Summer Love

Three best friends, Lauren, Maria and Grace, had been planning the trip to celebrate the end of their 'A' levels since they were twelve. Now, their exams are over and they're getting ready to tour the UK and Northern Ireland. As is just their luck, disaster strikes on day two. What happens when the girls get too involved with One Direction to leave again without heartbreak?


11. The Man With The Camera


'What do you wear to meet Simon Cowell?' I thought to myself as I stared into my suitcase, I never in a million years thought I'd be asking myself that. I heard noises coming from the others, snapping and bickering. This always happened when those two got stressed. I waited thirty seconds before I heard giggling and chatting, so predictable. Those girls...

I finally settled on an outfit, skinny jeans, a peach top with a skinny belt and a printed jacket, along with some earrings my mum had given to me and black heels. Ok. I was ready. Sort of. As ready as I could be. As I stood assessing my appearance the door burst open, and in walked the other two in their new outfits. Lauren was wearing a denim shirt, tied at the front and cropped just enough to give away some of her amazing figure, she wore it with a cream skirt- it was a combination only she could pull off. With it she wore cream heels, a combination of necklaces and her friendship ring that her and Grace had bought when we were thirteen and had worn ever since. She looked gorgeous, as per usual. Grace walked in behind her, fixing her hair and heading for the mirror to touch up her lipstick. She had picked out a dress with a plain cream top and floral skirt, which came down to just above her knees. She had paired it with a cotton pale pink blazer, a matching bag, a necklace the same colours as the ones on her dress and cream heeled shoes. Her hair was loose down her back and tumbled around her shoulders. She was also wearing the ring. By the time we were all ready the bus was pulling to a stop, and we walked out into where the boys were still sat.


The bus had stopped two minutes ago, and we were all sat waiting for the girls after their panicked decision to change their outfits. The decision that woke me up quite unnecessarily. They finally walked out of the bathroom and Gracie smiled at me, walking over

"You didn't need to change, you looked fine before" I whispered down to her

"You're just grumpy because I woke you up" she giggled, reaching up to fix my hair. She was in heels, which elongated her legs and complimented the dress she was wearing. They looked impossibly difficult to move in

"Are you sure you're going to be able to walk in those?" I frowned

"Yeah, course! I wouldn't have bought them otherwise. I'm not like somebody else here who wore heels to walk miles in in year 8" she nodded to Maria, who rolled her eyes

"We've been through this before! It finished off the outfit" Liam laughed and led her off the bus, followed by the rest of us. We found ourselves at the back of a hotel, with a black people carrier waiting for us. We were in London, to visit Simon's offices. Throughout then car journey everybody was chatting, but you could tell the girls were nervous. Once we arrived I helped Gracie out of the car, worried she was going to trip due to the heels. I think I saw about three paparazzi snap pictures of us as we walked into the building, my arm around her waist. She was going to be everywhere now. Great.



I saw the man with the camera as we walked over to the automatic doors. Harry tensed up as he noticed him and held me closer than he had before. I started to panic. What was going to happen now? People would send me hate, that much was obvious, but I didn't understand what I'd done wrong. We passed through the doors and into the sleek, modern reception area where a chirpy blonde woman in her thirties was answering the phones.

"Ooh boys! You must be here to see Mr Cowell! He's expecting you!" Liam nodded and thanked her as we walked past and entered the elevator. It was a squeeze with all eight of us, but we laughed the awkwardness off. Once we approached the floor where Simon's offices were I panicked again, and started fidgeting, fixing my hair, straightening my jacket, tugging on my skirt. Harry glanced over and saw me looking anxious. Giving me a hug before whispering compliments in my ear and giving me a kiss on the cheek. It reassured me, yes. But it also messed up my hair again. The doors opened after what seemed like an age stuck in the elevator, and we all stumbled out, grateful for the fresh oxygen. I regained my posture and started to walk towards the offices, Harry holding my hand.

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