Immortal Love

Lea and Harry have been best friends since kindergarten. they are in 12th grade. Harry has a deep secret to tell Lea but will he let his best friend, Liam, get in the way?


6. Chapter 5


(Still Lea's P.O.V.)

As we got out of the apartment I suggested that we walk instead of taking the car since Starbucks wasn't that far. Knowing that I win many arguments, he agreed to. While we walked he pointed out these noises and animals that I couldn't hear or see. Weird, right? It's like he had super hearing and night vision haha like a vampire. They don't exist though. It'd be pretty cool though, you know, vampires being real. Harry always hated when i watched Twilight. Something about that movie just provoked him. He's so weird, but I guess that's why I love him. I started smiling to myself. I guess Harry saw.

" What are you smiling about?"

" Oh nothing."

" That was so not nothing. You have to smile for a reason. What was it?"

" Your just so weird, and that's why I fell for you." I said smiling looking up at him.

" Well, I hope that's not the only reason. Haha."

" Well, you're handsome, caring, lovable.... should I carry on?"

" That was good enough for me." He said with a teethy smile.

We arrived at Starbucks. Harry had his arms around my waist while we we walking up to the register.

" Hi, My name is Tiffany. What would you like?" She was so pretty! She had long black straight hair. her skin so fair, there was no need for make-up. She is so natural.I could see the Cherokee Indian in her.

" Uh, yes I'd like to get a Carmel Frap. Crunch."

" And for you sir..?" she asked.

" Errm, a Valencia Orange Starbucks Refresher please?"

" no problem. Your total comes to $8.47."

" Here ya go." I gave her the money and after a few minutes she handed us our drinks. We said our thank you's and headed out the door.

" This is so good Haz! wanna try it?"

" Eww no I despise Carmel!"

" You're such a baby!"

I could hear fast footsteps behind me but i didn't get a chance to turn around because there was a man who slapped me in the face, making my face hit the cold hard pavement, and ran off with my purse. Harry checked to make sure I was okay before running after the purse snatcher. I didn't drop my drink surprisingly. I could see Harry running. I got up and jogged myself over to the alley where i saw something so unexpected. I dropped my drink. So much for not dropping it.

" H-Harry?" I said while my breath hitched.

" Lea, go home. Now." He said sternly. Me being to stubborn person I am I stayed and faced what was happening.

" Haz, your eyes. They're red. What the hell is happening?"

" Lea, I said go home."

I need to stand my ground.

" No."

" No? Lea, I don't want to hurt you. If you won't go home then wait for me around the corner."

" Harry, what are you gonna do?"

" Lea!"

I slowly backed away and walked towards the corner. I stood defeated. I could hear screaming. All I could do was slump down against the brick bakery building and start crying to myself.

"Lea please don't cry. I will explain everything to you as soon as we get back to apartment. I pinky promise." He slightly smiled and held out his pinky for me to take. I hesitantly took it of course me being scared to touch him after what I saw and heard. We walked home in silence and finally arrived to apartment # 402. We walked in the house and I ran to the couch and demanded he tell me what the hell happened back there.

"First tell me why your eyes are red."

" I will tell you but you won't believe me. You'd think they are only fictional characters you read about in books."

" Harry, please. I beg of you. Tell me."
" My eyes are red because, I'm a vampire Lea. I am so so so sorry that you had to find out this way."

My eyes started to water.

" Okay. Do you have fangs?"

" Yep. See?" He popped out his fangs making me jump. I moved closer to him and put my hand to his cheek.

" Harry when did this happen to you?"

" Well 5 years ago, remember when I was out for a week? Well, that was the week i was going through my phases. I was getting my powers and fangs. I had to learn to control my thirst for blood and how to keep my eyes their natural color. My best friend, Liam, changed me. He on the other had changed me because he got mad when I beat him at the mortal combat video game. I got so scared when his eyes turned red and he kept looking at my neck. I was too scared to move and escape from him. I knew I couldn't escape from his vampire speed. So I sat there and took what was about to come. I had no choice. L-Lea, I would never hurt you."

He cried. For the first time I saw him cry. Tears of fear and sadness. I felt horrible.

" Harry? Harry look at me. I know you'd never hurt me. If you did you'd lose you junk for sure." I said creating laughter from both of us.

" I love you Harry. Never forget that. I'm here for you forever and always. But I do have one question."

" Yeah, sure, what is it?"

" Did you kill that man in the alley?"

" No I just scared him enough for him to scream and run the other way. But your purse, I never got back. I was worried about you."

" It's okay all I had in there was make-up, nothing else. Thank god."

" Well we've had quite the night. I'm tired and want to go to sleep. You comin' Lea?"

" Yep I'm tired."

I changed into my Micky Mouse PJ's and climbed into bed with a shirtless Harry. I turned myself to him and nuzzled my head in his chest.he wrapped his arms around my waist and we slowly drifted off to sleep together.





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