Catching Feelings

Selena has applied for the job as a personal assistant for Justin Bieber 'Hottest Singer of All Time'. But is the real Justin anything like the man she thinks he is? And will his fame tear them apart? Or bring them closer together?


4. Interviews and Another Side of Justin


Selena's POV


My heels clicked along the dank concrete walkway, the sharp beats echoing the pounding of my heart. I stopped for a second and leaned against the wall, taking a deep breath and calming my nerves. I smoothed my black knee-length skirt and silently cursed the stiletto shoes my best friend, Taylor, had forced me to wear. She said I had to look "professionally hot" whatever the hell that was supposed to mean. But Taylor told me there was never an excuse not to look good and I only made a first impression once. I had to be honest; making a good impression now was of the utmost importance.


It was my first ever interview for the position of a famous star's PA. Now, here I was about to take my first steps into the interview room to be interviewed by that star's manager. I still wasn't sure who's personal assistant I was going to be as it didn't state in the article, I just hope it was going to be someone kind. 


I glanced at my slim gold watch and noted that I was running two minutes late. Way to make a good first impression, Selena. I hurried down the corridor as fast as the death trap heels would allow and arrived at the interview room slightly winded. I showed my pass to the guard outside the room and he nodded me in. I took another deep breath and stepped into the room. 


The minute I walked in, I looked around. Why wasn't there anyone inside, was I in the wrong room? I paused from my inner ramblings and turned to look who had entered the room while I was distracted. In walked a beautiful woman who looked about in her thirties and a medium height man with brown hair, which I presumed was the star's manager. 


"Sorry we're late, we had a few problems down at the studio. Anyway, you must be Selena, I'm Scooter Braun and this is Pattie Mallette and we're here to interview you about being Justin Bieber's PA."


Wait what, hold up. Justin Bieber? 


"Um, sorry I don't think I heard you correctly, did you say Justin Bieber?" I blinked.


"Yes, exactly, is there a problem?" Scooter Braun raised an eyebrow.


I cringed and immediately shook my head. "No, none at all sir."


"Good okay, let's get started, so tell me about yourself Selena." 


The interview continued on for half an hour, with them occasionally taking notes and nodding their heads at my answer. 


"Well, that concludes this interview for today, we'll call you back and let you know if we offer you the job, thanks for coming." Pattie stood up and shook my hand, Scooter doing the same.


"Thank you both, I look forward hearing from you soon." And with that, I walked out of the building. 




2 days later..


"Selena! This table needs cleaning!" John, my manager yelled out from behind the counter.


"Alright I'm coming!" I huffed carrying all the plates and cutlery and dumping them into the sink before walking over to the table. Just as I was about to wipe it, my phone vibrated in my pocket. That's weird, who would call me at this time of the night?




"Is this Selena Gomez?"


"Yes, speaking."


"This is Scooter Braun, remember from the interview a few days back?"


"Oh yes I remember, hello sir! What can I help you with?" I held my breath waiting for his response.


"Just letting you know that you got the job. Please come around again tomorrow and I will show you everything you need to know."


"Thank you so much sir! You won't regret it!"


He let out a small chuckle. "Just call me Scooter please, sir is making me feel old."


"Of course si- Scooter. I'll be there."


"Alright, goodbye Selena."




He ended the call and I squealed loudly, jumping up and down. Yes, no more of taking extra shifts at The Grill! Too bad my boss was going to be Justin Bieber, now I have to put up with all of his crap. 


No Selena, don't let his shitty attitude get in the way of the job, you can handle this. 


I suddenly couldn't wait for tomorrow to come. 




"And this is the studio where Justin records all his songs..." Scooter led me into a huge room with microphones all over the place. I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw Justin in the room. His good looks were just part of the package of course, but they were a very attractive part indeed. He was tall with piercing brown eyes and riotous hair that was a mix of browns, reds and even some blond. His face was impossibly handsome; chiseled cheekbones, a jaw that could cut glass and lips that were incredibly bitable. He exuded charm and charisma and was anyone's dream. Now I was his personal assistant and I had no idea what to say or do when I walked into that room.


My swooning automatically stopped when I saw his display of behaviour in front of me. He started clicking his fingers at some poor woman. I presumed it was his signal for her to pick up the tempo as she scurried over to the editing area picking up the speed to the song. 


He walked into the small and cramped room in the studio as Scooter motioned me to follow him. There settled at the table were the lyrics to the new song he would be recording today. Another female, a young blonde, hurried over to him before giving him vocal warm ups, not before he stopped her with a wave of his hand.


"So, where is she? The least she could do is get here on time." He tapped his fingers rhythmically on the wooden table, glowering at the blonde who shrunk under his gaze.


"Justin, I'm sorry. You know what Nicki is like. She's very delicate…"


"Delicate, my ass. She's lazy, completely freakin' lazy. Slept in again I should think. Too busy spreading her ass for that hippy boyfriend of hers."


"Justin, please. I don't need any animosity between you two today. It's been the main cause of us having to completely re-shoot these scenes. Your anger towards each other shows through on recording." The director stepped in, waving the blonde away.


He suddenly sprung to his feet, before marching over to stand in front of the director. "Are you saying that I can't sing, huh? Is that what you're saying? Because if you are you'd better watch yourself. I'm the star around here. Not you. Not sweet, pathetic Nicki Minaj!"


"No, no… Justin. That's not what I meant. Of course you can sing."


I had watched the interchange with growing anger. The man that called himself Justin Bieber was an absolute shit. My fantasies that had revolved around him for the past few years were crashing down around me every time he opened his mouth or glared at some-one. It wasn't what I wanted to hear or see.


And still he continued. "If I walked from this song, this record deal, the whole thing would be one major big fail. No Justin Bieber! No record deal!"


I couldn't help myself as I tutted and then huffed out loud at his egotistical words.


The general buzz of people quietly chatting, pretending not to listen, suddenly turned silent. All eyes in the room turned to me, including the coldest brown eyes I had ever had the misfortune to meet. 


"You got something to say?" he sneered at me. 


Scooter stepped in before I could say a word. "Justin, this is going to be your new PA."


"Are you kidding me? Her? She's so...young! She can't care of anything let alone my priorities! She probably just wants to be around me all day!"


I glared at him and stood in front in him. "For your information I can be a very organised person. But who are you to judge? you don't even know me at all! I didn't deserve your nasty comments from the night at the club and I certainly don't need to hear any of them directed at me today. So I suggest that if you can't at least be civil to me, then don't bother even looking at me.My name is Selena. As far as I am aware I wasn't born with the name 'Her'. Therefore, I would also appreciate it that if you ever do feel you can talk to me in a nice way, you use my proper name."


His face was one of shock and bewilderment, and he seemed to have been struck dumb.


"I have nothing more to say," I concluded before turning around and walking straight out of the room.


A/N: Weeeww that was intense haha ! Longest chapter yet in this fanfic ! And I know what y'all were thinking when Selena said "but who are you to judge". Yup that's right ! 'Who Says' by Selena Gomez ! I honestly love that song hehe, for those of you who hasn't heard of the song yet, go listen !

Next chap will be up soon, most likely tomorrow :) xo


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