No longer innocent, I've been scarred too much

My names Alex Payne. You've probably have heard of my brother Liam Payne who is 1/5 of the world-famous boy band. I'm 18, and Liam is 19 years old. We were really close until he got called back by the X-Factor judges, then he just forgot me. After him and the band became bigger and closer he never texted or called. It's been three years and I live with my parents still because I have one more week of my last year of school ever. I changed after Liam left me alone. My parents started to work more and talked to me rarely, I started to self-harm myself, I have too many scars and burns to count now. I got bullied because of Liam so I decided to change my looks and became the 'Bad Girl' in school. I got new friends, and they taught me how to smoke, do drugs, drink and do a bunch of crazy pranks-some would call them a bad influence but me I just say we know how to live! My parents are now used to it and don't try to change who I am.


1. Relaxing, and the news

Alex POV:

I wake up to my alarm clock beeping. URGHHH. Today is the day Liam comes to visit the family and me. Yes, my brother Liam Payne. When he was 16 he left to go on the X-Factor and besides that I've never talked to him since. No text, call, email-anything. When people realized that we were siblings they started bullying me. It got so bad I started to cut and even burn myself. Then one day I got sick of being the innocent nerd with a 'gay' brother in the famous band. I totally changed myself. New clothes, hair, attitude, piercings, tattoos, friends-everything. I started to smoke, drink and party non-stop. I even got a job at Victoria's Secret as a model-can't wait to see Liam's reaction!

I get out of bed and put on a black tank top, a dark blue lace tank on top, black combat boots, and a dark blue studded bracelet. I put in my lip ring, eyebrow piercings, my nose ring and put one earring on the right, and four on the, blush, black eyeliner on the top and bottom then connect and make Angel Wings, fake lashes, mascara, and I out on a classic red lipstick to complete the outfit.

I walk down stairs after I fix my red-black 'scene' hair. I skip breakfast like always. I have a eating disorder and I only eat when someone notices because I don't want to explain it. I grab my phone and text my best friend Chloe.

To: Chloe From:Alex

Heyy Biotch I need 2 relax b4 Liam comes lets go 2 our place.

Chloe replies instantly saying yes. I grab my skateboard and ride the whole way there. Our place is a little abounded cabin in the woods that we found three years ago  when we first became friends-a month after Liam left and I changed. I go into the creepy cabin that's more of my house than my actual one. My parents barely ever talk to me since I changed but this place is abounded like me. I dig in my black bag for a lighter and a joint. I light it up and immediately relax.

Chloe comes in and we sit there talking and smoking. I feel so high and before I know it's almost 9 pm. "Shit I should get home, mom is gonna kill me! I can't get grounded with Liam is there it'd be impossible to sneak out!" 

"OMFG yes and Tyler's party is tomorrow we CAN'T miss it!" Chloe says and we both skateboard home. When I get home I see only my mom is here-my dad died and my two other siblings are in college. I run up to my room and put on Sleeping With Sirens to decide on my outfit.

A black bra with a skull belly shirt, dark blue ripped booty shorts, black combat boots. I add a black skull necklace, and two thick black bracelets. For my makeup I put on a lighter foundation to make myself look paler, dark red blush, thick black eyeliner on top and bottom, fake lashes, mascara, and to top it off dark red lipstick. There now this should freak Liam out even though it's one of my favorite outfits.

I walk down stairs and go to the music room. Its a studio with 4 guitars, 5 mics, 1 keyboard, 10mps, all that's mine. I go to my favorite mic that is black and red. I am about to start singing when I hear the door open and greetings. Oh great, Liams here! Note the sarcasm. I walk out  and see Liam sitting on the couch with mum and four other boys. I know their names because they are ALWAYS on the tv or radio. But they are all probably not my type and no one night stands because Liam will kill them.

"Hey guys my sister Alex is great. She is really quiet and sweet and innocent. You'll love her." Liam says. And my mom gets a guilty look when he says this.

I walk in the living room and Liam looks at me his whole face is on shock. "Wha-what happened to you hair and clothes and omg what happened to you?"

"What do you think fucking happened? I grew the fuck up. But wait you still think I'm that 15 year old you left who wouldn't even talk in class. Bitch please." I say and roll my eyes. "I'm going out with Chloe and Tyler I'll be back whenever. Don't wait up."

"No your not you need to pack darling." My mum says.

"1st of all don't call me darling. 2nd of all you don't tell me what to do. and 3rd of all fucking pack for what??!!" I half yell at mum.

"You're going to pack for the One Direction tour your going on with Liam." Mum says. AW HELL NO!

"Not fucking happening. Wait I have one more full week of school! Ha biotches!" I yell at my mum. How would ever think I'd EVER fucking go with him.

"You always skip school anyways, plus I already talked to your principal, you get out early and won't go to the graduation ceremony. You have no choice you ARE going. Now go pack." My mum says sternly.

"FUCK YOU!!!" I scream and I run up to my room. I grab the only two things that keep me sane. The lighter and razor. I go to the ensuite bathroom. I open the lighter and put it right next to my hip bone. After I burn myself twice I cut it three times. I whelp in pain each time. How could they make me go with the first person who abounded me? Why? What did I do? I was finally getting better with the food and hurting myself.

I might as well get over with the packing. Or my mum or Liam will do it and only pack my old shit. I get up from my fetal position on the floor and walk into my room. I grab a huge black suitcase. I put all of my clothes in it. Then I put in my hair products, makeup, teeth things in my smaller bag. I put my shoes in the bigger suitcase. I also remember to bring my club outfits with everything else. Everything is almost packed I just put in a picture of me and Chloe. One of me Chloe and Tyler. And one of all of the people in our group which is like 20 people. I'm the leader so how will they cope without me? I take in my room once more. The red walls with my favorite quotes and poster of bands. I walk downstairs and Liam puts my stuff in the car. When he comes back I think of something else.

"MUMMMMMM Whatta bout my job? I'll get fired if I don't do at least on shoot a week!" I say to my mom.

"I'll talk to them and you can do photo shoots in the other countries you go to." My mom says. I nod.

"What photo shoots?" Liam ask.

"Um what do you think? I'm a model dumbass." I snap. "Let's just go. Bye mum see ya." I say as I walk out to the car.

Let's get ready to cause chaos with One Direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWHAHA I guess I'll live through this year if Liam doesn't try and stop it.



Hey guys I got bored writing my other stories so I decided to do one that will b more fun to write. I hope you guys like this story I will try to update once a day but that probably won't happen so at least once a week! Thank you lovelies!!!!!!! :)


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