My Encounter With The Winchester Boys

My names Marley I'm a hunter, i fight and kill demons and thins that shouldnt be walking this earth. There are more like me, maybe not exactly like me but there are more hunters. The only difference between me and them is i have a dirty little secret. Soon enough someone will find out this secret, the one person i was supposed to not tell. The winchester's.


6. Chapter 6


I don't know why i decided to work with them, i should have just turned them down drank my coffee and walked out that door. But there was something about Sams mushy eyes that made me want to stay even longer than what i said, but i can't and i know why. I finished my coffee and set the mug down on the table, i laid down on my stomach on the bed as i watch Dean and Sam do their thing to find a case. 

"Looks like there is a Werewolf case in Atlanta." Sam said. "Have you ever worked a case like that Marley."

"Yeah" I said

"Cool so you know the drill to kill them then." he said

"Well everyone does, a silver bullet to the heart." i said.

"So do we want to take this case?" he asked Dean and I. 

"Yeah lets get going." i said and we collected all of our stuff making sure we didn't leave anything. We walked out to the cars and Sam started to walk to the passenger side of my car.

"Sammy, where you going?" Dean asked

"I'm going to ride with Marley, if that's okay." Sam looked at me.

"Fine with me." I said and we got in the car. "Your brother is going to get lonely" 

"Well i've been with him for a long time. I think that he will survive." Sam said. We started driving we drove all day until it became sundown, we got a motel a little bit out of Atlanta.

"I'll get my own room." i said as i got a room card.

"Are you sure?" Sam asked

"Yeah." I said as I walked to my room, i went inside and locked the door i wen to the bathroom and striped off my jeans and my shirt putting a tank top on, who needs to worry about pants when you're alone. i went to the bed and turned the TV on got all comfy drank a few beers then there was a knock on the door. I groaned annoyed and walked to the door, i looked through the peep hole first and then opened the door. It was Dean.

"What." i asked

"Can I come in?" he asked

"Sure" i let him in and shut and locked the door. "What do you want?"

"Whats going on with you and Sam?" he asked

"What do you mean?" i asked

"You two slept together last night, he prefers to drive with you, and then this morning.." he said

"Like i said i was just trying to get out of the bed." i said

"That's not what I meant." he said

"Then what are you talk-" Dean cut me off but no not with words, with his lips pressed up against me. It took me a minuet before i understood what was really happening. I pulled back. "Dean!" he stepped back embarrassed. I looked at him and stepped to him i wrapped my arms around his neck and started to kiss him, we toppled down onto the bed and continued, first went his jacket then his shirt and mine his hands on my waist his lips on mine and our bodies pressed together, rolling around the bed until we fell off and started to laugh. 

"Uh, i should get back to Sammy, he might be worried." he said with a sigh. 

"yeah well you better get going." i said kissing him on last time , we got up he clothed himself and walked out the door. i plopped onto the bed and sighed. "What just happened?" then i was out like a light.

In the morning there was a knock on the door, i put my shirt on and opened the door... it was Sam

"Hey Marley, were you sleeping? Sorry if i woke you." he said. "Can i come in?"

"Yeah" i said and i let him in turning the light on, he sat down in the chair and i sat down across. "What brings you over?"

"Well Dean is out cold, he came home in a sparky mood last night." Sam said. "He must have had hell of a time doing whatever he was doing." i tried not to blush.

"Yeah i guess so." I said, i got up and went to the coffee maker. "coffee?"

"Please" sam said i went back to the seat and gave him his coffee. he laughed.

"What is it?" i asked

"I just" he laughed

"What" i asked

"I though that i saw deans jacked in the bed sheets, but that cant be." he said. "Can it?" i didn't say anything, Sam got up and went to the bed and picked up Deans jacket. "Whats this doing here?"

"Dean stopped by last night." I said

"Did anything happen?" he asked

"Sam.." i started

"I thought you were different" he said

"I am." i said

"No you're not , I thought that you actually might like me but i was wrong." he said

"Sam! i was drunk!" i said

"I got to go" and he ran out the door


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