Hi my names Sky, and lets just say i have a complicated life but... theres some great moments between all that complication. <3


11. Relationships

While Darcy helped Paris fix her flat since she just moved in I bought necessary party supplies, invited everyone of our family members and friends.


I got out the ladder and started to hang up the streamers. "Okay last one" I said to my self leaning to the side trying to tape the last streamer without having to get down and move the ladder over. I knew it was a bad idea because as I leaned I felt the ladder slip from under me, I screamed and closed my eyes  as I waited for my body to fall on the hard stone floor, but someone caught me I opened my eyes and saw big brown eyes looking down at me "are you okay?" Jordan laughed "your a clumsy one"   Okay so remeber that cute boy in the back of math class, his name is Jordan Lautner yeah hes Taylor lautners son and I forgot to mention I dont go to a average high school its like a school for famous people's kids haha anyway, One day our math teacher snapped at me for having my skateboard in class and Jordan defended me so we both got detention and now hes one of my boy best friends okay anyways back to the story.


I rolled my eyes at him and hopped out of his arms "shut up, why are you here so early?" i groaned "I thought you could use some help and I was correct" he laughed 

He is so cute when he laughs, I hid my smile and got back to work.



Jordan stayed down stair chatting with my dad while I took a shower and changed into my electric blue zebra print bikini and put my half cut philipino flag shirt on with denim shorts and blue high tops.


I walked into the living room to see all the boys their and their dads + Jordan and Logan's girlfriend Monique, "Mon can you help me out in the kitchen" I smiled me and her are actually good friends now as we walked to the kitchen I felt eyes on us and I also heard slaps which was most likely the boys getting scolded from their dads " eyes on the tv boys" I heard my dad laugh.


We walked in the kitchen and saw Aunt Rosie, Aunt El, Aunt Perrie and Aunt Dani "Hey" I smiled  grabbing a water and drinking it down "okay shall we get started", we brought all the food outside to the table and placed the presents in the coat closet.


after a while everyone was here and I texted Darcy and Sky to come over I dont even think they remembered its their birthday its been so busy lately thats why.


We all hid and positioned our selfs I left my room light on cuz I told them I was laying in bed sick and bored. I saw the car lights shine through the window and told everyone to shut up. The door wasnt locked so everyone just waited for my signal "3,2,1" the door opened "surprise!!!" Everyone screamed, Darcy dropped her cupcake and pretended to cry " you guys are so mean"



Durning the party I noticed Paris hitting it off with Lucas They would be such a cute couple and I also noticed Jake BIeber flirting with Ms.Darcy Styles. I was about to get out of the pool when I felt someone pull me back I turned around and it was Jordan "Sky I like you" he smiled "I like you too" I laughed and his face turned serious "I like you more then friends I want you to be my girl" he smiled "Your drunk and I dont think you mean that" I sighed and started to swim away but again he pulled me back and I felt my lips meeting his, after a while he pulled away and looked me in the eyes "Im not drunk" and he was telling the truth his breath smelt minty fresh "Sky Horan will you be my girlfriend?" He laughed at my blank face "um yes Jordan I would love to" I smiled "Woohoo!!" I heard my dad cheer and Jordan wrapped me in a tight hug spinning me around.


Paris Pov 

I sat down on the lounging chair and felt someone sit by my feet I looked up and saw one of Sky's friends "um hi" I laughed "supp my names Lucas but you can call me yours" he winked I laughed so hard "awesome pick up line who'd you get that from your boy Mr.Malik, he already tried that on me"  he laughed also "seriously though my names Lucas nice to meet you umm.."  "Paris" I finished he nodded. We had a long conversation, hes really cool I feel like I can trust him


Darcys Pov 

I walked up to Jake and gave him a hug "hey babe" he smiled  no one knows but me and Jake are going out and I was going to tell Sky but shes been through a lot lately "have you told SKy yet so we dont have to be so secretive" he whined "not yet but we can tell everyone tonight together" I smiled giving him a quick kiss then running and jumping into the water with Sky.


Sky's pov

Darcy jumped in the water and I pulled her by me "I saw that" I smiled "saw what?" She asked wide eyed "you kissed Beiber On the lips" I squeaked "Are you mad?" She pouted " why would I be mad its your love life, just let me know if he breaks your heart and Ill pound him okay?" i smiled she nodded "okay now lets go open presents" I pulled her out of the water and we all gathered in the living room. The boys grabbed all the presents from the closet and brought them to the living room. 


Lastly I gave them my present they opened theirs at the same time I got them both a Nikon camera and new skateboards Darcys is Light blue, Paris's is turquoise and mine is electric blue  and on all of are boards it says the Blue crew. They screamed and gave me big hugs "thanks you so much". "Everyone I have a announcement to make" Darcy smiled grabbing Jakes hands standing up " me and Darcy are going out" Jake finished everyone clapped except for uncle Haz  "since we are confessing here Me and Jordan are going out also" I smiled my dad looked really happy  "Oh Darc should We show Sky the video now" Paris smiled Darcy nodded and they played a video on YouTube called All in my head by Sky Horan "Wait what" I screamed and they played the video of me singing at the beach---

logan kept looking at me through out the video "You still like me?" He questioned I had a straight face and shook my head no "no honestly I don't, I really like Jordan when I told you I didnt feel sparks anymore I was telling the truth but I was crushed and Jordan pulled me out of that trance when he became my friend" I sighed then I grabbed Jordan's hand and we walked out side.

as everyone left me and Jordan sat In the dark at the end of the porch and no one saw us, I saw Darcy  and Justin kiss as he left and then Paris and Lucas walked out  "Paris I forgot to give you a gift" Lucas smiled he grabbed her hands and looked her in the eyes "I know its soon but will you be my girlfriend? " he smiled she nodded and They kissed, I was going to squeal with joy but Jordan covered my mouth "let them have their moment" he laughed in my ear 

"wow the blue crew is all in relationships yay"



okay guys I think that was a pretty good chapter for me writing this in a hot car haha anyway hope you enjoyed it and yeah :) like favorite Comment at least comment what you guys think :)



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