My Encounter With The Winchester Boys

My names Marley I'm a hunter, i fight and kill demons and thins that shouldnt be walking this earth. There are more like me, maybe not exactly like me but there are more hunters. The only difference between me and them is i have a dirty little secret. Soon enough someone will find out this secret, the one person i was supposed to not tell. The winchester's.


1. Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Marley. I'm a hunter, and no not a hunter that normal everyday humans tend to think of, but a demon hunter. You're probably thinking that I am crazy, talking about demons and hunting them. But they're real, they walk along this earth you probably know some, just don't know what they truly are under the disguise. I've been doing this job for a long time, i am 2,216 years old, only i don't age. You'll soon find out why so don't worry if you're confused. Its November 2 1983, I'm outside a house that has a very strong smell of sulfur, and EMF detection. Meaning that this house has demon detection inside. I get out of my car and walk to the front door and knock on it, being in this business you have lots of different identity's for many different things.... many different illegal things. And today i am Marla Jenkenss and i work at the police department. I knock on the door and a woman with blonde hair wearing a white night dress answers the door.

"Hello?" she asked

"Hi, i am sorry to bother you at this hour. My name is Marla Jenkenss and i am new over that the police department. I'm making my rounds to get to now the people of Lawrence." i said

"If you wouldn't i would like to see some ID" she said

"Of course."I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my badge, she took the badge in her hand and then gave it back, i took it and put it back in my pocket.

"Please come on in." she said with a smile. I walked in and she shut the door.

"I didn't get a chance to ask you your name Mrs-" i said

"Winchester, Mary Winchester." she said as she sat down in a chair i sat in the opposite chair.

"Well it is nice to meet you Mrs.Winchester." i said

"Please call me Mary." she said

"So, Mary. Do you have any children? " I asked

"Yes, they are upstairs sleeping. Sammy is 6 months today and Dean is 4. Do you have any kids?" she asked

" No, i would love to have kids but its a dangerous job." i said. "and I'm devoted to my job." i smiled a little.

"So is my husband, John. Hes in the military,i'm a stay at home mom for the time being." she said

"Well Mary it has been very nice to meet you, but i should get going." i said

"It has been Nice meeting you too Marla, hope to see you again." she said with a smile as she opened the door.

"Yeah." i smiled. " Me too. Have a good night." i said as i walked out the door to my car, i got in and sat there for a minuet before i started the car. Just as i did the top floor of the house blew up in flames, i open my car door and pulled out my gun filled with rock salt. I ran to the front door and it swung open and a little boy carrying a baby ran out of the house into the lawn. The boy looked at me and a tear fell down his face. I bent down on to my knee and looked him in the eyes." Your name is Dean right?" he nodded. " I'm Marla I'm a police officer, can you come with me."

"My mom and dad they are inside!" he said 

"Everything is going to be okay we need to get you an Sammy away from the house." i said. Dean followed me as we ran to my car and stood behind the front of it in case anything came flying from the fire out at us. 

"My dad!" Dean yelled as he pointed to the front door. 

"I'll get him stay with Sammy." i said as i ran to the front door to John. I put my arm around his back and quickly got him out of the house to his boys.

"Who are you?" he asked

"My name is Marla, i am a police officer, i was near when the fire broke out. Can you remember how it happened?" i asked

"A man with Yellow eyes, he was standing beside Sam's crib, Mary she was on the ceiling then the fire started." he said and i looked at him not believing what he was telling me. 

"I want you guys to go over to your neighbors okay!" i said , they looked at me and started to walk to their neighbors. I got in my car and drove off.  

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