When the War began, there was no conflict.

When the war began, there was no conflict, just a silent invasion, creeping in bit by bit. Only now that we have lost do we fight, our King was assassinated. He left us, leaving his loyal subjects unprotected from the virus. Many caught it, never to come around, some did, some saw it's beauty and let it take them, before realizing that beauty was a lie, and some, some stayed strong and fought, and they still fight for FREEDOM! This is the Land of Movellas, or should I say Erotica?

We are slaves to an empire, where safe is a word used only by citizens, the outcasts will fight, for as long as it takes, because the rebels will restore the Land to Movellas and they will make it powerful once again!

I hope you like this book, it's suppose to portray what Movellas was and what it is now. It's a kind of fun story, follow the hero's. (They may or may not be real people from Movellas)

Thank's for reading!


13. Chapter 12

"We're back!" Shire said, entering the room as everyone rushed to the door

"Who's this?" Myrah and LMH asked pointing to Marshall.

"Oh, him?" I said. "This is Marshall, Shire I'm sure you'll remember him."

"I do, Mels, I remember him alright," she hissed "How was your run-away, Marshall?"

"Fine" he smirked, "How was your fight for survival? Death defying?"

"Never mind!" Shire grumbled. "But we should probably check out the poetry section, or anywhere for that matter, there was almost a hundred directioners, it's never been this many."

"Let's go, they touch one of my libraries and they are gonna' wish they died at our hands during the fight!" I growled.

"Mels?" Myrah's voice piped up suddenly. She looked rather nervous

"Yeah Myrah?" I replied.

"I have- I was working on a new chemical before my capture, what it does is it stops internal bleeding and defends any part of your body that with a direct hit will kill you." she stopped to breathe. "It's ready but complicated to make and I only have a batch large enough for four people. If you do want to use it now you should probably take yourself and three others."

I smiled, "Thank you." then I sat down in an arm chair."Any volunteers?" Shire, LMH and Mina walked up, "Brilliant!" I whispered rubbing my hands together. "Beanie?"

"Yeah Mels?"

"You seem to be the only one without some sort of dangerous past, you are in charge 'til I'm back, don't let anyone in unless they say 'The King was assassinated'. Okay?"

Beanie nodded, "Sure."



When we got to the poetry section I heard a loud crash coming from my library. I had taken the bio stuff and I was very angry; I heard a growl emerge from  the back of my throat. I rushed in. "What the heck is wrong with you pieces of scum?" I growled dangerously, the leaders eyes locked with mine.

He laughed. "Scrap it! I don't want to see a single book left, it's all rubbish anyways! Go on!"

"Get off MY books!" I screamed so loud some of the directioners had to hold their hands against their ears. Then LMH stood on one of my chair's, "Listen to me!" she said. The directioners carried on milling around, "Stand still, shut up because I AM TALKING!" everyone stood still and looked at her. "What have your monarchs told you? What false truths? What lies?" she shouted. "Don't you see the beauty of these hand held books? The smell of fresh paper?" She looked around, "You may be from Cyber, but you can learn the beauty, join the REVOLUTION!" I had to admit, her speeches were very inspirational, she held everyone's attention and I didn't see how they could resist.


Within no time one person had stepped over, the leaders eyes glared at him. "I'm Rusty" he informed us. "And I will join the revolution!" he walked over to the leader, "Leave, brother, for you may not return 'til you have seen the light! None of you may return! Tell Cyber I died, for I have learned I would rather be dead, than live another day in Cyber. So now to Movellasland I remain loyal." Peacefully he walked back to us, "We can go, he will not dare cause more destruction, I guarantee."

"And how do you know this?" Shire demanded, stepping forward. I heard gasps as the attention turned to her "Yes, that's right. Me. The most wanted 'criminal' in all of Movellasland. And there's a reason for that, so if you don't GET OFF OF MEL'S BOOKS NOW-"

She got no further. Half the directioners ran for the back door, the other half raised their guns and waited for the leader to give the signal to fire. Rusty quickly stepped in front of Shire

"Try it brother, for you know the anger and rage my father, he will not hesitate to kill you if you signal the firing of the guns."

The leader opened his mouth, then stopped. He couldn't. Shaking his head he gestured for the rest to follow the cowards that had already run away

I ran over to the mess of books they had left and tried to sort everything out as best as I could. Tears ran down my face and I quickly bent down, pretending to pick up some of the fallen, ripped books I had once took such pleasure in writing so the others wouldn't notice.

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