Space Oddity

Inspired by the song Space Oddity by David Bowie


2. Two

Sitting at the wooden table, coffee in hand, Angela looked up at the ceiling above. Strange, loud noises could be heard from above, and she wondered what Tom was doing in there. Over an hour ago he had come in from work, red-faced and dishevelled, and had walked straight up the stairs.

"I just want some time to myself," he had shouted as his body disappeared from view. "I will come down later, please do not disturb me." She had listened as his loud, thumping footsteps had padded across the hallway, and into the bathroom. A squeal of rusty metal told her that he had locked the bathroom.

Occupying herself with the cooking, she had managed to put Tom's mood out of her mind. Recently, he had been acting strangely, and she had learnt that the best way to deal with it was to ignore it. Eventually, he would get through whatever was going on, and then they would discuss it like normal human beings. The only reaction she would get from him at the moment, was a sequence of grunts.

Traipsing upstairs, she tapped gently on the wooden bathroom door. No reply.

"Honey, this is Angela, just to let you know I'm going to put the washing on now. Is there anything you want me to wash for you?"

No answer.


A minimal grunt could be heard from inside the room.

"I'll come back later to check on you, okay?"

She left the messy landing, and make her way back down the stairs, into the kitchen, sighing. She just had to wait, she just had to wait, it would be over soon.

The children had been playing in the playroom for most of the day. They were too young to notice any difference in Tom. Duncan and Alexandria were still so innocent and pure, untouched by the poisoned adult world.

Everything was moving too fast in their lives at the moment. They had bought the new house too fast because they wanted more space for the children, and then there had been a period of time where Tom just seemed to be buying new things everyday: clothes for her and toy spaceships for the children (it had always been Tom's dream to become an astronaut).

Luckily, the banging had stopped, and peace was back in the house. This worried her. It was unusual. He usually secluded himself after work, but she had not heard weird sounds from him before. Something must have happened.

Putting down the washing basket in her hands, she made her way back up the stairs, towards the bathroom.

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