Beat of My Heart [Sequel to Irresistible]

Amber finally becomes a newborn vampire and experiences life an entirely different way. She immediately has these new cravings--blood. She becomes the thing that she never wanted to be in the first place, a monster. But unfortunately, Niall is unable to control her. Amber’s urges for more blood grows stronger, which leaves Niall to turn to the only person he thinks can help her. Louis. Will Amber hold on to the love she has for Niall, or leave her humanity behind and fall for someone new?


4. Louis' Secret Plan

Amber's POV.

Life without Niall was great. I didn't have to worry about him holding me back from all the fun I was missing out on. There weren't any friends left who'd allow me to stay with them. I mean there's Kate, but she's still mad at me. Also there's Derek, but he won't forgive me for the incident at the bonfire.

Being a vampire was difficult since I was beginning to lose all of my friends. As I walked along the street, I came across the park and sat down on one of the benches to rest for a while. It felt like I had been walking for days. I had nowhere to turn now.

I couldn't go back to the mansion without being scolded by Niall. I sighed, resting my head in my hands. I was new to this whole lifestyle and I've killed so many people without even realizing it. Maybe I should just kill myself now. I thought to myself, and then I realized how stupid that would be.

I can't back out now. Of course, it was pointless now. I was already dead, and the only way was to drive a stake through my own heart. I was alone in this world now. I had no friends to turn to, and all my family... dead. I had no other siblings, no other friends besides the guys.

I guess they didn't want me back in their lives now. "A girl like you shouldn't be left alone, especially at night." I heard a voice and turned my head to see Louis walking towards my direction. He sat down beside me as I turned away from him.

I didn't want to look into his blue eyes since they only reminded me of Niall. Tears began to form and roll down my cheeks. I felt his hand reach over, turning my face towards him. "I hate to see a beautiful girl like you cry." he said, wiping my tears away with his thumb as he caressed my cheek. "Talk to me."

He pulled his hand away as I just looked at him for a second longer, then looked down at the ground. "What's there to talk about Louis?" I asked him, glancing towards his direction. He shrugged his shoulders. "What's on your mind right now?" he asked.

"I don't know where I belong anymore. I don't fit in with you guys." I answered. I could see it in his eyes that it seemed like he knew how I felt, but his facial expression told me different. "It's normal to feel that way Amber. None of us couldn't find ourselves at first." he said.

I just looked at him, confused. He immediately stood up and held out his hand towards my direction. "Come take a walk with me." he smiled. I looked at his hand, then reluctantly took it as he helped me to my feet.

As we walked side by side, some of the street lamps began to turn on. I didn't realize it was that late at night, but I guess I haven't really been in this part of town when night came. "I know being a vampire is hard Amber. It's going to get easier, but it takes a lot of skill to fight the urge." he said.

"It was hard for me. You're surprised now, but you'll understand when you're as old as us. For the first few years, the blood is going to overwhelm you. It's your number one priority, above all others like family and friends. You are going to forget them for a little while, but when you can finally control yourself and keep your sanity, you'll be fine."

"You make it seem like blood is as easy as drinking water." I said.

"I guess you can put it that way." he said.

"How'd you become a vampire? How were you able to control the urge?"

Louis' POV.

I had a feeling that she was going to ask that question someday. "Well, it all started when..."



It was the turn of the 19th century. Everything had begun booming. The Industrial Revolution was finally coming to a start. Though some of the workers were beginning to get rowdy, and there would be fights all around us.

Isabelle, my girlfriend, was one of the main reasons I continued to work. Even though I hardly saw her, I always thought about her no matter what hardships I had to deal with to make enough money to get out of this place.

There was a fight that began on the streets one afternoon, and nobody wanted to stop it. Of course I had to be the brave person to stop the fight. What I hadn't realized that one of the men was holding a knife.

I glanced down at the wounds, and there was a lot of blood as I fell to my knees. I hit the ground and laid there for hours thinking that moment was the end of me. I was never going to see Isabelle again. I fought for the longest time to stay alive, just long enough to see a woman walk towards me.

It was dangerous out here, but her surroundings didn't seem to bother her. She was accompanied by two men. I didn't recognize any of them. "Shall we dispose of the body?" One of the men asked.

My sight became blurred as I tried to focus on the three people before me. The woman crouched before me and I felt her touch. It was cold, but it felt nice knowing that I was going to die. "He's too valuable to die. He has some potential." she said.

Within moments of just hearing her voice, I tasted something that seemed unpleasant. At the time, I couldn't have guessed that it was blood. Of course I didn't care whether I was going to stay alive or just die right then and there. I had already given up so much.

Suddenly everything went black around me. I had awoken hours later, gasping for air. It felt as if I had been submerged underwater for the longest time. As I sat up, I looked at all of my surroundings. Where am I? I asked myself, then saw the woman in the room.

She was beautiful. She had jet black hair, but bright blue eyes. How was that possible? "You're awake." she smiled. "You must be thirsty." She held out a body before me and I just stared at the body's neck before me.

There was a burning sensation in the back of my throat. Was that what the woman meant by 'thirsty'? I was so confused. My only focus was on the blood before me and without any hesitation, I drank.

For another fifty years, the woman and I had stuck together. Though five years after I was turned, she brought me to see Isabelle but my former girlfriend had moved on. Isabelle had found a new man after hearing the news that I had been killed. She was happy now, but it still broke my heart to see her with him.

From then on, I knew it was time to let go of the past. The woman that I have been traveling with became my companion. We had killed so many people along the way while turning others. The woman's name was Nora. Eventually I learned that she had turned me into a vampire since she had been one for many years herself.

She was centuries older than me, but she had been one of the few friends I had made before going to England. Nora and I had encountered Harry. Of course, we quickly found out that he was a womanizer after hearing many stories from all the girls we talked to.


"Eventually, we found three more guys to add to our group. Niall was the last to be added, but his family history was more tragic than ours." I told Amber. "The blood took time to get used to. For some of us, we're still struggling. I'm not going to let you do this alone.

"I wouldn't be a good friend if I just let you loose and let you kill as many people as you want, which did actually happen. I know I'm not making the situation any better, but I turned you which means I have every right to tell you what to do."

It wasn't going to be an easy task to train Amber since she was already so far gone. I was afraid that I would let Niall down and be unable to restore Amber's humanity. I just hope that there some left to revive her. If there aren't any left, I might as well do it the old fashioned way.

Get her to fall in love with me.

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