Some Poems I Wrote at Vanderbilt Summer Academy

The title says it all. I wrote these at a Summer School at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and I want to share them with the world. :)


2. Well-Put-Out Cigarette

My heart is now filled with empty regret.

She was  a revolutionary tyrant ended.

She is now a well-put-out cigarette.

A fragment in my mem’ry tended.


Her harsh words cut like sharp knives in my head;

The harsh words roll around my head unexpressed;

I stay alone at night in my own bed,

And I know the safety of my room is best.


I’ve locked you out as I lock the door-

The blinds are down and I am in the night.

The garish sun has sunk into the core,

And everything around me feels just so right.


As my neighbor I allow you to stay,

And in the dark I find the light of day.

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