Sarah is living a horrible life with her constantly drunk and abusive dad, one day she gets fed up and runs away. when she runs in to what looks like an angel, will things change for her or will her past haunt her?


1. it carries on...

Sarah's POV

"SARAH, COME ON YOU BITCH" shouted ben from the room next door, I stopped  calling him dad after I found out he killed my real dad (sam) and then my mum (leah). I started crying into my pillow, not knowing what to do, I knew if I never went in his room he would hit me but at the same time I knew he would hit me anyway...

Ben's POV

I waited for the little prick to walk through the door, she knew what was coming because I could hear her soft little whimpers. her mom was a slut just like her, shame I fell in love with her and killed that bastard sam just so I could be with her, I wanted her body and she fell for it. when she found out I killed sam she phoned the police so I killed her too and moved, dragging sarah with me so I had someone to please me.

"YOU KNOW WHAT I WILL DO, YOU GET THROUGH THIS FUKIN' DOOR RIGHT NOW!!" I yelled, sick of thinking about killing leah...

Sarah's POV

I heard him shout me again so I got out of bed and walked to his room, opening the door I could see ben in bed waiting for me to come, he got up and walked over to me with a nasty grin on my face,he whispered in my ear,"you my darling come straight away when I shout-" " I hate you" I shouted in his face, then he drew out his knife, slowly lifting it towards me he laughed and cut down my hip and on to my thigh. I staggered with pain and kicked him with all my might, he looked at me like he was about to laugh but the phone rang, "I will come back you whore and you better be hear when I do!"

He walked away to get the phone, this was my chance and my only one I had planned this ever since he dragged me to this dump and started abusing me, I was seven when we came  hear and now I'm 16, nearly 10 years and I have had enough! I grabbed my bag and shoved some clothes in it, when I packed I looked around my room, a picture of my mom caught my eye and I went over to it, carefully I took the picture out the frame and as I did something fell on to the floor, 200 pounds lay on the carpet, "thankyou mum!" I whispered and shoved it in my bag along with the picture. I could hear ben shouting at the phone so I went over to the small window, I looked down to see a messy garden (ours) and a trampoline in next doors garden, I done this before and I survived but I wasn't so shure.


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