Angel was just a girl that sit in the back of the room, a girl bullied for not following everyone else's ideas of perfection, a girl confused about who she is. That is, until she finds out who, or should I say what, she is.


4. Chapter Three Cont.+Chapter Four

Lost: Chapter Three Continued

June 7, 2013

    "… at all and its just annoying." I said. "Oh, sorry, I didn't know you felt so strong about that" "No problem" Right then the bell went off showing the end of class.

End of Chapter Three

Lost: Capter Four

June 7, 2013

      I walked inside of my home with Nate trailing behind me, the rest of the school day was spent getting to know Nate and with my other friends. I threw my book back down on the edge of the couch and went to go get food from the kitchen as Nate carefully followed. "Oh! Sorry, welcome to my home" I said bowing and motioning to my house. He smiled and let out a laugh that sent me into a daze and fogged up my brain. I shook my head and grabbed ice cream and some sour cream and onion potatoe chips. "Get anything you'd like" I said to him softly. A smile exploded on his lips as he grabbed the cookies, some chips, an orange, a slice of cake, and chocolate. I laughed "Some one's hungry" I said in a sing-song voice. He guiltily smiled "It's fine, let's start." He nodded as we started to study and I helped him out on everything he needed help on. Two hours later, he understood everything and all of our homework was done. "You wanna watch a movie?" I suggested. He nodded and smiled while saying "You have popcorn?" "Pfft, of course!" we both laughed as I popped the popcorn and he got a movie. I came back and saw as he put in 'paranormal activity 4' I let out a quiet whimper. I hate scary movies. "You okay?" Nate whispered. I nodded "I just hate scary movies" "I'll protect you" I smiled at him and peck his cheek. The current between us was almost painful, but so comforting and captivating at the same time. As it came to a scary part I screamed and hid in Nate's chest. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me kissing my hair and whispering soothing things to me. I pulled away partially and looked at him confused "Why are you being so nice to me?" "I-I don't know, you're just in a lot of my classes and one of the people that talked to me today, talking to me about who I am, not because I'm 'good-looking'" I nodded in understanding. "Oh, okay. Sorry" "No problem" he smiled. We finished the movie as I fell asleep on his chest, into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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