Save You Tonight

Nicole was abused by her father ever since her mother and brother died. When Nicole turned 16, she was kicked out onto the streets with nothing ... including her voice. All she wished was for someone to help her. And , someone did , but not any normal everyday guy.


2. Hero or Villian ?

I looked up at the boy. I felt unsure whether I should grab his hand or not. He smiled again, trying hard to make me feel better. I decided to take the chance and grab his hand. When I did, he helped me up.


"Are you okay?" He asked. I remained silent. I stared at the ground, unsure of what I should do. He tried to look me in the eyes, but I avoided him.


"Do you have anywhere to stay?" He asked. I shook my head. That was no answer, I was sure of.


"Why don't you stay with me tonight, then we can decide where you'll go in the morning," He said hoping I would talk. I don't know what I should do. He seems trustworthy, but looks can be decieving. But, what choice do I have? Stay with him for the night or sleep in a dangerous alleyway. Staying with him seems safer. I nodded my head and looked up at him. He smiled, noticing that I was finally giving him eye contact. Whenever I looked in his eyes, it gave me hope that things will get better. Hopefully my feelings are right.


He held onto my hand and led me out of the alley. I followed behind him, noticing how, he would glance back at me every now and then to make sure I was okay. That almost made me feel better. It seemed like we were slipping trough tons of dark alleys. He's making me nervous. Why doesn't he take the main road? It's probably safer. It's almost like he's trying to avoid something. I started to become nervous and stopped walking. Sill holding onto my hand, he turned around to look at me.


"What's wrong?" He asked. I wanted to talk to him, but no words would come out. I looked at him scared, trying to show him my true emotions. I think he realized what I was thinking, because he looked me straight in the eye.


"I promise, I won't hurt you, please believe me," he said seriously, "You've trusted me once, can't you trust me again?"


I looked him straight in the eye and nodded. We began slipping through the alley again. I hated walking through the eerie darkness, it's always made me nervous, ever since I was a child. He silently walked out of the alley way. We were now in front of a huge house. I'm surprised I have never noticed this before, well I don't get out much. When I looked again, I noticed a huge crowd of girls surrounding the house. I wonder what's going on their. The guy put his hood up and a pair of sunglasses on. He slipped past the crowd of girls and to the back of the house. I wondered why he was over here. He pulled out a key and unlocked the back door. He grabbed my hand and guided me into the house.


I stared at him suspiciously. He did not reply to my odd look, but tried to ignore me.


"I'll be back in a second," He said, "I won't leave you, I promise. Promise you won't leave."


He waited for me to reply. I nodded and he quickly ran out of the hallway. I stood there awkwardly, waiting for him to come back, when suddenly some other guy walked in. He had brown hair swept all to one side. His eyes had a funny devious look to them. He wore a striped green and red shirt with red pants. It was a very unique look. He turned around and looked at me. I looked back at him, too. He seemed taken back, surprised that I seemed confused by him, too. He turned around and yelled down the hallway.


"Hey!" he yelled, "Why's there some random girl in our house!"


I heard footsteps down the stairs, and the boy who saved me was here again.


"Yeah, Louis," he replied. Louis gave him a look and pointed to me. His eyes widened, realizing who Louis was talking about and walked up to me.


"I found her in an alleyway," He answered proudly. Louis looked at him oddly.


"What's her name?" Louis asked. The other boy quickly looked at me.


"Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself," he said, "I'm Niall, Niall Horan. And you are....?"

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