College at its Best (One Direction Fanfic)

These two girls go abroad to college and have a beautiful, but fleeting relationship with someone.


7. One Day Left in London

Dear DRGM, 

Yesterday the phone rang and it was Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt apparently got in a huge fight with Oxford so now I have one day until I have to leave. Marie and Amy are still staying (Don't worry about them), but I have to leave Niall. I am not sure how I am going to be able to. We just told each other that we love each other, but I am going to miss him. Plus, he is H-O-T with a capital H and his band - One Direction - is going to be on the X Factor AND I KNOW THAT AFTER ONE TAPPING SCREAMING GIRLS ARE GOING TO WANT HIM. I mean, I trust him and all... Right? Yeah... I do... But I don't know if he trusts me... Does he? I don't know. I want to trust that we can keep a relationship going from different countries, but I am afraid. I need to pack. I need to give all of my teachers my stuff. I have to remember not to cry at the airport when One Direction, Amy, and Marie drop me off at the airport. I will not cry. I promise. I will not cry. I promise. Well, I have to go do everything on my list before I depart. I will not cry. I will not cry now. *Tear drop falls on Diary* 


This is a bad day dairy :( 

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