Isn't she lovely

Harry Styles is on a summer vacation in his beach house, and so is three girls called Mary , Rosy and Emily . Mary comes from a line of rich people so she is pretty wealthy . The girls decide to go to Mary's Dad's beach house for the whole summer, before they leave for college. But when the boys take a walk around the beach they find a house, will they explore ?
welll then read to find out !


8. chapter 6

I giggle slightly as me and girls play about in the water outside. We had been here for at least 3 weeks now. Yay! I giggle and watch as we throw the beach ball about the pool. "Emily, catch!" Mary shouts as the ball hits me on the head.

"Well thanks for aiming for my head!" I shout laughing and swim over for the ball when it suddenly disappears.

"Looking for this?" A familiar voice chuckles I look up and see Niall.

I giggle and stand up and try getting it off of him. "Look pop star I have my friends over there and I kinda need that for playing with." I say trying to grab it once again. I groan when I finally gave up. "Please can I get it back with a cherry on top?" I ask smiling sweetly. He shakes his head with a chuckle. When he was unfocused I hit it out of his hands and swam over to it quickly grabbing it. I swam back to my friends and hit it back to Mary. "Next time you better aim for my damn hands!" I giggle while she nods and we start throwing it between the three of us again.

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