Save You Tonight

Nicole was abused by her father ever since her mother and brother died. When Nicole turned 16, she was kicked out onto the streets with nothing ... including her voice. All she wished was for someone to help her. And , someone did , but not any normal everyday guy.


6. The Truth

"N-Nicole?" Niall stuttered. I looked up at him with tears still streaming down my face. I sat on the floor and continued crying. Niall and Louis sat down beside me. As I did, I heard the front door fly open and then slam shut. Voices filled the house, and we still remained silent, Louis and Niall in shock. Three boys walked into the house, all about the same age as Niall and Louis.


"Niall, Louis, what're you doing?" one of them asked. The three boys walked over to us. I felt scared, I did not want other people to see me all bloody and bruised.


"Whoa, what happened?" they asked. Louis and Niall looked at them wide-eyed. The others looked at them confused.


"We had something come up," Louis answered quietly.


"What exactly..." the one with really curly hair asked.


"We, um, got hurt..." Niall replied, oddly. They looked at Niall's face, it had a huge purple bruise on his cheek.


"Whoa, Niall!" one of them exclaimed. They all looked at his face. Soon Louis become conscious of what happened to me and jumped up.


"NICOLE!" Louis yelled. He grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen and motioned me to sit down. The others caught up with me and Louis and soon saw all my blood and bruise marks. They gasped.


"Louis, tell us what happened now," the boy with dark brown hair commanded.


"Well, Niall found this girl, Nicole," Louis motioned towards me, "And she wouldn't talk, so we had the doctor come over, and he said that there was nothing wrong with her. So, Nicole wouldn't talk, so we told her to write down instead. Then, we made her right down her Father's name. She didn't want to, but we made her. Then, we drove to her Dad's house.... and.... he beat her... and Niall when we tried to interfere."


The three boys looked at us horrified. I felt so embarrassed. I wanted to hide away. I have gotten beat worse than that many times, because there was no one there to save me. Wait a minute.... I just realized something.... they saved me. Father could've hurt me more, if I wandered back without them. I can't believe that they actually cared enough to help me. Even though they could've been hurt. I started to cry again.


"Nicole, does it hurt really bad?" Louis asked. I shook my head to say no. It really didn't hurt too much, because I was used to it. I was crying tears of happiness, that someone actually cared for me. I felt the happiest I have been in a while.


I looked over at Niall and Louis, straight in the eye. I mouthed the words 'thank you'.


Niall and Louis looked surprised. They were probably surprised by the fact that I was crying tears of joy. They all looked at me suspiciously for a moment.


"We need to help Nicole!" Louis screeched. They quickly grabbed a first aid kit from the bathroom. They guy with curly hair pulled out two ice packs and handed one the Niall and held the other one up to my face. I felt the cold chill when it touched my skin. I felt embarrassed for a moment, because there was a guy holding an icepack up yo my face, when I was perfectly capable of doing it myself. My face had some blood one it, so one of the guys put a band-aid on my face. I felt embarrassed again, because they were treating me so kindly, I wasn't used to it.


Once they were done helping me, Louis pulled out his phone.


"WHOA!" Louis exclaimed, "It's one in the morning!"


"Yeah, so?" One of them asked.


"Well, Nicole's probably tired," Louis replied.


"So, you're tired, right,"


"Um, yeah," Louis replied, embarrassed, "You know, you didn't introduce yourself to Nicole."


Louis shook his finger at them as he said that, like he was scolding a two year old.


"Doesn't she already know who they are?" one of them asked Louis. Louis shook his head.


"I don't think so," Louis answered. Hmm.... they do look a bit familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.


"Well, I'm Zayn," Zayn had dark brown hair that stood up and tan skin.


"I'm Harry," Harry had a deeper voice than the others. He was the one with the really curly brown hair.


"And I'm Liam," Liam had light brown hair and brown eyes. They all looked really good, almost like celebrities.


"We're One Direction!" Louis exclaimed happily, ended the announcement of names. My eyes grew wider. I just realized who they were! Before Mom died, I watched the X Factor with her, and her last season was when One Direction was on. And they're them! Mom and I had wanted them to win. I never did find out, because Mom died before the season ended. Then, my torment began.


"So you do recognize us?" Louis asked. I nodded happily. I grabbed the pad of paper and pen and quickly wrote:


My Mom and I watched you on the X Factor, we wanted you to win. Sorry I didn't see the end, that was because Mom died before the end.


"Oh, I didn't realize your Mum died," Liam said sadly, Darn it! Why do I keep making them sad!


"Hey, let's let Nicole stay in the guest bedroom tonight!" Louis suggested.


"Sounds good," Harry replied.


"Let's show her to her room!" Louis exclaimed, trying to lighten the mood. We walked up the stairs and took a right and walked to the end of the hallway. There was a door on the left, and they led me into the guest bedroom.


It was huge! There was a massive white king-sized bed in the center. The walls were light blue with white crowning on the bottom. A large closet was to the left, and another door (probably the bathroom) to the right. On the left side of the bed was a cream-colored nightstand with a pretty lamp on top. On the front of the room close to the door was a large gorgeous bureau. I walked in, in awe.


"So, you like it?" Niall asked, smiling at my happy expression. I nodded, happily.


"Hmm," Louis thought out loud, "Nicole doesn't have a change of clothes to change into, so she can wear Niall's clothes!"


I violently shook my head. They laughed at my hilarious denial. They said good-night to me as they left me in peace. Niall was the last one out.


"Good night, love," He whispered. I blushed as he left. His accent was adorable. I pulled off my boots and jacket and slipped under the soft covers and fell asleep.

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