I've loved the stars ever since I was born. I would sit out every night and watch them dwindle away to little specks in the morning. I would also see these other creatures that ruined nearly every evening. No one else I had met saw them. They thought I was sick, but I wasn't . Those monsters were far too real, and I had to help the other 4 people who could also see them, get rid of them. I would be part of the biggest, yet secretive war there is. And it would be all because of the stars.


1. Look back

Breathing in the cold, fresh night air, I stepped out into the garden. As I walked by the tree, I felt the thin branches scrape against my cheek and neck, it didn't hurt as I had done it so many times before. I was only using the thin light of the moon and stars to guide me. The one thing I hated about the night was the noises. So I would block my ears with my fingers and use the stars as my compass. Out of the darkness, a rat appeared, it's beady eyes staring into mine. Other people said they weren't there, other people said I saw hallucinations, visions of things that weren't real. But they were real, they were very real. Right at this moment in time, a war was happening between humans and hallucinations, and I was part of it. But I didn't know how or what they were.

     I had to meet up with my friend, Elainor. She too saw the hallucinations but she knew all about them and she was going to tell me what had been happening to me most of my life. Night and day. Year after year, ever since I was a very little girl. I was going to have my life explained to me, weird. 

     I crossed the road outside my house and walked down it, hopefully, my mum would think I'm still tucked up in bed fast asleep. Strange, that hadn't happened in a very long time! I had to walk down the road to the alley way where there were several passage ways I had never used but been told about. The one I had to use was on the left and was fifth up. In the little light I had, it was hard to tell what was secret passage and what was fence, but I knew that if you knocked on them, they made a different sound to the rest of the fence. I must have looked very strange, knocking on a fence in an alley way in the middle of the night while I occasionally stopped and scared away so-called-imaginary rats. But oh well, it was for a good cause.

     I heard something move behind me but I saw nothing, so I continued knocking thinking it was just a cat or something. But then I felt hot breath on my neck, and a leathery hand on my shoulder. The sky turned very dull as the moon hid behind a cloud and my whole world was plunged into darkness while my eyes rolled back into my head.

   "One down, four to go!" growled a horrible deep voice. 


*  *  *


In the dreamy state I was in, I couldn't really tell what was happening... until I woke up. I was being dragged along by a very large creature. It was covered in thick, slimy, dirty fur that I supposed used to be a cream colour. It's head was very long and thin and it had one eye. It's body was more human except for the tail and the fur. It was dragging me by the foot, leaving my head to bang on every stone it dragged me past. I was pretty sure my head was bleeding quite badly at this point, but I didn't have long to think about it because the monster let go of my leg and punched me in the head until I fell unconscious. 


A piercing screech permitted the fresh night air. Onu-kerachi looked towards the direction of it and saw a large scale house fire. Fire. The only thing that could kill his kind. He ran leaving the girl behind him, hoping she would die from the fire anyway, even though she had the power to stop it. Although,  she might not have known she had a power. He ran and ran at a tremendous rate. He crossed to the other side of England in just a few short minutes. Leaving the girl to die on the floor.


My eyes gently flickered open. The first thing I noticed was my pounding head. As I breathed in, I smelt strong wafts of smoke and saw little sparks fly across the night sky, like little glowing stars. Wait! If there were sparks, then there had to be a fire. I jumped to my feet even though my head objected. I searched around until I saw the source of the sparks and then I saw the full extent of the problem. 

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