College at its Best (One Direction Fanfic)

These two girls go abroad to college and have a beautiful, but fleeting relationship with someone.


3. First Day in London

Dear NDRGM, 

I just got back from my campus tour with Liam. He has hair of brown gold and a smile that could melt your heart. His accent is super sexy! And at one point he got a little hot so he took of his shirt... OMG! That boy has adorable abs! I love London! Tonight Liam is going to show Marie, Amy, and I all of London so he can tell as where all the best places are to go. *phone rings* Sorry NDREGM. Marie and Amy called me. They did a three way call. Apparently, the guy who gave them a tour of Cambridge is named Harry. According to Amy he has this slow, smooth accent and awesome curly hair that falls off his head. What is a really weird coincidence about this whole thing is that it turns out that Liam and Harry are best buds. The live in an apartment with three other guys in it. That makes FIVE GUYS IN ONE APARTMENT.... It must be really messy... I think that all of them are going to go out with us tonight. They call themselves something like... Wonder Action? No. Von Deeerection? No. One Darection? No. One Dyereaction. I think that I am getting closer. I think that that is how it sounds with those SEXY British accents. ONE DIRECTION! That's it! They have  a whole name for themselves. I think it's weird, but cute at the same time. Well, I am going to go get ready for our walk across town and our meeting with these five boys. I wonder if they are all cute or not? Well... I guess I will find out soon :)


Diary Day 3 Accomplished :) 


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