I've loved the stars ever since I was born. I would sit out every night and watch them dwindle away to little specks in the morning. I would also see these other creatures that ruined nearly every evening. No one else I had met saw them. They thought I was sick, but I wasn't . Those monsters were far too real, and I had to help the other 4 people who could also see them, get rid of them. I would be part of the biggest, yet secretive war there is. And it would be all because of the stars.


3. Fight in flight

I soon found out that I was the quicker flyer, I guessed that was because I wasn't the one who was injured. Or it could have been the type of birds we both were, I didn't know! My talons weren't very big so changed to a bird who did have big sharp talons. I could only change into the body of an animal that was within a mile of me. The animals closer were easier to change into and the the ones further away were harder to change into. As a bird, I had all the natural instincts of one but I still had the thoughts of a human, which helped in situations like this. 

     I think I was some type of falcon because of the size of my claws, although I didn't really know, I wasn't good with birds. Anyway, it didn't really matter that much now as I was drawing closer to the body shifting monster. It was dangerous to change body in the air but I had spent days, weeks, months, even years, perfecting the art, that was why I was able to do it (I had badly hurt myself in those times). The monster however, couldn't have practised because it wasn't changing. Well, normally he wouldn't have to change but right now; he was a sparrow, easy to grab in my talons! 

     My soft feathers cutting through the air, I flew up so I was directly above the sparrow. It didn't know I was following it so I would just have to swoop down and that would be that. The end. Unless...

    I decided to go then, it was a good time because the sparrow had flown up a little so when I attacked, I wouldn't hit the ground below. The wind was blowing in the right direction and at the right speed. Sharply, I pushed my wings forwards and I turned to face the ground and then before I started to come back around in a front flip, I straightened them, so I would dive bomb the sparrow. As I neared the little bird, I held out my talon to grab it. This was going to be messy but it would be worth it. I had seen the 'hallucinations' all the time but I didn't know they were coming for me. But now, I was coming for them. This war had to end, and I was joining it after so long of resisting. I knew that only 4 other people saw what I saw and had joined the war. One of them was Elainor. She's was my friend since I was little and I had gone through every thing with her. She had told me a lot about the group she was in. For many years, she was my role model, I looked up to her.

     I had fallen a very long way when the sparrow was just at the tip of my talons. I reached to close the jointed feet into a sort-of-fist, but in the short space between then and now, the little sparrow had managed to twirl around in the air, open it's mouth, fire molten magma at me and fail when it shot past me. 

   So maybe that's how the fire started. Messing around with a gift. How typical of the bad guy. I though to myself.

     So it had the ability to shoot molten magma out of their mouths, how helpful? Trying to blend into the night sky, I carefully avoided the bird as best as I could. The monsters must have had good eyesight as the fountain of magma erupted from the mouth of the bird again. I had to dodge to the left to stop myself from being killed, even then it was a near miss!

     That horrible screeching sound and the molten magma was on some kind of continuous loop. I was starting to get really tired, I had to kill it quick. I flew up high and then dive bombed the bird but from the left, where it wasn't expecting. I fell down at such a huge speed that I was afraid of catching fire like the meteors do. This time I was going to use my sharp beak to hit the monster, hoping it would be quicker and more effective. I was millimeters away from my target. Everything seemed to be in slow motion and the sparrow hadn't noticed me yet. I felt my beak sink into the unsurprisingly cold flesh of the bird, then watched it fall off of my beak and to the ground several hundred feet away.

   One down, thousands to go. I thought to myself, swooping down to the ground to change back to my regular body.  

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