Confessions of a nobody

Dwell upon the life of a considered 'nobody' Jayne, and find out what life leads her to, in the ultimate search to find herself. Will she become a 'somebody'? Or will she remain in the lowest rank. Jayne will carry out some seemingly outrageous tasks, in the 'Confessions of a nobody'.
Some say opposites attract, but we, we were exactly the same.


2. Laura

Laura, Laura Langton, we met in the summer of 2011 and since then life seems a little brighter. Me and Laura we’re the ‘the nobodies’ well, so it would seem...And to be perfectly honest, we like it that way. No matter how much I moan about it.

     I met Laura when I moved in with my Aunt Elizabeth, but everyone calls her Liz. She’s nice and all but it’s not exactly the best decision I’ve ever made, but then again, I had no choice. – Before then I lived in care, for twelve, long and painful years. You see, I’ve never really known my parents; they left me before I even knew what they looked like. And, that’s all I can say, because that’s all I know. Anyway, my aunt lives in a small, fairly quiet area – in literally the middle of no where. Then how can it be ‘fairly quiet’? I hear you ask. Well, you never fully get sick of the sound of nature, until it starts to drive you insane because it’s what you hear all day, everyday. I would give anything for the sound of a car starting up nearby or the sound of a faint argument from next-door, that you can hear through the moderately sound proof walls.

    School, that’s where I met Laura, so I guess I actually owe the place a fair bit of gratitude, people say ‘Opposites attract; but, me and Laura, we’re exactly the same, and we attract just as much.

   Laura and Jayne sat together at their usual lunch table, in the cafeteria. They were just talking about their day, and their previous lessons. When, a girl in the year below came past and pushed Laura’s shoulder, followed by the words “Move, bitch”. Jayne stood up fast, causing the chair to fall over and sweep across the floor. The noise was loud and by now the majority of the people in the cafeteria were staring. “What the fuck, did you just say?” Jayne asked. Jayne was quite the intimidating type. She had an angry expression, most of the time and she rarely smiled. Jayne towered over most people, as she was the very tall height of 6ft and to top it she had a very ‘boyish’ figure...She wasn’t very girly overall. In fact, Jayne hated ‘Girly girls’ more than anything. She approached this smaller and younger girl, in a sinister manner. “I said...move, bitch” said the girl, as she hesitated.  Jayne got closer and grabbed the neck of the girl’s shirt “Don’t you ever talk with such disrespect to my mate, nor talk with such stupidity to someone who was clearly no where near you.” Jayne looked down upon the girl, tilting her head and tightening the grip she had upon the shirt. “Sure...Got it. S-sorry.” Said the girl, as she sprang free from Jayne’s grip and ran along to join her friends.

   That’s what usually happens on a school day, we get picked on and we act upon it. Although we act upon it, we continue to get different comments off of different people, each day and I wish I could completely eradicate that problem. School is a hell hole, a pit full of ignorant pigs that I would rather see die than live another second .Everyone in school is so caught up with being the most popular, or getting the most boys/girls. But really, it’s about succeeding...Because being the snobby popular in high school and the one with the most dates, doesn’t make someone want to hire you. It’s the sad and unfortunate truth and many people are blind to it. So, I’ve began to accept that I’m an ‘outcast’ and that I will probably be bullied throughout my high school life. Unless, I do something to change that, whatever it is, it needs to be big!

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