cry. It is okay. I am sorry for yelling." I hug her and wipe away the tears.

My mom then walks into my room. "Why are you still in bed? Did you forget what  today was?"

I give her a confused look. Then it clicks. Prom dress shopping! My mom has been looking forward to this ever since I told her the day of prom. "Oh... I totally spaced out. Give me half an hour and I will be downstairs."

"Alright. Your dad made you breakfast. Make sure you tell him thank you."

"Mmkay." I hug her and run into my bathroom. I turn my shower on and get in. A few minutes later I turn off the water and get out. After that I go to my closet. I shuffle through my jeans and pull out my favorite pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Then I sort through my shirts and choose a baby blue lace shirt with a black cami underneath.

After I got dressed I went back into my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and put on my makeup. Then I brushed through my tangled mess of curly, blonde hair.

I ran out of the bathroom and put on my sparkly, black vans. As I was walking down the stairs I tripped and fell. Luckily, nobody saw. I casually walked into the kitchen. "Good morning," I said.

"Good morning. Your plate is on the stove. Do you want orange or grape juice?" my dad asked.

"Grape please." I gave my dad a hug and sat down with my plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. "What time is my appointment?" I asked my mom.

"9:00. We will leave the house at 8 to make sure we get there in time," she said.

By time I had finished eating it was 7:35. I grabbed Clarissa's shoes and sweater.

"Goodbye Lovella. I will see you tonight at 5. Remember to make a reservation for your favorite restaurant. I love you," my dad said.

"Will do. Love you to." My dad then gave Clarissa and I hugs and he left. After that I took Claire to the car. Then we left.


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