College at its Best (One Direction Fanfic)

These two girls go abroad to college and have a beautiful, but fleeting relationship with someone.


1. My Life Before London

Dear New Diary that my roommate Riley gave me because she thinks that it will help me sort out all of my feeling, 

Wow! That was a long name to say dear to. How about I just call you NDTRGM (new diary that Riley gave me) for short. So. Let me try this again. 


Have you ever felt lonely? Unavailable? Undesirable? Or just... Ehhhh. I have. Correction! I am. I sit in my dorm room day after day looking into the oblique. That hot, yet subtle cold air, reeks through my window. The city lights from downtown Nashville light up my double dorm room. And the sound from the honkey tonk bars buzz in my ears.I can't stand it. I sit in my room all day and all night. Eating. Sleeping. Playing Guitar. And just kind of lounging. Riley keeps yelling at me to get off my butt, but I refuse. I tell her that my nickname is couch-potato, but I don't think that she is buying it.  I am just really depressed. Enough of my going on and on about me depressed. Unless... Did I forget to tell you why? I probably did. Sorry. The reason is that I miss my friends. We all separated when we went to college and I barley get to see them. Don't get me wrong. I made new friends and they are F***ing AWESOME, but sometimes I would like to talk about people in my home town or talking about my home town itself without having to explain it first. Don't get too upset though... I sent in an application to go abroad next semester to London and so did my friends Amy and Marie (friends from my home town). I should hear what the answer is by tomorrow. They are suppost to be reviewing our applications tonight. Who knows?I'm crossing me fingers. If I go to London it means that I could go to Oxford. I have always wanted to go there. Plus, we are going to meet SOME BRITISH PEOPLE!!!! I love their accents. They always make me happy. Well, Riley is making me leave the dorm room now so I can go hang out with her and her pretty cool boyfriend Ivan. Dreadful right? Maybe not for you, but I just want to be alone right now. Hopefully London will help and then I will come home and be happy and upbeat and so much less depressed. 

WOW! Maybe this diary thing is actually helping. Let's hope it keeps it up because otherwise I won't be as happy. 

Diary Day 1 Accomplished 

*Riley if you read this line then I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY* 

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