Space Oddity

Inspired by the song Space Oddity by David Bowie


4. Four

She hit her fist against the door, not caring about the pain.

"Can you hear me, Tom?"

Silence had fallen from inside the bathroom.

"Can you hear me, Tom?"

Her hand flattened so it was against the door and she leant her head right up close to it, hoping to hear some, any sound from inside.

"Can you hear me, Tom?" Her voice began to crack.

Taking a step back, her shaking hand rattled the door handle again, in the vain hope it would open. There was no luck, the door remained stuck in its unforgiving frame.

She tripped on her way back down the stairs, sending her face down onto the carpet. Ignoring the carpet burn appearing on the front of her body, she managed to find the tool kit and dragged it all the back up the stairs.

Rummaging around in the bottomless bag, her sweating fingers clasped desperately around the handle of a screwdriver.

Fumbling she took out the nails in the lock, one by one, and slower than she would have liked. Once they were out, the lock fell to the floor which a silence shattering clatter. Nudging the door gently, it opened, and the scene inside was revealed to her.

"Tom." Her voice was quavering as a gentle tear slipped out of the corner of her eye.

Sweeping over to him, she sat next to him on the floor and put her tired arms on his shoulders.

"Tom. Tom. Wake up, honey." Shaking him had only made his head loll backwards and forwards. His once loving eyes were milking, and very little of the beautiful blue she had once known was left in them.

He would not wake, and she knew, she knew the truth; but she did not want to know the truth. She wanted him to sputter back into life, and she sat waiting for the miracle that was never going to happen.

There was nothing she could do.

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