Unlocked Hearts - A Finchel Fanfic

Rachel has always been bullied . Everyday of school she fears turning the hall conors . The worst of the bullies are the cheerleaders . Specifically Quinn Fabray , head cheerleader , yeah that pretty , amazing , you know you want to be her , girl. As Rachel enters the school doors to highschool on her sophomore year, she hopes this year will be different, yet doubts it will be . But maybe there are a few things to look forward like glee club or perhaps the popular Finn Hudson football captin that she ran into on the first day. Will this year be alright after all.


11. Unlucky

Rachel's P.O.V
I woke up feeling terrible . Thank god it was the weekend , I don't need to see Finn anytime soon. My dads was on another vacation , so I don't have to worry about having any company. The house is all to myself. I spent about 4 hours watching kids cartoons , then at about 5:00 p.m. I heard a knocking at my door . Who could that be ? I walked over to the door . I looked through the pep hole and saw a gloomy Finn . I was about to go and sit back on the couch but then I felt a ping of guilt . I walked over and unlocked the door. "Yes ?" I said impatiently to him. He stood there In silence for a while . "Quinn's pregnant " a few tears falling down his Face ." Oh My God ." I stood on my tippy toes and hugged him for a while . " I'm So sorry ." I blurted out. I gently squeezed his hand and brought Him to the couch. I let him sit there. "You can stay for as long as you want." I said and handed him the T.V. Remote and slowly walked upstairs . Once in my room I gently shut my doors and sobbed into my hands. That kiss was such a mistake. Pull yourself together Rachel , your better than this . You will get over it. I wiped my tears off my face. I walked back down stairs . I went to the kitchen and made a fresh kettle of tea. I walked over to Finn with a cup of tea and sat down next to him . I handed the cup over to him. "How do you feel?" I asked not making eye contact. "I don't know ." He replied without feeling. "What are you guys gonna do , you know with the baby ?" I replied not knowing what else to say. He looked at me and then back to his tea "Keep it , I guess." He continued , " I'm really afraid of going home and telling my mom ." "You can stay here for now." I replied with a half smile . "Thanks " he said. I then stood up and looked at the clock , it read 6:30. "I'm gonna start making dinner." I said and walked to the kitchen . Now what should I make , what do I eat when I'm sad ? Oh yeah! I know the perfect dish.

Finn's P.O.V : How is this happening, I was just about to break up with Quinn so I could date Rachel , but I can't now that she is with my child . Right ? This I such a mess . I heard something crash in the kitchen . I all of a sudden felt a concern creep up , only to see Rachel pop out of the kitchen . She looked so cute in her cooking apron, and her nose covered in flour. " Do you like sprinkles by any chance ?" She asked leaning towards me a tiny bit on her toes . " Sure." I smiled . "Ok this is Great!" She exclaimed . We then heard the sound of glass breaking in the kitchen "I'm gonna go.." She pointed to the kitchen. "Probably should ." I laughed , and with that she hurried into the kitchen . 

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