When the War began, there was no conflict.

When the war began, there was no conflict, just a silent invasion, creeping in bit by bit. Only now that we have lost do we fight, our King was assassinated. He left us, leaving his loyal subjects unprotected from the virus. Many caught it, never to come around, some did, some saw it's beauty and let it take them, before realizing that beauty was a lie, and some, some stayed strong and fought, and they still fight for FREEDOM! This is the Land of Movellas, or should I say Erotica?

We are slaves to an empire, where safe is a word used only by citizens, the outcasts will fight, for as long as it takes, because the rebels will restore the Land to Movellas and they will make it powerful once again!

I hope you like this book, it's suppose to portray what Movellas was and what it is now. It's a kind of fun story, follow the hero's. (They may or may not be real people from Movellas)

Thank's for reading!


9. Chapter 8

"There it is!" I panted, pointing at the oak doors ahead of me and Mina. We'd managed to escape and lose the enforcers through a large crowd of shoppers, but where the others were I had no idea. I hoped Shire and Beanie had escaped; I wasn't sure what to think about Myrah. But maybe they'd got there before us.

We reached the doors and I fumbled with the lock before I managed to open it and slip inside, Mina was following. I sighed with relief when I saw Beanie standing about a metre from the door anxiously waiting.

"You're here!" She cried. "Shire took the new girl off to one of her remaining libraries and told me to tell you about it"

"Shire trusts her?" I asked incredulously. The other two looked confused. I'd forgotten they weren't there

"We met some enforcers and they recognised Myrah- Mirlotta they called her. She was supposed to enrol at The Academy days ago apparently. She's one of them" I spat

"But she helped us during the fight" said Beanie, confused "She even shot the female leader they had. Or I think it was the leader anyway"

"Never mind" I sighed. "The most important thing whether Shire will be safe. If she caught, they'll most likely kill her. But maybe they don't know the position of the library they've gone too yet"

"Lets discuss this away from the front door I think" Mina decided "Anyone could listen, particularly if we end up shouting or something"

Beanie and I both nodded and we headed towards the nearest library situated inside our Headquarters. My heart gave a happy leap when I saw the glass doors leading to it and I rushed inside. Then I froze

A woman was sitting in an armchair by the fire, dressed in black which matched her dyed hair. She looked amused at us, then spoke

"Nice HQ" she said "Well, for amateurs that is!"

"Who are you?" I demanded "And what are you doing here?"

"Oh me?" the girl mused. "I'm LMH, or Little Ms Hollywood, and I'm here to kick butt, One Direction butt!"

"Really? Sure you don't enroll in their Academy?"

"Like your possible traitor?" she asked, raising a jagged eyebrow "Yes, I'm sure alright"

"Okay then," Mina said in a dissatisfied tone. "Why?"

"Let's see...Oh yes! I have had some rough scrapes with the idiot Styles! And they blew up my rebel group- I was the only survivor, if they knew I'd lived..."

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