Immortal Love

Lea and Harry have been best friends since kindergarten. they are in 12th grade. Harry has a deep secret to tell Lea but will he let his best friend, Liam, get in the way?


13. Chapter 12

Lea's P.O.V.


This is it. I'm dead. I know it. I don't have a Heartbeat. I'm cold. Wait. I hear something. I feel something soft in my hand. I'm not dead?

" Lea!? Thank god. Babe wake up, please."

I tried to open my eyes and when they opened I squinted. Then I opened them again. I saw everything. The dust in the air, the water particles on my plants. Then I saw him. Harry. My love.

" Harry." I smiled and hugged him.

" Lea. Please, I'm losing air."

I giggled then let go.

" Sorry. Haz? What happened? How am I alive?"

" It's fine. Um well, I bit you. Lea, you're a vampire. I have someone I want you to meet. He left the coven I was in. His name is Louis. My best mate. He didn't like the fact that they were hurting you. He was the one who was forced to kidnap you. He always hated them so when he saw that they were hurting you, He ran to me and told me where you were and to come fight for you. He helped me save you. We both love you Lea. So? Do you want to meet him?"

" Yes. I would love to."

He helped me off the bed and I was dressed in a white lace dress that cam down to just above my knees.

" Harry how long was I out?"

" For about three days."

" Wow. At least I'm well rested haha."

" You would be the only newborn to crack a joke the day of their awakening." He said smiling.

We walked out of the room and into the living room. I saw a tall handsome boy with blueish greenish eyes and brown short-long hair that was windswept.

" Hi, I'm Louis. We've met but not on very good circumstances."

" Haha I'm Lea." I ran to him and hugged him tightly

" Thank you for helping Harry save me. I owe to you."

" It's fine. By the way newborn, you're crushing me."

" Sorry!"

I started to feel sick. I held my stomach with one hand and my mouth with the other. I ran to the bathroom as quick as I could. I hunched over the toilet and soon enough so many things came up.I felt so empty.

Harry's P.O.V.

" Louis this isn't right she isn't supposed to get sick no vampire has ever gotten sick before. Lou I'm worried."

" I don't know this is unknown to me. Have you guys had intercourse?"

" Yes but I thought vampires couldn't get pregnant?"

" She's different Haz. I need to go to the store. I'll be back."

She can't be pregnant. This is unheard of. If any other covens know about this what would they do?

** 1 hour later **


Soon enough I hear knocking on the door. Its Louis.

" Thanks bro."

" No problem. She's still in there?"

" She was out for about 15 minutes but then went right back in."

" Well I got some food, drinks, toilet paper, movies, and some games for us to play."
" Alright cool. Thanks."

Louis P.O.V.

" I'm gonna check up on her okay Haz?"

" Alright I'm gonna put the stuff away."

 With that I walked into the bathroom and crouched down next to Lea.

" Louis. Hey. Whats up?"

" Hey I got you something. Don't freak out okay. Just do it and when you are done open the door and I'll come in." I handed her a pregnancy test. 3 actually just to be sure.

" Okay Lou."

** 5 minutes later **

I heard the door open.

" Lou?"

" Coming in. Are you decent?"

" Yes dummy."

" Hey! Do they say anything?"

" Not yet gotta wait a few more seconds." She said with a nervous smile.

I could tell she was freaking out.

" Lou? How do you think Harry with react if I am?"

" He will be surprised no doubt but because you are having his child, he will be happy. Uneasy but happy."

" Thank you Lou. I just had a lot of relief washed over me. You ready?"

" Yep."

2 lines. 2 lines. 2 lines. She's pregnant.

" Oh my god Louis." she had watery eyes.

" Please let those be tears of joy."

" Tears of joy and nervousness. What if I can't do it?"

" You can do it. You are going to be a great mother. Come on let's go tell Harry."

 She grabbed the tests and walked out of the bathroom. I put my arm around her shoulders and walked with her. I could feel her shaking.

" Haz. Sit down. Lea has something to say." I gave him a glare to him and the couch.

Lea's P.O.V.

I walked over to him while I held the tests behind my back. He looked so nervous. I would be too if I was put in this position. I pulled the tests into sight.

" Harry, I don't know how to say this but, I'm pregnant."

His eyes grew wide. He slowly got off the couch and towered over me because of my height. I was expecting a slap to my face because of what happened to my mom with my dad but Harry had a big grin on his face. He grabbed my face and kissed me with passion.

" Wait, so you're not mad?"

" Oh my god no! I freaking happy! I'm going to be a dad and you! You are going to be the greatest mom in the world! I could not be happier for our little bunny!."

" I love you harry."

" I love you Lea."

He got down on his knees and was in direct contact with my stomach.

" Hi there. I'm your daddy. I can't wait to see you. Boy or girl. Mommy and I love you very much. I cant wait to start buying clothes and stuff for you. Your mommy is going to be the best mother in the world. We can sing songs to you every night.I hope you have your mommy's eyes because they are beautiful. If you are a boy I really hope you have my curls because daddy says that the curlies get the girlies. We love you baby bunny."

" I'm going to go haha. It's getting late and Eleanor probably wants me home. I am very Happy for you guys."

With that he left the apartment.

" Can we go to bed? It's been pretty tiring with the vomit and our little bunny."

" Yea lets go."

I got changed into my mickey shorts and a Minnie tank top.Harry changed into a White T-shirt and his boxers. We climbed into bed and just lay there. I turned to face him. He smiled.That made me smile like an idiot.

" Lea? Why did you pick me?"

" What do you mean?"

" I mean why do you like me? Why did you say yes to being mine when you could have any other guy?"

" we have been best friends since birth and we have no secrets towards each other. Your personality stood out the most in my entire life. I have had a crush on you since I was about 8 years old. To be honest it was the curls that really go me." I said pretty confident in my answer

" I knew it! these curlies always get the girlies! Whoo!"


" Wow Hazza. Lets go to bed."

" I love you Lea. I really do."

" I love you too Harry. Forever and Always."

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