Catching Feelings

Selena has applied for the job as a personal assistant for Justin Bieber 'Hottest Singer of All Time'. But is the real Justin anything like the man she thinks he is? And will his fame tear them apart? Or bring them closer together?


6. Studio Time


Sorry for the long wait guys :( I had heaps of homework to do...but im sure none of you would like to hear me talk about that. So on with the story...enjoy ! xo

Selena's POV


I ignored all of Justin's curt and nasty comments to his manager throughout the rest of the day. I tried so hard to look beyond what I was witnessing. I was desperate to try and find something of the Justin Bieber I had believed in before I was introduced to him this morning.


I was sure I saw some kindness from him at certain points throughout the day. There were several small gestures that I caught during the times between recording, and he even managed to reduce some of his co-workers to a fit of giggles at one point. 


I also kept feeling his gaze on me, but whenever I looked up, he would quickly turn away. I guessed that he was somewhat intrigued by my presence here. Scooter had explained that a new PA had never been made available in the previous recording sessions due to the sensitive and highly secretive nature of them. They had never wanted to risk an unknown person blabbing everything to the press. Everyone working in the studio today, was a very trusted member of the crew. They had all worked on the previous albums and they all knew each other. I was an outsider, a very privileged outsider. I think that my presence was quite a talking point for many of them. 


I was exhausted by the time the recording was called to an end for the day. Even though the day had gone very quickly, it seemed that being in the presence of a constant stream of hate and cynicism drained me more than any amount of lack of sleep could manage. Scooter thanked me for my patience with everything and chuckled as he told me that he hoped I'd come back tomorrow. He was concerned that a certain person would keep me away. I'd reassured him that it would take more than Justin Bieber to stop me returning tomorrow.


I'd smiled at the security guards on my way out, venturing past several security check points as I walked nearer to the freedom of reality. Everything appeared a little bit surreal now I was outside and heading home. The studio lights had caused my head to hurt, and it was only now I was free that I realised how stifling and stuffy it had been in the studio.


As I walked to the bus stop, the warm summer air gave way to a darkening sky. It was only a few minutes before the rain started. Heavy, large drops of water fell from the sky. I was soaked to the skin in a matter of seconds. My short flowery summer dress clung to my body in an unforgiving way, and my cardigan hung like a heavy rag from my shoulders.


The bus stop was just a short walk from the entrance to the studios, and I breathed a sigh of relieve when I saw that there was a shelter there. As I reached the dry haven the relentless rain suddenly stopped. I huffed at my lack of timing. If I'd walked faster I wouldn't have got wet. If I'd taken more time getting ready to leave the studio I would have also stayed dry. I glanced around. It was very quiet around here, but that probably had something to do with the short shower burst I had just got caught in.


The silence was suddenly broken by the roar of a car engine as it sped along the road, travelling in my direction. I raised my eyebrows heavenwards, what was it about men and their cars? Why did they feel the need to drive such loud monsters?


I glared at the car as it sped along the road towards me, and inwardly cursed the idiot behind the wheel.


My glare turned into more of a worried frown when the silver car slowed down as it approached my standing position at the bus stop. The dark tinted passenger window slowly hummed down, opening up the inside of the car to me. The blare of loud music hit my ears at the same time that my eyes caught the drivers.


There sat a smirking Justin Bieber.

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