I've loved the stars ever since I was born. I would sit out every night and watch them dwindle away to little specks in the morning. I would also see these other creatures that ruined nearly every evening. No one else I had met saw them. They thought I was sick, but I wasn't . Those monsters were far too real, and I had to help the other 4 people who could also see them, get rid of them. I would be part of the biggest, yet secretive war there is. And it would be all because of the stars.


4. The mining system

As I touched down on the ground, I scraped my foot on something very hard. I quickly changed back to my normal body and observed the area around me. It was a road I was familiar with. 

   If I turn the corner and then go down the alley way then turn right, I'll be in town. I followed my own instructions and entered town. Maybe it wasn't right to go into town in a torn night gown whilst looking a bit like a tramp. I would definitely look suspicious if nothing else. I saw a break in between the shops but there was a tall fence. The fence was way to high to climb. I closed my eyes and searched for useful animals nearby. I found a squirrel and changed into into it's body.

     The fence was easy to climb when you had little claws that stuck into the wood as you ascended. When I got to the top I wondered how I was supposed to get down again, but then I realized I had folds of skin to simply and gently glide down to the ground. I switched back to my regular body and walked on.

     I was in a small passage way that ran behind all the shops. It was really dark and I hoped I wouldn't get caught down there.

     As I was walking along, I recalled what had happened to me this evening, I had very nearly died whilst being a bird. That would be an interesting story to tell my Mum. Or the hospital. Could you imagine what the funeral would be like? 

     Any way, when I reached the end of the alley way, I saw a dark figure stood there, waiting for someone. Could it be me? Or some unsuspecting member of the public? I ducked low into the shadows, trying my best to wish away my white nightgown and magically get a black one. Making me jump, a hand rested on my shoulder. A warm hand though. 

   "Are you Ismarai?" a voice whispered in my ear.

   "Yes," I replied a little uncertain after tonight's events.

   "Ok, good." The figure knocked on the panel behind us and it opened to reveal a small area where there was a large mine entrance.

      I cautiously followed the figure, making sure I was aware of every animal that could be of some use to me incase this happened to be another monster. We stepped into the mine entrance. It smelled old and dusty, like it hadn't been used in a long time. Once we were inside, I noticed how intricate this place was. There were tunnels that led every where all over town and maybe even further, and the figure knew where every single one led to. Although, the figure no longer was a figure. As there were torches all down the walls, I could see the figure clearly. It was a young boy no older than 16. He had blonde wavy hair and violet eyes, like my eyes.

     When he picked up one of the torches, it burned his hand and so he dropped it on the floor causing the area we were in to go dark.

   "Um..." I said.

   "Oh, sorry, I, I.. I dropped it and, yeah. Not to worry, I, I can f-fix that!!" he stuttered. He held his hand up to the flame and I felt a sudden loss of energy.

   "HEY!! Don't take energy from ME!!" I shouted.

   "Sorry, your conscious is hard to figure out. I thought you were a star. Wait a minute, y-you you seem like you have several conscious' ".

   " Yeah, I wouldn't ask about that if I were you."

   "Don't worry, you can tell me! After all, we do all have gifts! Look I'll show you! "

   "What are you going to do?" I asked suspiciously.

   "Just watch." He held his hand up towards the flame-less torch. At first there was a little smoke, and then more. After a little while, there was fire. "Cool huh?"

   "Not really," I answered.

   "Why? What have you got?" he asked, trying to hide his reaction to what I had said.

   "No, do I have to?"


     I stepped back from him a little. I closed my eyes, concentrated my thoughts and searched for an impressive animal I could turn into. I found a wolf very close by so I would easily change into it. Why was he making me do this?

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