When the War began, there was no conflict.

When the war began, there was no conflict, just a silent invasion, creeping in bit by bit. Only now that we have lost do we fight, our King was assassinated. He left us, leaving his loyal subjects unprotected from the virus. Many caught it, never to come around, some did, some saw it's beauty and let it take them, before realizing that beauty was a lie, and some, some stayed strong and fought, and they still fight for FREEDOM! This is the Land of Movellas, or should I say Erotica?

We are slaves to an empire, where safe is a word used only by citizens, the outcasts will fight, for as long as it takes, because the rebels will restore the Land to Movellas and they will make it powerful once again!

I hope you like this book, it's suppose to portray what Movellas was and what it is now. It's a kind of fun story, follow the hero's. (They may or may not be real people from Movellas)

Thank's for reading!


10. Chapter 9

(*Shire's POV*)

"I'm sorry about supposedly enrolling" Myrah whispered.

"Why?" I growled harshly. "How could you?"

"I know it looks bad on me..."Myrah began.

"Bad? This is more than just bad!"

"Listen Shire, please!" Myrah was nearing hysterics.

"Fine," I mumbled. Suddenly, a ostanacious crash erupted from the back of the library. I shrieked, petrified that the precious books inside would be forever ruined - like so many other books I'd known. As Myrah continued (somehow oblivious to her surroundings) I saw a dark figure emerge, out of the corner of my eye, and lean against the library shelf closet to us. I was about to interrupt Myrah and demand what she was doing here before I realised it was probably better to wait. Then I recognised her. It was LMH, an agent I'd encountered three years ago on the coast of Fanfiction Bay. But that's another story. She was obviously trying to hide so I didn't point it out to Myrah

"I am from Cyber, everyone has to go to the Academy if you are from Cyber!"Mirlotta continued, colour flushing to her already rosy cheeks.

"So?" I shouted. "How do we know you aren't a traitor?

"This," I said, rolling up my frayed sleeve. In block capitalised writing that was burned into her flesh it said: PRISONER 213565 and under that: AGENT SERAPHINA.

"Agent?" I asked. "What type of Agent?" I put extra definition on the word type.

Myrah glanced up at me with large eyes, going scarlet in the low light. "There is only one type of Agent in Cyber. Those against the tyrants. But the Head-Quarters of the group I was in- the location was found out and it was blown up" Her eyes flickered nervously to where LMH crouched against a bookshelf, the small glimmers of a sad smile on her face. "One agent escaped from that. It wasn't me, I'd been taken prisoner beforehand. That agent is in this room right now"

"WHAT?!!" LMH loudly said, getting up from her hiding spot in one lightening-quick movement. Her agility was very well-concealed under her fitted black suit, and five-inch black heels.

"How did you know about the Agents?" She continued, narrowing her eyes suspiciously in the firelight. "Traitor! The only way you could know is if those five pieces of SCUM told you!"

"Or if I was an Agent," she said smoothly. "Agent Seraphina, head of biological warfare, 'died' in a gone wrong experiment."

"Not even the Monarch's know that, she must be a double!" LMH said moving closer.

"She was fighting against directions- I saw her- don't you think we should look into it LMH?" I suggested.

"What? You believe her, you believe that she escaped from the Scum Bags? Yeah right!" LMH shouted angrily.

"Well what if I have? What if you haven't had the brains to find me as I am now, huh?" Myrah snarled viciously.

"Well I'd recognise you for one thing!" LMH snapped back.

Mirlotta, (Or should I say, Seraphina?) rolled her eyes in disbelief. "Hollywood - has all this directioner chasing gone to your head? A girl can change personality as easily as a book its cover."

Agent Hollywood sniffed, still dissatisfied. Mirlotta spun on her heel, pleading desperately with the more forgiving Shire.

"Shire.. you believe me right?" The hope in her voice was astonishing - after all the lies she'd fed us, she honestly seemed to expect forgiveness - as if she'd be telling the truth now. She knew those Directioners - it seemed knew them well - and now she wanted to still tag along with us? She had another thing coming!

Myrah shook her head, her messy ponytail flying like a helicopter around her dark head. Her mouth stretched out to a straight, taut line.

"Fine. Don't believe me.. let me show you."

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