When The Thunder Rolls

Emily Johnson, 17 years old, with a tough past and a lot of secrets. May sound familiar? But it's not.

This story is different.

When she was fourteen, she did something, no fourteen year old should do.

She witnessed something she will never forget.

Now she's running.

Hiding, along with her brothers.

Running to Stratford, she hoped that she could finally have some peace for a while, but when the thunder rolls, and the lightning strikes, memories flashes by...


2. New home


Feeling my face heat up, I shifted uncomfortable in my seat. The car Nathan had stolen wasn’t exactly the best, but we needed to get rid of my aunt’s old Mercedes. I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder and pull my head to a shoulder. Cooper. I snuggled in to him a bit more before falling back to sleep.

Feeling someone shaking my shoulder, I fluttered my eyes open, only for my blue orbs to be met by a pair of brown. Sitting up straight, a pain shot through my shoulder, probably from the bad night sleep I have had the last two days.

“Come on Em, we’re here.” Cooper’s smooth voice spoke. I held up two fingers, signaling that I would be there in two. Nodding, he left me, leaving the door open, so the cool summer breeze could get in. It felt nice after two days all locked up in a car with three boys.

I sighed and got out, using my foot to push the door further open. Stepping out, I smiled when I saw the sight in front of me. I hadn’t been here for two years. At Christmas, it would be three. The house looked like it always had, but the grass needed a cut, same for the bushes. Leaves had covered the black roof, and the white walls, needed to be painted again.

I grabbed my backpack from the seat, and shut the door, walking towards what used to be the best place on earth for me and my family.

Opening the door, I saw that my brothers were working their hardest to make our new home look presentable. Never in my life, had I thought I would see Nathan with a duster. Or Cooper with a vacuum cleaner. Keith had thrown his shirt on a chair, and was moving the furniture around, so it fitted how he liked it.

 I grabbed a wet cloth, and started cleaning every surface. Nathan put his phone in the stereo and soon music played through the house.  We were dancing, singing and doing a small amount of cleaning, for so long. When it was time for us too finally get something to eat, Keith walked in with the take away menu from some Pizza place. We ordered and sat down on the couch.

I placed my head in Nathan’s lap, and he started playing with my hair. We didn’t really say anything, I guess we were all thinking about the old days. How it all used to be, when Jack, Marc and Luke was still with us. Mom and dad too, of course. Nothing will ever be the same, but Keith had promised me that everything would be going the right way from now on.

But with our luck, I kind of doubted him. We had run away several times now. First from the cops. Caught. Then from foster care. Caught. From the cops again. Caught. Then from our Aunt and Uncle. That was mostly because of how they treated us. My uncle had been hitting my brothers, but one day he made the mistake of hitting me. I hit back, hard. He was in the hospital for weeks. Not my fault that he decided to fall down the staircase. After he got back, it only became worse.

That was until I visited Marc, and told him about it. He said he would set something up for us, and that we had to be ready at any time. Our bags were packed for weeks when we finally got the call two nights ago. Marc told us the stick instructions and we stole our aunts Mercedes and took off to the place Marc had told us too.

When we got there, some dude gave us a key and we took off again. We still don’t know what the key is to, but Jack will tell us, at some point.

“Keith? Are you going to force me back in High School?” I asked while playing with the silver ring on my middle finger. A present from my oldest brother before they took him away. Keith looked at me with a small smile.

“Yeah, I have too. Don’t worry, Cooper and Nathan will be joining you. Myself, I have to find a job, so that we can get some cash. “ The sound of the doorbell made him get up from his spot on the couch and disappear into the hallway.

“I haven’t been in school since it happened…” I said, half-hearted. Nathan stroke my cheek and when I looked at him, he made a funny face, making me giggle like a little kid. He smiled, knowing that he had made my mood a little happier.

Keith walked in with the pizza boxes and we all gathered around the coffee table and started eating. Music was playing low in the background and it was honestly the first nice family dinner I had had in a while. After dinner, Keith threw out the empty boxes and told us that he would go for a walk around the neighborhood, just to get to know it. We all knew that he just needed a break from it all, and we respected that.

When Keith finally came back, an hour later, Nathan, Cooper and I were in the middle of a round of Call Of Duty Black Ops II. Keith placed his hand on my shoulders and whispered in my ear that I should kill the two idiots. Therefore, I did. And when they had lost, they went crazy on me.

I was pinned to the floor while they were tickling me. I screamed and fought back, but nothing helped. I knew, and they knew too, that if I really wanted to be free, I would be free, but this was the first time in months I was laughing. Like really laughing.

At eleven, Keith told me to get my ass up to my room and under the covers, because I already started high school tomorrow. Not wanting to start an argument, I obeyed and kissed all three of my brothers goodnight.

I walked into what used to be my bedroom, and the sight really told me that it had been a while since we were here. High School Musical posters were hanging everywhere on my walls, and I had a god damn princess bed. I have to talk to Keith about this… But I was too tired to do it now, so I just climbed under the covers and closed my eyes, trying to sleep.

An hour later, and still no luck. I give up! I threw off the blanket and opened the window, letting the amazing cool night breeze to come into my room. I crawled up on the desk I had under the windowsill, and out on the roof.

There I sat, looking at the millions and millions of stars above me. I used to do this all the time when I was younger. I would just climb out the window, and sit here and look at the stars. Sometimes one of my brothers would join me, but only sometimes. They liked giving me my privacy.

When I felt my eyelids getting heavier, I climbed back in and under the covers, letting sleep take me to wonderland. I really hope this is a new beginning. 



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