When the War began, there was no conflict.

When the war began, there was no conflict, just a silent invasion, creeping in bit by bit. Only now that we have lost do we fight, our King was assassinated. He left us, leaving his loyal subjects unprotected from the virus. Many caught it, never to come around, some did, some saw it's beauty and let it take them, before realizing that beauty was a lie, and some, some stayed strong and fought, and they still fight for FREEDOM! This is the Land of Movellas, or should I say Erotica?

We are slaves to an empire, where safe is a word used only by citizens, the outcasts will fight, for as long as it takes, because the rebels will restore the Land to Movellas and they will make it powerful once again!

I hope you like this book, it's suppose to portray what Movellas was and what it is now. It's a kind of fun story, follow the hero's. (They may or may not be real people from Movellas)

Thank's for reading!


24. Chapter 23

(*Marshall's POV*)

Ahead the corridor was filled with some sort of gas, there must have been either a leak or it was harmful. A laughing figure ran out of it and pushed past me. His face was covered in a mask, leading me to guess it was there on purpose. A trick used by enforcers, but not often. Which meant there must have been rebels there too for the man to set it off in the first place. Rebels... who were not being held in any of the rooms there, but who were free and a threat to him.

Had Mels, LMH, Mina and Shire escaped then? If they were being held together that is. Without having to follow LMH, Mina and Payne here I knew this is where they would be held, but down here was the last place I would expect. I only came to see if I could find any of the Monarchs. Unless Rusty and Myrah had come here, but Rusty had said he'd been inside the strongholds and knew the ways. Unless it was some other rebels.

I strode forward, holding my breath as soon as I entered the gas and hoping it wouldn't be too long before I found anyone. Weak coughs sounded, but I couldn't see the person making them yet.

"LMH?" So Mel and LMH were there! Then I spotted them, Mel was bending over LMH's unconscious figure, looking ready to collapse herself. My steps quickened slightly, they both needed to get out and the last thing I needed was to be have two unconscious rebels on my hands and no other help. If they didn't send enforcers with masks on to deal with these two, they would certainly send someone to deal with the gas. Mel nearly screamed out of shock when she saw me, but I picked up LMH and motioned for her to run ahead and get out of the gas before she fainted. Thankfully, she hadn't lost her senses and disappeared through the gas. I could hear her breathing heavily on the other side.

"Mina didn't mention you being with her, LMH, Rusty and Myrah" she said when I was out of it too

"I didn't travel with them"

"Why not?" Mel asked, confused

"Long story. I'll say later. For the meantime, do you know where they are?"

"Shire and Mina went a different way to LMH and I when we escaped. I think they were trying to get out of here rather than kill What's-a-hairbrush, which was our plan"

"I'm guessing your plan didn't work"

"Not exactly, no"

"What about Rusty and Myrah?"

"I haven't seen them"

"Right. And Styles is alive?"

"Unfortunately. But Tomilinson isn't!"


"Yeah... we thought he was Styles. He's still a tyrant though!"

I laughed "How angry were you when you discovered you'd killed the wrong person?"

"I don't think I've ever been so furious! After an amount of cursing, we checked all the rooms down the hallway, found Styles eventually but he gassed us before we could lay a finger on him"

I glanced down at LMH "What sort of gas did he use?"

"Some form of Monkshood"

"Monkshood? Where did he get that?"

"No idea- maybe it grows in Cyber or something? Do you know?"

"No... but it wouldn't make sense to have something like Monkshood in a highly populated area, that's all"

Mel thought for a minute "When's LMH going to wake up?" she finally asked, glancing at her white face.

"I don't know" I admitted "Let's get out of here and worry about her then. If she's had enough it'll kill her"

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